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Our platform uncovers the hidden wisdom in your business and provides the framework to make effective change. Engagement Multiplier was created to help you see where your company stands, find areas of opportunity, manage priorities, and realise the potential of an engaged team. As the industry leading platform for small and medium businesses, we offer the data, analytics, and information you and your team need to grow your business.


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Anonymous  // 01/01/2019
At Kloeber, we have been using Engagement Multiplier for nearly a year now. The platform's anonymity has allowed us to access feedback, critique and opinion that we would never have accessed otherwise. From this, we've been able to implement several initiatives that have been welcomed by our staff, which, in turn, has resulted in better levels of engagement and participation in subsequent surveys. I would urge any business owner to invest in Engagement Multiplier as the return FAR outweighs the investment.
Posted 3 days ago
After undertaking our first survey, we have been able to implement 5 key actions as a direct result of the feedback we received from our employees. All of these improvements have been well received.
Our team found the platform really easy to use and it really does add significant value to the organisation.
This has completely changed our whole approach to engagement and will be firmly embedded into our culture and values.
Posted 1 month ago
Our experience has been wonderful!
Our team, Hollie and Richard, are very knowledgeable, supportive and a joy to talk to. We are excited to continue to learn more about our team and make changes based on the feedback we receive from the Engagement Multiplier.

thank you!

Posted 1 month ago
We needed to gauge our employee happiness, wellbeing and satisfaction levels, particularly as we were suddenly thrown into a new way of working due to the Covid-19 pandemic. We looked at the off the shelf survey platforms, but they didn’t have everything covered and would need considerable resource and engagement expertise to implement. We needed honest feedback and for our employees to feel assured that it was completely anonymous. We also wanted to be able to measure and compare throughout the year and not just on one day. We soon established that this was a huge exercise, and we would need to bring in the experts.

