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Why people pay $4 dollars for 20 minutes Omg I don’t know why dordash acept that that’s why we have lower rates ? this need change please ?.
Asked by Elia (1 month ago)
The worst service I have ever experienced! just placed an order for pizza and the delivery guy delivered it upside down. toppings were all stuck to the top of the box. just absolutely terrible!!! Door dash will not do anything other than a $5 credit Terrible does not even deserve 1 star
Asked by carolin (5 months ago)
Plus every thing over salted.
Asked by Ann (9 months ago)
I like to know why there isn't a tip for doordash on the app.
Asked by Ann (9 months ago)
The peoples who use doordash to have food deliver are some cheap bums. If you tips better your food will get to you faster. When you dont tip...your orders sometimes get canceled or take longer to get to you
Answered by Tom (7 months ago)
If you're a crappy tipper, or no tipper you'll never get your order! Driver's see the total amount and can pretty much tell what the tip amount is. Your order will sit for hours before a driver will even accept the delivery, therefore, cold food.
Answered by Cherrie (2 months ago)
If my food didn't get delivered to me and got sent to the wrong house can I still get my food back?
Asked by Krystina (10 months ago)
You can certainly try, but I wouldn't hold my breath. They didn't deliver my food at all and I've been getting the runaround on a refund for a month.
Answered by Nathan Robertson (4 months ago)
My food did not get delivered to my house and it was delivered to a place and we try to call the delivery guy and he did not answer the call and we called 12 times so we tried calling the restaurant were my order was picked up from the delivery guy and the order was $ 71.01 dollars.
Asked by Anna soto (11 months ago)
I recently updated and verified my report on DoorDash and it was not listed. Why
Asked by Pissed off Dasher (11 months ago)
My daughter has been using door dash for some time now. Today, the Door dash delivery guy came but did not deliver the whole order. When we called Doordash they told us that it was not their problem. HOW RUDE!!! YES, it is your problem until the customer get the completed order. How do we know that you are not taking part of our meal for yourself? With a response of it's not my problem I had strong suspicion that this person whoever the doordasher was kept some of the food for himself. How you respond to the customer it's a very important part of your job. Now I feel the doordash is not to be trusted. I paid money for that order and the fact that I did not get the entire order makes me think door dash kept something for themselves.
Asked by Kristen Concepcion (11 months ago)
Was your order in a sealed bag? All of the restaurants in my area are still sealing the bags. Since COVID, driver's are no longer allowed to check the orders. Customers are told to contact the restaurant if items are missing, or mark it in the Doordash app as "not received". You'll get the credit.
Answered by Cherrie (2 months ago)
I've used Doordash for about four years now. I haven't had complaints about the service as it was convenient, albeit a bit pricey, but it got food to me when I didn't want to leave the house. I actually came to them after leaving Grubhub since one of their drivers brought me 4 iced coffees when I ordered an actual entire meal that had nothing to do with those drinks. Anyway, Doordash did what it was meant to do for the most part, and when there were mistakes, such as missing items, I calmly took it up with their customer service. They were quick and easy to get back the money I used and I often gave both them and the food company 5 stars. I had pretty good things to say about Doordash previously as they had nice deals every now and then, but that's not the same now. So I've come here to leave a review to avoid Doordash. My most recent purchase from them was a Mickey D's order of a whole meal, with drinks and some treats, and I got it all with a limited time coupon too. I do no-contact deliveries. It took awhile to deliver, not uncommon as driver's usually do orders before mine, so I went to check my phone for an update. Found out my food was "delivered" and the picture was of some random house. Texted the driver the mistake, he came back to fix it. He knocked on my door and told me that he accidentally delivered it to my next door neighbors and they already ate my food. He apologized and told me to go online to get my money back like I usually do. I was upset with this, but I handled it calmly as I knew Doordash would take care of me. Explained to Doordash what happened with my order online. They take a report and not even five minutes later email me saying they denied my refund. I called customer service and explained the entire situation. Got another email saying they still denied my refund. Tried to contact customer service again through the website, and they wouldn't even let me talk to a real person. For sure one of the worst days I've ever had and it's a good thing I didn't spend as much money that day on that order, but I still would rather have it back. Doordash showed me they don't care about you after a certain point and won't take any steps to keep your services, despite all the information I gave them. Seems like they have a 3-strike rule, because this was like the 4th or 5th time I've had to request a refund from them, and the 2nd time they delivered my food to my neighbors... Absolutely horrible customer service and you should also avoid ordering from them. They don't pay their drivers enough, nor do care about paying back their customers after a mistake. You WILL eventually get scammed. Find alternative services or just go pick the food up yourself rather than waste your money for a driver to somehow NOT double-check that they got your address right. You're better off saving your money because Doordash will give your neighbors free food apparently, and just leave you with nothing. Amazing how one bad experience can take a five star review down to 0. I would encourage you all to warn your friends and family to avoid this service as well, and leave your honest reviews on how this company has abused you. I will not be using them from now on and this made me so mad that I started going grocery shopping again! :)
Asked by N (1 year ago)
What's the average time for a door dash delivery?
