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Our platform uncovers the hidden wisdom in your business and provides the framework to make effective change. Engagement Multiplier was created to help you see where your company stands, find areas of opportunity, manage priorities, and realise the potential of an engaged team. As the industry leading platform for small and medium businesses, we offer the data, analytics, and information you and your team need to grow your business.


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Anonymous  // 01/01/2019
EngagementMultiplier is an amazingly powerful tool for any company looking to determine the level of buy in and engagement within their organization. The combination of social science and technology make this tool incredibly easy to implement, use and it provides very useful output from each survey. We have used it a number of times, each time with great results and clear actionable items!
(ASK) - Posted 1 week ago
We use the Engagment Multiplier survey as a tool to provide us with an annual update on how our employees feel we are performing. Its such a useful tool to have and gives us a clear view of the areas that we may need to improve along with all the things we are succeeding in such as communication, wellbeing etc. We find the flexibility of EM is a real advantage especially under the current conditions we are all working under COVID-19 has had an impact on us all but the survey has indicated where people may need that little extra help.
The customer service we have received from our account contact Hollie Dyer has also been exceptional. Hollie is so helpful and is always at the end of a phone or email to help where she can, so a HUGE thank you Hollie.
Posted 3 weeks ago
The Engagement Multiplier platform is easy to use and completely anonymous. We have been using this solution for just over two years and have seen our engagement climb. By using the same survey every quarter, we're able to keep our pulse on the organization and create a culture that helps our employees and our business thrive.

This solution can be used for other survey's as well, providing a lot of flexibility and the ability to gain insight when it matters most. We work with Danica who has been a wealth of information and ideas, helping us gain more insight and ask just the right questions. Engagement Multiplier is dedicated to helping you achieve your business goals.
(RAZR) - Posted 1 month ago
Our firm (11 people) have used Engagement Multiplier for 2 years now. As the business owner I get a lot of value out of the insights that the quarterly survey results give me. This has been especially valuable during the Covid19 period when we have all been working remotely.

Our team members feel valued as they are asked their opinions on a range of company matters, and actively make suggestions on how we can improve. All surveys are totally anonymous.

Our engagement score has gone up consistently over the last 2 years, and we feel a great level of empathy and trust amongst our team. I'd certainly recommend Engagement Multiplier if you want to improve your staff retention and gain valuable insights into what your people are actually thinking.

We also get a client manager, who is always on hand to answer any questions we have, and provides great suggestions on how to get the most out of the product.
Posted 1 month ago
The platform is engaging and allowed the leadership team to dissect the data in different ways in order to make informed and evidence based decisions on how to improve.

The data we have gathered has not only allowed us to make immediate changes, but plan long term on how our culture will look like. More importantly, all decisions are a direct result what the team are looking for, it therefore eliminates the guess work for leaders.

Identifying the changes we needed to make is great, but the platform also offers a wide range of resources from eBooks, to 1 pagers that aide in making these incremental changes, which we found very valuable and have used frequently in our discussions.

The anonymous reply back to feedback is a great way of reaching out to team members that are otherwise quiet in order to dig deep into what more the company can do to increase their engagement and help with their development.