Engagement Multiplier are certainly the experts. How incredible that they do all the work for you, they know just what to ask to get a whole response. They have everything covered including things we hadn’t thought of. The platform is user friendly, interactive and secure. We love the little add-on’s like the suggestion box and the two-way anonymous conversations. We can look at the results from many angles with teams, individuals and client’s perspective. It’s great that we can track progress and compare scores across the teams.
From the initial enquiry to the end results it has been a pleasure to work with the Engagement Multiplier Team, they are attentive, knowledgeable and walk you through the system at your pace. I love the fact that they understand what you need and come up with the solutions. It is perfect for, and we would absolutely recommend to small and medium size business who want to invest in their staff engagement.
Posted 1 month ago
I was a little sceptical about signing up to Engagement Multiplier as we are a small business and it was a significant commitment, however, the trial was free so I had nothing to lose.
The first survey was a great success; we had an uptake of over 79% and an initial engagement score of 84 but the comments were eye opening. I was impressed how honest the staff felt that they could be, knowing that this is totally anonymous and I took full advantage of the secure platform to follow up on comments and gain further insight into what was happening or being perceived to be happening in the business.
We were able to make some small changes immediately which meant that when we went out for a 2nd survey the uptake was even higher at over 87%. Comments noted that management had taken the previous survey on board and made changes and this gave confidence that their opinion truly mattered.
A win, win all round.
Posted 1 month ago
The tool has been fantastic over the last 3 years and helped us to progress significantly as a business. It has given us a clear path and supported our roadmap to getting better engagement and a stronger culture. We have consistently used the feedback, listened to our employees and made changes, some quite small and some very significant.
There is evolution in the product which has helped us to adjust our approach, and i would like to see some more of this and a little more flexibility, and i am sure it is coming.
The team are very responsive, supportive and great to work with, they are proactive and helpful.
Posted 2 months ago
The service and platform at Engagement Multiplier have been great. The only suggestion I would have is the ‘90-Day Actions from Leadership’ follow up email show the text comments instead of having to log in to view them
Posted 2 months ago
Our team has been using the Engagement Multiplier for over 3 years - it's been a great way to receive anonymous feedback from our team and look at ways to grow. We aren't mind readers so getting the inside scoop on how people are feeling (especially through the Pandemic) has been invaluable!
Posted 2 months ago
Our first survey with Engagement Multiplier was in January 2018 and our engagement score was 65.9 and our latest in November 2020 was 84.0. I believe that this increase has been due to the advice given by engagement multiplier on how to use the information gained effectively from the survey. As a Senior Management team we have read the results thoroughly and after each survey address 2-3 issues which were mentioned by 2 or more employees, acknowledging the issue and then reporting on what we planned to do. Our Purpose, which is has now been in bedded in the culture of the company was the first thing we worked on after our first survey. Engagement Multiplier is a great tool to really understand the thoughts and issues felt by our employees, many of which are easy quick fixes that can make a huge difference to our employees every day working life.
Posted 2 months ago
When our Coach recommended Engagement Multiplier we were a little bit doubtful about it - yet another survey system to exhaust our exhausted team. However, our cynicism was completely misplaced. It has been an excellent tool to allow us to get quarterly feedback that is frank and constructive. Being completely confidential, staff have felt safe providing feedback - fortunately mostly good (!) but also some very constructive negative feedback and criticism, which we have then been able to try to deal with. If there are problems out there, it is far better that we know about them and deal with them. We have been able to tailor these quarterly surveys which has been excellent over the challenges of last year. The ability to provide feedback directly to anyone making criticisms, without knowing who we are responding to, has been particularly constructive. We have also used it for fun things like Employee of the Month polls. The support from the EM team has also been excellent.
Posted 2 months ago
Already, in the space of one quarter, we have seen a jump of 6.7, taking us over 80%. This is entirely due to the first survey and the response we have had from the staff in involving them with the changes arising from the workshop we held after that survey. The support we receive from Engagement Multiplier compliments the work we put into the workshops and the extra publications and webinars they make us aware of are very timely. Thanks for the opportunity to feedback
Posted 2 months ago
We have used Engagement Multiplier for the last year and found the information we have gathered as part of the surveys to be invaluable particularly through the current challenging times. The system is easy to use and implement and our staff have found it to be a really positive experience to take part in.
Posted 2 months ago
We have found EM to be a great resource for collecting and analysing feedback from our staff. It has enabled us to better understand the core needs of our staff and address issues we were unaware existed within teams or the business.
Posted 2 months ago
This gives you a great dashboard for reviewing how engaged our employees are. With regular standard surveys to use and also the ability to use your own or amend some template ones, gives great flexibiilty
Posted 2 months ago
Since our company started utilizing Engagement Multiplier, it has helped to enhance our work culture. Our staff feel more engaged and part of the companies growth! This tool has really helped our company get a better understanding of our staff in how they feel about the company! We have a better direction! It has also helped increase communication!
Posted 3 months ago
EM has really helped us focus on the actions that matter for our team, and is going to be critical in maintaining and strengthening our culture as we adapt to new remote and flexible ways of working. The EM team has been brilliant at supporting our launch of the platform internally - it’s been a pleasure working with them.
Posted 3 months ago
We have been using Engagement Multiplier for almost 2 years. The platform is really user-friendly, the reporting tool gives us valuable insights and the team at Engagement Multiplier couldn't be more helpful and supportive. This is a fantastic resource for us, and the staff at our organisation really appreciate the way they can give open and honest feedback.
Posted 3 months ago
We opted to go in Engagement Multiplier at a time when the business was facing a lot of uncertainty. The platform has really helped us transform our engagement strategy which is now resulting in increased motivation and satisfaction from employees. The support team of engagement multiplierer has also been very helpful !
Posted 3 months ago
An exceptional platform that enables everyone in the business to provide good honest feedback. The recorded feedback has been used to further engage with all team members across the organisation thus creating a people first organisation where we all enjoy coming to work and to contribute towards the agreed goals and objectives. There are no gimmicks, Engagement Multiplier provides a suite of tools to facilitate a people focused culture where going that extra mile is the norm.
Posted 4 months ago
Having utilised the Engagement Multiplier Survey for a few years now, I can certainly recommend it! Account Managers have been helpful whenever needed and send useful reminders and offer support before each survey is due to go live. They respond to any query promptly & professionally and always respect our time. The webinars were particularly useful during the Pandemic lockdown and the survey at this time helped us to engage with staff readily. Now my staff have developed further, I intend to encourage them to utilise the reports to increase further engagement with all employees and sub contract workers. We are in the process of arranging a Zoom call with the SMT and the Account Manager in early 2021 to promote even better use of the service. Thank you & Merry Christmas to all.
Posted 4 months ago
Engagement Multiplier is rated 4.80 based on 50 reviews