Asked by Lemonade (1 year ago)
Very poor customer service. Apparently some dashers can’t read as the instructions were to hand my food to me and he left it on the porch. Needless to say the squirrels had a grand meal. DoorDash refused me a refund although I sent in pictures on 3 occasions. It’s been a month and still haven’t received my refund. It wouldn’t let me post a review so I’m posting it here.
Asked by Angela Adams (1 year ago)
It wouldn’t let be post a review! Horrible horrible doordash. RAW CHICKEN. Have photos. Refused refund
Asked by Sam (1 year ago)
I love the food service you have in my neighborhood. But kills me DoorDash won’t deliver alcohol to the same address. It mentions I am out of the delivering are. Doesn’t make sense.
Asked by Pam (1 year ago)
So if you cannot force a customer to pay driver's tips why do you expect drivers to go 8 Miles and you only want to pay 2.50 explain to me. The reason you guys have a lot of complaints that you don't pay your drivers right so they don't care about the satisfaction to the customer Plus customer don't want to tip they should get their lazy ass up and get their food themselves drivers work for a tip so any of y'all seeing this complaining about the first delivery learn how to tip before you get you speak
Asked by John doe (1 year ago)
What's the point in having this if you don't answer no one's questions doordash
Asked by Chris (1 year ago)
Asked by Njhotti (1 year ago)
How do I delete a review?
Asked by Chad Hobin (1 year ago)
I would like to know how I can verify my credit card. I don't know how to scan and only have 1 card. They will not accept it. Walmart and Amazon had no problem with it. But doordash turns down my order. I also saw where they went in on the card. Can anyone help me.
Asked by Joyce Johnson (2 years ago)
You shouldn't need to verify your card. Go to restaurant website and use the delivery app they give. If it's doordash all you do is order your food and fill in information of card and done
Answered by Top Dasher (2 years ago)
My friend made a delivery through doordash but it came from ezcater and ezcater claims that any tips and delivery fee they pass on to the driver the order was over $1,000 if not about $1,300 and my friend got a delivery fee of $9.68 how does this company justify that being enough money to deliver 32 catering platters
Asked by Kelly A Law (2 years ago)
Not 100% sure what your asking. But the delivery fee is for doordash and the dasher gets the base pay of that $9.68. Base pay $2.50 dasher keeps any tip if any. The bigger your order the more the fee is. But that extra money goes to doordash and not the dasher.
Answered by Top Dasher (2 years ago)
Doordash are more concern about their pocket..they pay their driver poorly..if I have a the power I wil be closing down that company..At the end of the business
Answered by cc (1 year ago)
Is it true that If the driver claims they don’t know the address when I have had food delivered several times from this restaurant that Door Dash tells the driver to keep the food without issuing the customer a refund? This happened to me where the driver claims they delivered the food and took a picture of some random address. Then when confronted the driver told me they didn’t know they address and that door dash told them to keep the dinner order.
Asked by Rachael Dawson (2 years ago)
DoorDash will never tell a dasher to keep anyone's order. If a dasher doesn't know your address it's because of app is buggy. 1st- they can call you or txt you for address. If dasher tells you they don't know your address they are a bad dasher and stolen your food. When you rate your dasher bad and missing food. They do get penalties and can be permanent banned from dashing and they will go to other delivery apps. Hope this helps.
Answered by Top Dasher (2 years ago)
why don't you make customers tip
Asked by tandy (2 years ago)
You can't force people to tip that's wrong in so many ways. But if your a dasher you can push the order to another dasher to take small tips.
