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The healthPiper system provides the patient simplicity, control and respect, while at the same time making the advice and guidance of your doctor as instantly and effortlessly available as possible. We did it by carefully harnessing mobile technology to turn an aggravating experience into a satisfying one. Using healthPiper, you sign up, meet with your doctor via video chat, agree on a treatment, and have your medication shipped to your door. We track how you are doing via our mobile app, and your doctor is available throughout the day and most weekends to promptly answer questions via instant message, and adjust treatment as needed, collaboratively. Treatment the way it should be. Simple.

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Anonymous  // 01/01/2019
I was skeptical at first. In fact I was so skeptical, I think I was a little rude when I first started messaging. I’m so glad I went for it. Using healthPiper is like having a doctor in the family that you can text anytime you think of a question. It’s not just sitting with a therapist for one hour a week and trying to cram it all in. Whenever you have a thought on your mind, you can share it with your doctor. It’s so easy to fit into any schedule, and you always get a response the same day. Receiving medication is a cinch. Dr. Friedman really listened to me and I received great customer service from his front office. There is no risk, if you’re not happy with the service, you don’t pay. I truly think this type of doctor patient relationship is the way of the future.
Posted 8 months ago
Very Good, This rating doesn't even begin to describe how Dr. Freedman and HealthPiper have affected my life. Aside for the fact you can reach out to him anytime (with just a simple text) his desire to help you find a better quality life is genuine. He listens to your struggles. He cares about your health. He cares about you as an individual and provides therapy tailored to meet your needs.
Since being diagnosed with adult ADHD and starting treatment, my outlook on life has changed drastically. I have been able to complete tasks maintain my focus like never before.
If you're ready to change your life and finally seek help, I highly recommend Dr. Freedman and HealthPiper to assist you towards achieving these goals.
Posted 9 months ago
HealthPiper has been excellent. The convenience and service is top notch and professional. Dr. Freedman understands the patient. I would recommend healthPiper to anyone.
Posted 9 months ago
The convenience and flexibility of HealthPiper’s services through its messaging app is superior to any other psychiatry service I have found or experienced.

Working with a psychiatrist to manage medications can be an expensive, and frustrating, nightmare.

With HealthPiper, I’m able to send a message to the doctor at any time for no extra charge as needed for my medication management. I can ask as many questions as I like and view our chat history at any time to reference previous medication instructions and timestamps.

It’s important to remember that you are ultimately responsible for your own health and no psychiatrist is a mind reader or a magician to your body’s unique chemistry/quirks. Finding the right treatment options can be a frustrating and dangerous process.

For a small fraction of the price of other LA psychiatrists, HealthPiper provides a reliable and helpful service that makes my medication management relatively seamless.
Posted 9 months ago
I have truly enjoyed working with Dr. Freedman. It is the first time I have invested in longer-term mental health care and I wish I would have met him sooner!

The healthPiper platform is an outrageously convenient solution for me since I travel so much. I am not expected to go into an office every month. I can simply message Dr. Freedman freely whenever I feel I need to discuss anything that feels off or when everything is going as expected.

