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Nicole is a Certified Women’s Health Coach and the creator of Fix Your Period, a series of programs that empower women to reclaim their hormone health using a method that combines simplicity and sass. Her incredible work has impacted the lives of hundreds of thousands of women around the world in effectively addressing a wide variety of period problems, including PMS, irregular periods, PCOS, painful periods, amenorrhea, and many more. Nicole is also the co-host of The Period Party, a top-rated podcast on iTunes, and she’s the creator of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition’s hormone health continuing education course.

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Anonymous  // 01/01/2019
It works! I purchased the Fix your Fertility Cleanse program. It was the best thing I have done so far in my journey. We were trying for 18 months without success and this program helped me to change my diet and perform more self care. It gave me more confidence in myself and helped me to lose weight. I am now pregnant and truly believe it was this program that helped me to make the changes my body needed. I am forever grateful.
This review is for every woman that has felt that her period is a curse and that it is her fault she cannot handle it. Nicole takes you by the hand like a good friend, a sister who's been there, experienced all this pain and the agony and wants to share everything that has helped her overcome this with you. She does not overwhelm you with information, she is using very simple and down to earth vocabulary and she is giving you so many resources in so many aspects, nutrition, health, sexual life, emotional issues, etc. to help you. She encourages, supports and empowers you through her course. Most of all, you don't feel alone and that it is all your fault, but that you are a powerful woman and you can change not only the way you feel about your period but your life in general. I highly recommend her. She is very soothing for the heart and the soul. Thank you Nicole and all your team.
Nicole is extremely knowledgeable, honest and up front, and is doing amazing work with women to raise awareness and improve women’s health. I am very grateful for what she has taught me, and what I am continuing to learn from her.
I started Nicole's Fix Your Period Track 2 in mid-December. My main concerns were irregular periods and extremely painful days 1 and sometimes also 2.
At the same time, I started working with an acupuncturist as well. I learned from the program that blood sugar irregularities can be responsible for some of the issues I was experiencing.
I got myself an at home glucometer and quickly realized that many foods increased my blood sugars significantly! The program had very clear instructions on how to read my numbers.
I had always had a sweet tooth and never thought it could affect my periods. However, as the program advised, I cut back on sugar and alcohol a lot, and to some extent, carbs.
My next two cycles were pain-free which is unbelievable. I used to take maximum allowed dose of painkillers but on my last 2 cycles, I didn't need any.
My cycle is still a bit irregular but being pain-free feels incredible and unbelievable at the same time. I'm grateful for both, Nicole and acupuncture for helping me get there.
Helpful and responsive customer service!
Nicole Jardim Thank you. The information has been very informative. I know I just started the program first week of January, but over the first week to 2week I did the quick start and started to implement the recommendations in the lessons. I can say I was not for sure if it was the things that you recommended in the lessons and speaking with Ellie Thomas and implementing her recommendations along with the supplements my functional medicine doctor has me taking since my last labs in December.......But, I woke up January 13thand my cycle was on. I couldn't believe what I saw. I screamed because I was so happy to see and have my cycle again. I started having cramps over that weekend but since I cramp each month since I've come off my pills in November, I didnt think much of it. I can say I am happy and I am off to a great start. I know the program will definitely help even more. I feel I'm on the road of balancing everything out and really look forward to really getting my hormones, thyroid and cycle back all the way regular. I leave more reviews as I am in program. Hopefully this will and have helped another female.

Thank you again
Your blog is my destination for real and accurate information regarding my health and cycle. I have learnt so much just by following you
At first it was really hard to change my diet completely. But after three weeks I felt really much better and kept up with much of the dietary changes. My skin is so much better now!
I completed Nicole's Fix Your Period Program. I have dealt with secondary amenorrhea over the past few years. Nicole's program was the boost I needed. I learned so much about hormones and the impact of stress on my cycle. Needless to say, I started my period again! Nicole is empathetic, funny, and deeply cares about helping women with their cycles and fertility. I recommend her courses. Thank you Nicole!
The FYP program is one of the best programs out there! I learned so much and I’d do it again. I just wish I heard about this program sooner. I now have painless periods and PCOS is under control! I know how to truly care and nourish my body, thanks to you Nicole!
I have learned much information on how to take care of my health natural especially using plant based complementary.
All thanks to you.
Nicole's balance sugar protocols was so complete. I gained so much insight about the connection between sugar and hormones and starting to make improvements by following her easy but very effective recommendations.
Where do I even begin…the last 3-4 years I have been struggling with fatigue, mood swings, irritability, loss of interest to do things, no libido, body aches, bloating, etc. Of course, when seeking medical attention, I was told to go on anti-depressants/anxiety medication. A year and a half ago I went off birth control, and things only got worse. Mood swings became very intense, I had irregular or no periods, was not ovulating, migraines, I had gained almost 10lbs., terrible brain fog or unable to concentrate, etc.

I then enrolled in Nicole’s Fix Your Period Program; this was the most life changing decision I have ever made! Through the program, I have learned endless and priceless information that has been completely life changing for me. I have a lot of background and experience in nutrition and exercise, but none of this even came close to what I learned about the damage I was doing to my body from the level of stress in my life.

I AM ME AGAIN! And it’s all contributed to the education, information, inspiration, and empowerment Nicole has provided in her programs. To me, Nicole is a lifesaver and angel! I will forever be grateful to how she has helped make my life mine again! With the most gratitude, thank you from the bottom of my heart Nicole, you truly have changed my life!
Presents complicated concepts in an easy to understand and implement manner. She seems like your girlfriend telling you how to fix your period. Kind and approachable
I am so grateful for Nicole’s guidance & knowledge on women’s health! Her resources helped me balance my hormones after coming off of birth control & was able to avoid all the major pesky symptoms (acne)! Thank you Nicole!:)
Nicole has opened my eyes to my body - a body I thought I was very much in tune with. It’s now been nearly 8 months since I’m off birth control pills, and w the help of food choices to aid in my hormones, my cycle is back and actually “flowing” and my mental clarity and focus is so much better as well...all thanks to reading Nicole’s newsletters and blog. xo
Always live your content
Thank you Nicole for all you do for us and for making us proud to have periods!
I find that Nicole provides clear and easy to follow guidelines. She has helped me on many occasions especially with my hormonal imbalances. I would highly recommend anyone suffering with period problems and hormonal imbalances to contact her.
Nicole Jardim has taught me more about my body than 3 OBGYN's, 2 General Doctors and 3 Midwives. I recommend everything she has to offer. If you struggle with period issues and hormone imbalances, she can help you not only fix it, but understand why.
With the blog posts, emails, podcasts, social media, etc etc etc... I feel like Nicole is a dear friend of mine who I can always count on to tell me the truth no matter what. I am obsessed with all things women’s health and appreciate all the work Nicole does to educate, advocate and inspire women. I’m forever grateful for people like you, Nicole, for going against what society says is “normal” or “okay” and making your voice be heard. ❤️
Nicole Jardim is rated 4.93 based on 128 reviews