Answered by Top Dasher (2 years ago)
Then you should pay drivers better instead of keeping most of the money to yourself doordash
Answered by Chris (1 year ago)
Why do you deliver two orders in one trip making someone's food cold?
Asked by Melinda Schweizer (2 years ago)
The reason dashers do 2 orders at the same time is cause it's on the same route and it's a round trip. The dasher does have a choice to choose which order gets to be delivered first
Answered by Top Dasher (2 years ago)
Because they're trying to save money they don't care about the customer obviously I have even called in as a driver saying so you want me to let the other customers food get cold while I wait 15 minutes for the second order
Answered by Chris (1 year ago)
Asked by hahahhahaau (2 years ago)
The only reason your order was eaten is cause the dasher was a bad egg and think they won't get punished. If your put a bad rating and tag food was not delivered they will get a notification and investigated. After 2 or 3 investigation they will be banned and they will move to other delivery apps.
Answered by Top Dasher (2 years ago)
Their answer is not true if the driver loses his position he can just reapply and will get rehired under a different name or having someone else drive them
Answered by Chris (1 year ago)
Why do most people think it's doordash fault for being late when we get there and the food isn't even made or that the map we have to use makes us go the wrong way some times so we have to Google the customers place or call them sorry but most bags we can't open we have to ask the restaurants if it's right so we go by what they say also we have to deal with traffic . accidents . rain ECT so please be patient with the ones doing there job
Asked by tammy m edgerton (2 years ago)
Customers think it's doordash fault due to bad eggs decision. Doordash is doing there best to remove the bad eggs that continue to use doordash for there own selfish ideas. Once there gone from doordash they will move on to other delivery apps, and they will be blamed as well
Answered by Top Dasher (2 years ago)
Why do door dash employees act like they own the company and make this company look bad all of the customer service people are all rude and uneducated and do not hold a good look for the company that's why they only have one star get better employees
Asked by Teresa L Stewart (2 years ago)
I absolutely agree I don't even use door dash and have had to door dash delivered to my door and one I stopped before she left the adress wasn't even on the same street. Fucking people need to learn how to look at direction's.
Answered by Liz (2 years ago)
1st- doordashers don't own the brand doordash. 2nd- each dasher is counted as a business. 3rd- each doordasher is different there's always good and bad ones 4th- doordash is doing its best to remove the bad dasher 5th- after bad dashers get banned they move on to other delivery apps 6th- not all doordashers are reading instructions correctly. They usually just follow the map given by app. Common sense aren't always there first choice to make sure order is correctly delivered. 7th- dashers do make mistakes sometimes. Top dashers do there best to fix the regular dashers mistakes. Hope this helps
Answered by Top Dasher (2 years ago)
Notice the answer below from Doordash doesn't answer your questions about the customer service chat people at all, only talking about the dashers. The customer service phone number is never answered. The customer service chat "agents " Don't refund, reorder or redeliver if your food is left somewhere else, and they lie 100% about having "resolved your issues."
Answered by Nunya (1 year ago)
Why do yall hire the most incompetent idiots. It's one fucking job. And not to mention the EASIEST job on earth.
Asked by Lauren Moore (2 years ago)
There is no vetting process. Literally anyone can apply. You are in fact, actually the incompetent idiot for ordering from them.
Answered by Ian (2 years ago)
No there idiots delivering food to a house multiple times that has never once used door dash. And the one time we caught the delivery person she was very rude. Asking aren't we 300 something no were 520 .
Answered by Liz (2 years ago)
Doordash is easy to apply and get the job. It's not completely easy. Easy jobs is jobs that are repeating the same actions everyday. Incompetent dashers usually are banned permanently. They will move on to other delivery apps or jobs. There no getting away from them completely.
Answered by Top Dasher (2 years ago)
Why is Door Dash Still In BUSINESS!? They need to be shut down!!!!
Asked by DOOR DASH IS THE WORST (2 years ago)
Wanted ask them same thing they need to shut down or be bought to justice for false flag advertisement shame on door dash for lies and bs we should be protesting against them and they should be paying out to the victims and families for door trash false advertisement
Answered by Samantha J (2 years ago)
Why does DoorDash upcharge each item on the menu from $2.00 to $3.00 dollars more??