My account manager is great - She is not only always in contact but takes time to discuss the results and provides me with ideas that I can share with other leaders. She also shares innovative ideas that other companies have adopted, which I always find very useful.
Posted 1 month ago
As a company we have found these Engagement Surveys to be a great way to measure Staff Engagement with clear feed back, useful workshops and a behind the scenes team who are brilliantly helpful.
Would recommend to any business to give employees a space for constructive, yet confidential feedback.
(Green Structural Engineering) - Posted 1 month ago
As the leader of a rapidly expanding business, I am strongly aware that our success is the direct result of the hard work and dedication of our people. Staying close to the views and morale of my people is therefore very important to me. The Engagement Multiplier toolset provides an excellent means of achieving this via its well thought out subject focus, easy to use access and anonymity firewall, which allows my employees to feel comfortable to provide their honest views and feedback. I strongly recommend this tool to any business leader who is seaking constructive, honest feedback from their team.
Posted 2 months ago
We have recently completed our second survey 90 days from the initial free trial. Where we have seen immediate positive results from the Engagement Multiplier platform. We set ourselves an ambitious goal to raise our score from our employees by 2 points. However, following initial scepticism from everyone including our leadership team by focusing on the key areas identified by the platform we managed a 13.5 point improvement in just 90 days. More importantly the actions we have taken based on the support and information the platform gave us we feel more unified as an organisation.
Engagement Multiplier will not do the changes for you. This has to come from the actions you take from the information provided.
Being a listening organisation is incredibly powerful. Engagement multiplier has helped us to be better at listening and providing us with clear focus for our actions.
Posted 3 months ago
I have been using Engagement Multiplier for the past 12 months and have found it incredibly user friendly and insightful. My team value the opportunity to provide anonymous feedback to the company and I value the insights received from the team. The Engagement Multiplier team are always on hand to help with any questions and I can confidently say that our overall engagement levels have increased substantially since using the platform. I would highly recommend Engagement Multiplier to anyone wanting to improve engagement levels in the work place.
Posted 3 months ago
I have grown to realize that engagement is the key to success. Lack of engagement is always a key ingredient to things going wrong. The Engagement Multiplier Survey is a great way to measure our teams level of engagement. If one of the areas shows a weakness or a trend going in the wrong direction, leadership can start making changes to improve the engagement level.
Posted 3 months ago
Great tool and is working well for our business, the more interaction you put into it the more you get out
Posted 3 months ago
Great survey tool that gives me, as the business owner, fantastic insights into how the different teams are engaging (and they are very engaged!). Easy to use and customise with additional questions whenever you need to. Plus excellent customer support whenever required. I recommend it to all small and medium-size business owners who are serious about engaging with their people and being open-minded to improving the way things are done. "Involving others" is a key Go M.A.D. Thinking success principle and Engagement Multiplier is a great resource for helping me to go make a difference!
Posted 3 months ago
Excellent support from the Engagement Multiplier team. The staff and management team were happy with the ease of completing the survey and the analysis of the information.
Posted 3 months ago
The Engagement Multiplier has been a great tool to support collating information, feedback, view and opinions for our staff team. I have enjoyed using this system and is good that I can choose questions to add that relate directly to current issues and allows me to get the data that is relevant.
I have had on-going support from Hollie Dyer which has been great and her customer service is excellent. The support she has given has enabled me to use this to its full potential. The webinars I have taken part in have been useful to.
Posted 4 months ago
Since joining Foster Denovo in December 2018, I have taken sole responsibility for how we use our Engagement Multiplier. I have learnt how to use more of the system from our wonderful account manager, Rachel Finnerty, who has been excellent and so patient with me! as well as answering any questions I possibly need answering. She is a true asset to Engagement Multiplier and I'd love to see her get some kind of recognition for all the hard work she does and continues to do.

Since we learnt how to use the On Demand Surverys, our employees moral has completely changed for the better. Being able to make bespoke questions for each of our teams was brilliant and allowed us to really dig deep into any underlying issues. We have been able to action a lot more concerns/needs through the on demand surveys and I look forward to each one we do.

Rachel is currently helping me set up our 'Emerging Stronger' survey and again, she has been so helpful. I'm looking forward to see how these results come out.

Last but not least, though our 'Working from home and Winning' survey (this was SO handy) we are now implementing the possibility of allowing our employees to work from home a few days a week due to the really positive responses we had though WFHAW.

Overall, Engagement Multiplier, especially at this time, has allowed us to review our work place culture and really connect with our employees on a level that we haven't been able to before.

So, Thank you and I really do look forward to working with you for the foreseeable future.
Posted 4 months ago
We were very excited to launch our first engagement survey with Engagement Multiplier. The team were constantly on hand to guide us through the process. The questions are structured well and there is opportunity to have bespoke questions. The survey itself was easy to launch with the team constantly available to address any concerns. There was also really good follow up from the team after the survey was launched. During the lockdown they launched pulse surveys which I think will give a really useful insight into how staff are feeling during these uncertain times. Its a great platform for staff to air their opinions which helps keep staff motivated and engaged.
Posted 4 months ago
We are extremely happy with EM. It was very easy to set up and the information drawn from the surveys has helped us communicate better with our staff. Our staff also like the survey as it allows them to express their opinions anonymously and can then see the changes that come from this.
Posted 4 months ago
It's a flexible, strong tool that helps us engage with our staff on a level that was not there before.

It's also a platform that we'll be looking to utilise in creating the culture that we strive for at Custom Intelligent Security.
Posted 4 months ago
This is an excellent program and has personally helped me to grow
Posted 4 months ago
Working with Richard and Rachel to get our Engagement Multiplier up and running was so easy – I felt supported throughout the process. Signing up was such a clear decision, as the insights and feedback I received from the team are invaluable. Luckily, we’ve started our journey with a really engaged team – this will make it so much easier to respond to their ideas with speed.
Posted 1 month ago
Engagement Multiplier is rated 4.73 based on 26 reviews