Onboarding to his service was very simple - there were initial intake questions and follow up video call. We then discussed frames of mind and treatment options. The service is straightforward and convenient and I hope others adopt the paradigm as it seems to provide more of a work-life balance for everyone.
Posted 9 months ago
healthPiper has, literally, saved my life. Dr. Cheng and Emily respond within minutes of an inquiry and are efficient and trustworthy. Kindness and grace are always a part of our communication. This couldn’t be handled any easier or more smoothly. Bravo to an outstanding performance by this service!
Posted 9 months ago
I have been struggling with focus and concentration since I was a little girl. Falling asleep in class and lack of motivation. At the age of 39 I realized that I had so many life goals from succeeding in business ventures, getting married, traveling and being a positive influence on YouTube to help millions with my knowledge. for a couple of months I had been messaging health piper. We decided to have a in office appointment to check for ADHD. The staff was super nice. After talking to Dr Freedman I realized my issues that I considered to be holding me back had a solution. He put me on a low dose of adderal that turned my life around. I started making more money and succeeding in my business. I stopped letting people take advantage of me in business and social situations. I cleaned and organized everything (I’m a messy person) my life transformed for the better. The day after my 39th birthday I met Ben is amazing he answered my questions right way. Dr Freedman would even answer my questions at 11pm at night! I’m really not someone that likes to take meds. But sometimes you need to to make a change. I woke up at 39, no husband, no kids, no money, and not loving myself. I had to make a change! By their guidance I know my life will just keep getting better and better! I follow a great diet protocol and also take supplements! The medication is something I don’t need to take everyday if I don’t have to. I’ve noticed I’ve developed better habits with organization and cleaning. Where focus goes energy flows. There is always a solution to what you need to fix in your life.
Posted 9 months ago
My experience with healthPiper has been extremely positive. The doctor and his staff are kind and helpful. I can text Dr. Freedman at any time, and he always responds quickly and compassionately. I have issues with anxiety, and would often cancel in person appointments, so being able to “see” my psychiatrist remotely has helped me stay on track with my treatment for the first time ever. Getting my meds delivered and at a better price than my pharmacy has also been a huge plus. I feel like my treatment has been more thorough than in person visits as I was able to give the doctor real time feedback about how my meds were working or if there were any side effects I was feeling. I feel so comforted to know I have this support in place and highly recommend healthPiper and Dr. Freedman to those looking for a great psychiatrist.
Posted 9 months ago
Needing professional emotional support and short on time? Give yourself permission to reach out for the personal and confidential care. I have found the perfect course of care with Dr. Freedman, along with the excellent concierge /tech support of Ben. Your initial consultation is in real face time. From there, you can access the doctor and or Ben with any questions from your smartphone, or computer using the healthPiper App. If you require any medication(s), they take care of ordering and having the medication(s) delivered to you . If you need to text Dr. Freedman, all you do is open the App and send a message; he is extremely reasonable in his response time. You no longer have to call an answering service and wait and wait. You don’t have to be a computer expert to access care. Cost is very reasonable along with medication prices. In this fast-paced world, we need to be able to have a service to access anywhere for that emotional professional support. It’s working for me. Give it a try. You are worth it.
Posted 9 months ago
Accessing care through HealthPiper was as easy as I hoped it would be. For me, finding effective mental health care has been a rollercoaster process of trial and error, self-advocation, and/or suffering in silence. When I found HealthPiper, I was frustrated and fed up trying to get my needs met by the HMO my insurance covered. As someone who struggles with anxiety among other things, the direct, private messaging to Dr. Freedman and Emily (who is very lovely and helpful) felt very comfortable and secure. Their evaluation was simple and comprehensive; I felt like Dr. Freedman cared about getting the full picture of my background and that he had enough time for me. Dr. Freedman listened to my experiences and input and helped me better understand what I was dealing with. Many online mental health services claim to be “stigma-free” and HealthPiper most certainly is. I felt comfortable being transparent, honest and vulnerable without judgement from Dr. Freedman, which is so important in mental health treatment. Dr. Freedman is also very knowledgeable, professional, friendly, and easy to talk to. I have benefitted a great deal from their treatment.
Posted 9 months ago
The experience with HealthPiper has been amazing. The medical doctor as well as the staff have responded to all request in a timely manner and they are willing to work with your schedule for video conferencing. I highly recommend this service if you work, have a busy life or already previously have a diagnosis. They make everything simple from start to finish. I am very pleased with my service and I have been with HealthPiper for a little less than a year.
Posted 9 months ago
I have been using Healthpiper for about two months now and it has been incredibly helpful. As a college student, I have a busy schedule, and their online chatting feature saved me a lot of hassles compared to my previous tradition psychiatrists.(a lot of early mornings and driving)

To put my comment into context, I'm being treated with ADHD. I met with the Healthpiper team in person once in Los Angeles in order to get my prescription medication, and they evaluated for situation through various tests. Then I conversed with Dr. Freedman for a couple of hours. Dr. Freedman is friendly, professional, and very intelligent. With my previous "traditional" psychiatrist it seems like I'm the only one talking and all they do is listening and and provide me with feedbacks that are literally pulled out of psychology textbooks. Dr. Freedman, on that other hand, provided me with valuable insights on the psychological origin of ADHD and gave me his meticulous articulation on why ADHD is so prevalent in modern society, and what I can do about it. I got a better idea of what ADHD was, and some "mental switch" I could turn on to keep myself motivated along with taking my medication. The cost for the initial testing and the evaluation is $399, and after that is $199 per month. I used to meet my previous psychiatrist once every 2-3 weeks in LA and it costs about $250 per session, so on average I spent $300 dollars on this every month. Considering the element of convenience (they usually text back within minutes and they will answer texts everything before the day ends) and how insightful and helpful Dr. Freedman is, I'd definitely say the service is worth it.
Posted 9 months ago
Quite frankly, psychiatric treatment saved my life. After a voluntary hospitalization in my teens in which I admitted I needed help, I knew this would be a lifelong battle if I wanted to stay alive, be healthy, and live a decent life. From that point forward, I was shuffled constantly from office to office and saw my fair share of mental health professionals and psychiatrists. Most were too business-like, didn't listen to what you said, and just wanted to go through the motions and get you on your way. Finally, I found a doctor that would end up being my primary psychiatrist for the better part of fifteen years--until he recently announced he would be retiring. I panicked. Literally.