Asked by Tammy (2 years ago)
So they can pay their drivers because customers do not like to tip very well
Answered by Chris (1 year ago)
What kind of back ground checks are done on the delivery drivers or company’s used? Really question this as of late due to a serious incident
Asked by Anonymous (3 years ago)
Why do people think that dashers don't need the tips. Waiters and waitress's don't drive 100 miles a day. I have a 97 percent on time and take great pride in everything I do. I feel I deserved to be tipped. Sometimes asked to drive 10 miles for 3 dollars. If you feel I'm not deserving of a tip. Don't get food delivered.
Asked by Tired of being abused. (3 years ago)
Maybe if the people delivering the food, delivered the correct food, then they would be more deserving of a better tip. But considering I NEVER get what I order, I NEVER tip well because yall aren't doing your job properly yet still expect to get paid well for it
Answered by Lauren Moore (2 years ago)
Lauren the bags are taped or stapled we can't open the bag. I ask if everything is there and they say yes I have to take their word. When it arrives to your house and not all there that would be the restaurant's fault, not the drivers. If you can't tip then don't order.
Answered by Greg Williams (2 years ago)
I can always tip but I'm not tipping/tipping the full amount on a order that's incorrect late or missing beacuse then I have to go out of my way and fix it myself which defeats the purpose of ordering and having a driver and company handle it. And even after doordash customer service isn't very great sometimes getting a refund for missing items isn't all that easy and they def do not give you the value of it all. If someone did ask I'll just tell them to use Uber eats and tip them ...
Answered by David (2 years ago)
Most the time when people don't get the correct food it's because the restaurant messed up and as a driver were not allowed to look in your bag
Answered by Chris (1 year ago)
So some orders i pick up are sealed in order to check if all the food and condiments are there without breaking the seals ?
Asked by Dannielle Hindelang (3 years ago)
How can we add on application own delivery driver choice options?
Asked by Melissa (3 years ago)
You can select your own specific driver in the app.
Answered by Joe (2 years ago)
what is the delivery times to canada
Asked by Jake (3 years ago)
What is their return policy if the food is cold?
Asked by Jake (3 years ago)
If the food was cold I guess you should have not been lazy and went and got it yourself and hoped it was hot when you got home just Saying
Answered by Your lazy (3 years ago)
Why is there a black owned business and not a white or other owned business. Please answer
Asked by Jj (3 years ago)
Answered by yes (3 years ago)
of course theres plentyyyyy
Answered by Jake (3 years ago)
You are an idiot what kind of question is this
Answered by Your a Dumbass (3 years ago)
Because white people didn't go thought the same things black people went thought and still dealing with the bs, by the way you dumb as fuck
Answered by Gw (2 years ago)
Figures the black people are always the victim huh that's getting real old
Answered by Chris (1 year ago)
How the fuck does one burrito cost twenty three dollars you fucking scum thief
Asked by Fuck you (3 years ago)
This is how they rip off their customers! And guess what... Despite the fact that you paid $23, your delivery driver probably received $3 for delivering your order and the rest Doordash takes for profit. Meanwhile, drivers are responsible for their own gas, time wasted at pick ups and drop offs, and maintenance on their vehicles! This company is Garbage!
Answered by Vee (3 years ago)
fjgig iugi ugi ugi ugi ugi gihihi
Answered by f (3 years ago)
i love this 23 $ burrito
Answered by bob (3 years ago)
If you don want to pay $23 go pick it up your self you lazy complaining idiot. Why don’t you try and be the poor delivery driver that has to pick up and deliver your order
Answered by Lazy fuck (3 years ago)
How about you stop calling people lazy you piece of shit. What if someone doesn't have a car, or they are disabled and cannot drive, or maybe just maybe they are at work and cannot leave the premises so they need delivery. You are a judgmental idiot.
Answered by Answering Your Lazy (2 years ago)
Why is Door Dash trying to give they’re business to Uber Eats?
Asked by Phyllis (3 years ago)
I wanna known my review
Asked by Munawar Bashir (4 years ago)
Does DD allow drivers to have pets in the car when they work? Asking because I work at a fast food restaurant and when I deliver to cars I see this often.
Asked by sandy (4 years ago)
Phonepe customer care number 7091183389 How to call phonepe customer care number 6299439750 24/7 hours available ☎️
Asked by Customer care service (4 years ago)
tony did you keep your CCP MEMBERSHIP ?
