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Help for anxiety & depression. Online provider visits, care management, and prescriptions delivered to your door.

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Anonymous  // 01/01/2019
I had my consultation last week by webcam, the doctor was very sweet and understanding about my mental state. I was prescribed a low dose antianxiety that I used to take long ago when I was younger. I have to follow up with a care manager every month to make sure I dont have any weird side effects or to discuss dose changes where needed. This is exactly the same as if I were to have seen a doctor in person, but a lot easier then sitting in a waiting room IF I can find a baby sitter I would trust with my children. I have been in need of mental help for years but havent had insurance, this place so far is a blessing. My prescription us supposed to arrive sometime this week.
*** ❗ Also, if you read the fine print on the digital waiting room when you're checking in for your appt time, it mentions a possibility of your doctor not showing up or being late without warning...its not a scam it just so happens that maybe they had other more important things to attend to and will reschedule. I've been to doctors appts in real life where my doctor was sometimes 2 hours late and was seen for maybe 5 minutes with no actual treament/crap care. It's really not so bad since its online and no gas is wasted if they dont show.
(On-homepage) - Posted 5 months ago
Had my first appointment this morning. Used a promo from facebook to start for $9. Consultation was easy over webcam. Psychiatrist had extensive questions over my history and asked if medication was a route I was wanting to try. I had previously been on high doses of two psychiatric medications 10 years ago (Celexa and Wellbutrin). Psychiatrist was more conservative in their approach and prescribed me 30mg of Cymbalta daily vs. two medications. Was told shipping would take 5-7 days and the medication would be $4 a month. For a total of $13 with prescriptions, this is a bargain if you do not have insurance. You also do not have to wait in a doctors office.
(Not-on-homepage) - Posted 6 months ago
The meds seem to be working so far. They gave me some mindfulness skills that are helping to keep me from getting too stressed out too.
(On-homepage) - Posted 4 months ago
My prescribing doctor helped me think through if medication was right for me, and my care manager responds really quickly when I have questions about side effects and more. I also love that Cerebral didn’t try to push hardcore medications on me for my anxiety. My treatment plan is working well so far, and I can’t imagine what I’d do without Cerebral.
(On-homepage) - Posted 4 months ago
In the past, I really couldn’t bring myself to care enough to take care of myself or my house. I wasn’t cleaning, doing laundry, or even washing my face and brushing my teeth. After starting treatment with Cerebral, I can actually get out of bed and get dressed and take care of the house. I’m definitely doing better at work too. I feel like I can handle things again.
(On-homepage) - Posted 4 weeks ago
I got recommended Cerebral through one of my Facebook groups. It’s just as wonderful as they promised it would be.
(On-homepage) - Posted 1 month ago
Back to my old self!! So happy I started this treatment with Cerebral. I’m actually leaving the house! Exercising! My friends and family are seeing a difference. And I have to say, it feels nice to be back.
(On-homepage) - Posted 1 month ago
I used to take time off work to spend hundreds of dollars to see a psychiatrist, who barely remembered my name. Now, my doctor at Cerebral really cares about me and listens to me. I just really feel heard. AND, they send my meds directly to my door, and my care manager is on it whenever I’m struggling despite the meds.
(On-homepage) - Posted 4 months ago
It works just as advertised. I got in touch with a provider, we had a quick and simple video visit, and within a few days I got my prescription in the mail.
(On-homepage) - Posted 4 months ago
I’m so grateful we live in a time where there are services like this! Cerebral has helped me get my mental health on the right path!
(On-homepage) - Posted 4 months ago
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