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Anonymous  // 01/01/2019
Van was in pretty bad shape (wouldn't always start, driver's door was hard to shut properly, both front doors had big cracks in the metal and looked like they were about to fall off etc). I had expected more considering the price we payed. Water pump stopped working after 2 days. The USB charger we payed extra for barely worked. When all this was pointed out at drop-off it was met with a shrug by the staff at Escape Hayward. Other than that, we had 8 great days on the road!
(LA) - Posted 10 months ago
Hi Seth, Glad you were able to speak with Kevin, our regional manager, about your recent experience. We know how much it means for you to choose Escape for your vacation, and we're sorry we let you down. We're constantly evaluating our fleet to make sure all campervans are up to our standards, and we will be sure to take your feedback into consideration as we evaluate this fall. We hope to see you again sometime in the future!

Katie, Team Escape
Posted 10 months ago
The service is very friendly and helpful.
Unfortunately iost the car has been handed over very dirty and incomplete. Especially the bedding was in such a condition that you could only buy a new one and could bring the rest for cleaning.
After an accident the communication was very good and clear.
If someone chooses this company, check everything carefully and do not let it go until everything is fine.
Because the price-performance ratio is very high.
Nevertheless, we had a lot of fun with the camper
(VAN) - Posted 10 months ago
What we liked about Escape: the unique painted vans, the good information on the website, the good communication with the company.
What we liked less: waiting in line for three hours at pick-up, our campervan was quite old and smelly, the fuel consumption was really much worse than expected (only 100 miles for 25 dollars gas).
Too little interior lights and too little storage space in the van.
The rented kitchen set wasn't clean and the water in the van wasn't fresh but contained detergent.
We also had a bit of leakage inside the van when it snowed. Luckily this damage was compensated in the end.
Posted 11 months ago
We had an incredible trip in our escape camper van. We were able to see and do so many incredible things because of their portability and design.

However, our overall experience with the company was not ideal. When we picked up the camper van, we did so in Denver where the escape representative gave us tons of great suggestions. When we left, we felt confident in the van and in the company.

When we were pulling out of our first national park, a very friendly NPS worker pulled us over and said “it sounds like you guys have a rotor issue. You should definitely check that out.” We immediately called escape to report the issue and figure out next steps. When driving, we had noted the brakes felt slow, but we assumed it was the type of car. None of us had ever driven anything that large and it did not cross our minds that the car had not been inspected before leaving.

After calling escape, it took them over an hour to figure out our plan of action. They asked several times if we were sure we wanted to get it checked out and it was clear they did not feel like this was a serious issue. They sent us 1.5 hours to a tire shop. When we arrived, escape had told the the shop that it was “nothing serious, and likely rocks in the car.” I understand this happens frequently, but it again made it feel like escape was not taking us seriously in our concern for the van. The people at Big O Tires went above and beyond for us on this day.

We ended up stranded at Big Os for 4+ hours. When they went to look at the front tires- they realized there were no bolts on the front calibers. They said it was clear that someone had not checked them before we left or forgot to put them back on the last time it was serviced. It was clear they did not fall off because there was nothing stripped/ broken left.

Due to the caliber bolts missing, the van had been placing extra wear on the back brakes. On one side, there was a tiny amount of brake pad and the other was metal on metal- brake pad completely worn down. The brake damage had also destroyed the back rotors, which also had to be replaced (we have photos of all car damage). This day we had originally planned to drive over a mountain pass. We would have been doing so with NO brakes.

Big O Tires was able to fix the car for us. However, they repeatedly expressed to us that they were horrified any rental company would place us in such an unsafe vehicle. They felt it would have been impossible for anyone to have inspected the vehicle before putting us in it. Sure enough, when I called escape again to find out when the vehicle last underwent inspection, they said they didn’t know.

Escape offered us 1.5 days free because that is how much time we were delayed. This worked out to $50 each (3 of us traveling). We are not sure that this offer truly makes up for the severity of the safety situation. We gave 3 stars because nothing can beat the flexibility of having a camper van on your trip. It was a fantastic experience. However, in the future, I am not sure if I would feel safe selecting an escape camper van. At the end, they did not really do anything to make us feel as though this does not happen all the time. The company did not let our drop off location know what had happened- she had to review our file to see the details. Nothing would have been said if we had not brought it up at the end of our trip. It also did not feel as though they were truly sorry for the experience.
Posted 11 months ago
Folks were very helpful and knowledgeable. But, I felt like we were being squeezed for extra money at every turn. Because of illness, we slept one night in van which would have been fine if it wasn’t for the Florida heat and humidity. I won’t use this company again.
Posted 11 months ago
We rented the maverick for 7 days from Vegas. Initially the gentleman on the phone was so informative and had great costumer service. He answered all my questions and was a gentleman throught. I was excited about booking with campervans until the day we picked up the van. The check in lady was rude and condescending. She asked us if we where on drugs (mind you we just spent the night in Vegas) she was short and rude. There where so many hidden fees and when we returned we were again greeted by her side eye. All in all the van was cool but after fees you can just rent a better van for the same.
Posted 1 year ago
After spending $600 for a 7 day excursion I feel dissatisfied in my experience. Overall the van was in good shape for a 300,000 mile vehicle but it wasn't what I expected. Online and before booking I was shown pictures of new looking vans with new looking paint jobs and the van I received did not match. It had dents and scratches throughout. The inside table was unstable.

The gas gauge was malfunctioning so I didn't know how much money to put into the vehicle to get it back to 3/4 full(which is what it was given to me as). I believe the gauge didn't function past the 3/4 line which would explain it being rented with that reading.

Overall the vehicle drove well and the bed was comfortable however I feel like knowing beforehand the vehicle I was going to receive I wouldn't have rented.

Posted 1 year ago
The van that we get, was a older one. The fridge to oppen and close was hard. In the front of the seats the car dashboard was broken.

The van wasn‘t wash very well outside and windows.

Inside it was okey.

The guy was friendli and the instrunction good.
Posted 1 year ago
This is was our 2nd time renting a van. I was disappointed this year because there were several things that I don’t believe should have been an issue for us. The van shook terribly when driving it at 60 mph, it had been in a previous accident and closing the very back doors was so difficult it often took 3x’s. I expressed concern at the Vegas pickup. Our frig kept going in and out of power and it was sunny-there must have been a disconnect someplace. Pillows were so thin that I almost wondered why we had them. When we take this type of trip again, I will be looking at other rentals. I’ve had very good service through Escape and want to mention that as a positive. Thank you for listening.
Posted 1 year ago
Escape Campervans is rated 4.40 based on 94 reviews