Asked by free American (4 years ago)
I work in a restaurant that serves to go and I am shocked that all you pickup drivers never have masks and gloves on. This is unacceptable and putting people at risk! Why is this not required when they are handling guests food also they put restaurant workers at risk.
Asked by Dee Woodruff (4 years ago)
Masks and gloves are recommended not required unless in close proximity of large groups of people. Or confined space with others. Typically those thing don’t happen to be the case.
Answered by Tom Jones (4 years ago)
DOORTRASH was required to provide PPE THEY DONT most drivers are using bandanas masks aren't even available anywhere DOORTRASH is paying drivers 2 or 3 dollars to deliver your restaurant food so what can they do ?
Answered by free American (4 years ago)
I'm a dasher , I always wear a mask , most eateries require I have it on to come inside their building. I believe this is just a disrespectful choice the driving is making on their own, please don't put all of us in that category.
Answered by Karen (4 years ago)
When an order is wrong/incomplete or lacking ordered condiments, is it the restaurant's fault? Or should the driver check the ticket to make sure it's all there?
Asked by Pat R (4 years ago)
As of the covid19 drivers are not allowed to open bags or orders ,in normal case the driver is responsible to make sure it’s all there
Answered by Sean Beard (4 years ago)
Hi when we pick up food we can't open the sealed ones so we have to ask if all things are in there and go buy what the restaurant says so sadly
Answered by TE (2 years ago)
Sorry but we can't open sealed bags we have to go by there word
Answered by Te (2 years ago)
In the past, I delivered for GrubHub I ALWAYS asked, two-three times to make sure that everything was I'm the bag. . Sometimes the bag is already filled. And sticker was sealed. But I still bug the shit outta them and say the customer texted me to make sure. They would always open it and check, then transfer the stuff into another bag if they tore the first bag. I quit cause it got stupid. You would get like a taco Bell order, but the resteraunt would be way in the other side of town. But the customer will also be way outta the way. Makes no sense.
Answered by Christian (2 years ago)
How do I get my FULL REFUND, my food was not delivered and I tipped. I ordered chipotle and they delivered someone elses food and the driver said he was coming back but he never did. And now I only got a fefund for my chipotle order but not for the rest I think its unfair that I paid this amount to get nothing in return.
Asked by zenaida torres (4 years ago)
I don't think we can ever get anything back from them. I got a gift certificate from my employer and was excited to use it. I created an account and adversely put down wrong email and phone number, and not realized it until I placed order and it sent the code to the phone number/email. Contact support twice to receive a dead answer that I need to create a new account and forget about the credit because it is nontransferable. So they just stole $50 from me.
Answered by Keira (4 years ago)
Call your bank or credit card company next time for a full refund. As long as you make a complaint, report the problem, as you did, your credit card calls that FRAUD, because it is, and they will refund your entire charge.
Answered by Nunya (1 year ago)
How hard is It for these people to just check the order before delivering it? It's really disappointing to have paid and tipped someone and receive the wrong order. They just need to make sure they're delivering the right food to the correct person!!!
Asked by Gina Alexander (4 years ago)
Sorry about your order. I have worked both recieving Doordash orders and delivering. 9 times out of 10 any orders for pickup/delivery are put on the back burner. Restaurants want dining in customers taken care of first no matter what. Now I deliver and have had to be obnoxious at merchant when they start preparing order. I always stand next to cashier as she/he puts food in a to go bag. This is important now!!!! A lot of restaurants seal the bag before I can see what's in it and try and run me off. The only thing I can do is check each item off as merchant yells at me. I will always ask for sauces , beverages and utensils. If I feel something is not right with the order I didn't see bagged up and if merchant sealed bag I always contact the customer and ask if they would like me to unseal the bag or not. An example happened last night. A merchant put a milkshake in the same bag as the hot food. The bag was sealed. Had to call customer to see if he wanted his milkshake in my cooler away from the hot food. He sure did. I hope you order through Doordash again and remember you can leave special notes for merchant and driver. Once a driver accepts an order his/her contact number will show up. Feel free to call.
Answered by Renee (4 years ago)
A lot of the time, the food is sealed. The driver can not check the order without opening and contaminating your food. You need to contact the restaurant, it's not the drivers fault.