I began to call around to local facilities in my areas and could not get an appointment to save my life: the few "good" doctors weren't accepting new patients, no exceptions, and the front office staff of other facilities/clinics reinforced why their online reviews were overwhelmingly negative; getting hung up on, staff pretending not to hear you, assistants offering you a ten minute appointment three months out after I refused to just "go away." I had enough and knew these types of facilities would make my conditions worse, not better.

Enter Dr. Freedman. I discovered him online and was intrigued by his approach to psychiatric treatment in the 21st century. He has worked hard to eliminate many of the barriers and frustrations that keep good people from seeking mental health treatment. He is kind, compassionate, reasonable, a great listener, and nonjudgmental--all attributes of a top-notch psychiatrist. From the moment I met him, I felt comfortable and relaxed, and it felt great to be in an environment where my health concerns were all that mattered. He didn't rush me at all, he was curious what medications worked well for me in the past and which did not, and he offered me a great amount of advice on essentially how to cope with stress and daily challenges in a more productive manner. No other doctor has ever taken this route, choosing instead to strictly focus on the medication aspect of our appointment and gloss over some of the underlying causes. Dr. Freedman spoke to me for a good hour about how the brain works when confronted with stress and illness, he gave me a layman's explanation of the psychopharmacology of my medications that I could easily understand--and it helped tremendously. For the first time, I actually understood what I was taking and why. In other words, Dr. Freedman covered all the bases during our visit, and I could not be happier with the ongoing care I am receiving from him and his staff. I am feeling better by the day and working on getting my life back on track professionally and personally.

If you are still reading, don't be afraid to reach out to Dr. Freedman and seek help if you believe it may benefit you. These are challenging times for so many, so please, you do not need to suffer in silence. There is help and hope just a click away!
Posted 10 months ago
Very impressed with healthPiper. When I first found the service, I was a little nervous about using telemedicine for my mental health needs. However, as soon as I met the team, I knew that this was the best choice because I felt safe and comfortable. My experiences with traditional psychiatry before this often left me frustrated and feeling disconnected from my practitioner. However, with healthPiper it's been the opposite. The team is patient, helpful, and feel it's ok to understand each other beyond more than servicing a prescription. It's different than I've ever experienced, and I feel like this is the way it should be. I am thankful.
Posted 10 months ago
This is the best way to work with your doctor. I have been a client for several years. Professional, private, convenient, which provides tremendous value.

Don’t waste your time seeing a doctor in person. It’s wasted time, traffic, parking, receptionist, appointments, and unnecessary stress!

I love HealthPiper!!
Posted 10 months ago
HealthPiper helped give me my life back. Dr. Freedman and his staff are very responsive and worked collaboratively with me to ensure I was on the proper medication. I’d highly recommend this to anyone looking for psychiatric care that works with your schedule!
Posted 10 months ago
Wonderful... really helped me when U needed it.
Posted 10 months ago
For anyone struggling with anxiety and depression, there is no better time than now to seek help. I have been struggling my whole life to the extent that it was near impossible to pick up the phone and make an appointment with an in-person health professional. I could not feel more hopeless, but then I found Healthpiper. Within days, I had the help I always knew I needed and was too afraid to ask for. Dr. Freedman and his staff are understanding and supportive and take all of the worry and struggle out of making appointments and filling prescriptions. I would recommend this service to anyone who needs to find that beacon of light in dark times.
Posted 10 months ago
I cannot say enough great words about Dr. Freedman! He spent hours with me the first time I met him, meticulously and thoroughly listening to all my concerns, and providing me with resources and tools to both understand as well as work toward improving my diagnoses. An extremely kind and intelligent psychiatrist who is I am sure an utmost benefit to anyone who is in search of a psychiatrist.
Posted 10 months ago
HealthPiper has been a life saver- both figuratively and literally. Their physicians are kind, considerate, knowledgeable, and best of all pragmatic in their approach to mental health services. All doctors are available on-demand via in app messaging, and have always made themselves available for video calls when I’ve needed to talk. The prices are incredibly reasonable and the convenience of regularly delivered prescription ensures you’ll never go a day without your medications. I particularly like the online assessments that you are able to take as frequently as you want- these assessments are helpful in monitoring your mental and emotional health over a period of time using concrete data. I have recommended HealthPiper to both my friends and family- you should absolutely give it a try.
Posted 10 months ago
healthPiper is rated 4.99 based on 116 reviews