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I purchased and $89 Groupon for Performance Detailing "Performance on Wheels" on February 26 2019. I have called the telephone number given to me by Groupon and they have not returned my call to arrange a time and date for detailing my car. I want to trade in my car but wanted it detailed first. After looking at their reviews not customer has given them a good review and I am sorry that I used Groupon for the first time after reviewing some of the reviews on your website. I want a refund Pleas.
Asked by Mary Reddick (11 months ago)
So if any item was on sale, and next to the new discounted price is will say "extra %/ $$ amount off till whenever date listed", will it he reduced after the checkout?
Asked by Alisha (1 year ago)
I ordered personalized cutting boards for Christmas gifts from Qualtry. That site is unresponsive and I can't for the life of me find ANY groupon customer support. Their 800 number directed me to the website. Even if I click the "No, you did not help" and then "need more help" nothing happens!!! GAH! Anyone experiencing similar frustrations??! HELP!
Asked by kristi (1 year ago)
I want an item (sofa) delivered at the weekend as i work. I was told this isnt possible and I will be refunded, is this true
Asked by nic (1 year ago)
If I have a problem with one of your service companies, what can I do about it? Here's the story: WORSE EXPERIENCE OF MY LIFE!! I have had my fireplace cleaned by multiple companies in the past and this beats the band. I bought a groupon for them to come out and clean my chimney and had to wait 6 weeks for them to do so. The guy comes out and looks up my chimney and says, "Nope we can't touch it it's not up to code". I say that sucks but okay, just give me a refund and all is good. He states, "that he can not do that and that him just telling me this was worth the money I spent". He claimed because was certified they won't do it and therefore I was out the $119, I had spent 6 weeks ago for nothing. What a racket if you ask me. Charge my account hold the money for weeks and then don't do the job! BEWARE!
Asked by sam spiezio (2 years ago)
Are the Michael Kors tote bags authentic?
Asked by Shevawn (2 years ago)
I buy one coffe maker machine but machine no work can u send label for return please
Asked by Darling martinez (2 years ago)
I was charged for more tickets than I wanted
Asked by Renee Baxter (2 years ago)
did not get what I ordered. no live person to talk to no one responds to my email this is theft
Asked by Brenda (2 years ago)
I wanted to delete my account
Asked by Jannet (2 years ago)
Does groupon deliver packages through mail courier or ground courier. I am worried they might leave package in front of door.
Asked by Julie (2 years ago)
3 weeks go I placed my order and I have not received a notice can you help
Asked by Alaina (2 years ago)
Asked by Lavon (2 years ago)
How can an order be dublicated I was sent 2 separate identical Tshirts and charged for 2
Asked by Janet hayles (2 years ago)