Answered by Cory (4 years ago)
We as employees are not allowed to open the bags we have to take the word of the business that it's all there
Answered by Jeff (4 years ago)
How do I leave feedback for my deliveries
Asked by Terry D Jones (4 years ago)
i use this link. They usually just refund the money.
Answered by Gina Alexander (4 years ago)
Go to your DoorDash merchant portal. Click on deliveries. Look for the delivery you wish to provide feedback for. Click on dashers name and rate.
Answered by Renee (4 years ago)
Why is DoorDash the only food delivery operation that does not run background checks on the employees delivering food to a persons home? Ok ow one employee who has several felonies one is credit card fraud and trying to strangle his girlfriend to death
Asked by Kathryn (4 years ago)
Idk where you get your info... They do indeed perform background checks, as does Postmates, Grubhub & Uber Eats. They use Checkr. “The above listed employer has certified that it requested a background check in connection with your eligibility for employment, promotion, reassignment, and/or retention per your written authorization.”
Answered by Daylin (4 years ago)
I had to fill out paperwork for legally eligible to work in the U.S. and background paperwork. Employees private account has a link to find out where DoorDash is on running back check. Now if someone doesn't pass I can't help ya there. One would think this person would be terminated and debit card we use shut off immediately. Unfortunately some slip through the cracks but he definitely does not need to be dealing with money or public if he's violent. Hope you turned him in. Most of us are honest dashers trying to make an extra dollar to send kids to college while I'm still paying for mine
Answered by Renee (4 years ago)
I just want to say that I am not going to be ordering any more from Doordash. Your drivers do not take the time to see if those morons in the restaurants get the order correct. I am tired of ordering food and paying an arm and a leg and not being able to enjoy the food because the Order is wrong.
Asked by Suzette Scott (4 years ago)
Sorry for your bad experiences. I deliver as 2nd job mostly evenings. The bigger restaurants usually don't have order ready when I get there. I always check of food as it is going into the bag. I ask a lot of questions before bag is sealed. More of the fast food restaurants will not start making customer order until I am physically inside merchant. These places throw everything in a bag, seal it and hand it to me. I have merchant read me his receipt not the other way around. Some merchants have a pick up rack anyone could walk over to and choose a bag or 2. Those bags are sealed. I have to trust the merchant my order is correct. If it calls for calling a customer to check a sealed bag I will. We aren't all bad. You are a Doordash customer as well as merchant customer and unfortunately we both lose out if you can't get a hot meal delivered.
Answered by Renee (4 years ago)
google >>>> door dash alan arkin they screw customers and drivers #horrible3rdworldcustomerservice they not in usa there in manilla philippines saving on taxes be advised
Asked by william (4 years ago)
I just read an article or 4 about employee wages with Doordash. Happening all over the world. They have a system going on that I figured out within a month. Low base pay per delivery and low delivery fee/tip and I'm starting to wonder if customer tip more than I received. Google Doordash tips and wages. Lots of information.
Answered by Renee (4 years ago)
just used recently and it took my thick head a few times to discover a hidden "fees" besides their delivery fee of $4.99 and tip (just learned now also that it took a lawsuit for tip to go to driver rather than back to company). it is listed under "taxes and special fees" when you check out. So depending on how much you order, you may have over 50% charges for delivery + special fees + tip.
Asked by Amy (4 years ago)
Always tip driver cash or they get screwed, driver guarantee is $5 but if u tip $4 on app driver gets $1 from doordash and $4 tip and thats it
Answered by JT (4 years ago)
Ha ha I basically just chimed in on another conversation about this Issue. I have been working for this company just over a month. It just dawned on me that I think driver's are still not getting the correct base pay and tips. There is a delivery fee and tip option. Drivers only see base pay and customer tip AFTER we make a delivery. Delivery fee is based on how far merchant is from customer and how far is employee from merchant. A lot of customers pay cash tips due to the lovely articles sbout delivery drivers not getting a tip or not receiving entire tip. Shenanigans everywhere.
Answered by Renee (4 years ago)
Wow I just read the gentleman's answer below. Makes perfect sense now. I just looked back on my orders and no matter how far ANY delivery was from my location it all adds up to nothing. Especially when u have to fill your car up every other day. Tip delivery driver's and food servers with cash is the lesson learned. Can't even get an insulated pizza bag.
Answered by Renee (4 years ago)