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The healthPiper system provides the patient simplicity, control and respect, while at the same time making the advice and guidance of your doctor as instantly and effortlessly available as possible. We did it by carefully harnessing mobile technology to turn an aggravating experience into a satisfying one. Using healthPiper, you sign up, meet with your doctor via video chat, agree on a treatment, and have your medication shipped to your door. We track how you are doing via our mobile app, and your doctor is available throughout the day and most weekends to promptly answer questions via instant message, and adjust treatment as needed, collaboratively. Treatment the way it should be. Simple.

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Anonymous  // 01/01/2019
Amazing Telepsychiatry Service. Both Emily and Dr Kumar are awesome! Unfortunately I had to move to a state they aren't servicing but they said the will soon. When that happens I most definitely will use again.
Posted 5 hours ago
They are real professionals! Always there for me when I have any questions and concerns, thank you!!!
Posted 6 days ago
10 stars for Healthpiper! Searching for help for unmanageable ADHD during this ongoing pandemic seemed impossible! Dr Kumar and his awesome caring team made getting much needed help a smooth and enjoyable process! Cost is very reasonable and not having to deal with insurance is a big plus! Thank you for clearing up the fog and helping get my chaotic life in order!
Posted 1 week ago
Absolutely AMAZING! I am so beyond grateful that I found not just HealthPiper, but that I found Dr. Soh. I have been on the journey of bettering my mental health for over a decade and have seen a few other psychiatrists prior to Dr. Soh and I have NEVER experienced this level of care. For the first time I felt HEARD, UNDERSTOOD, and that I am allowed to have a say in my treatment plan. Dr. Soh is incredibly calming, patient, highly intelligent and sincerely cares. He takes ample amount of time to really delve into you as a whole individual, not merely symptoms. It was refreshing to feel comfortable sharing without feeling judged or that was just another body in the assembly line. While I am new to HealhPiper and a relatively new patient of Dr. Soh, I feel confident saying that I believe Dr. Soh and I forge a mutual and respectful rapport based on honesty, truth and collaboration. When you struggle with mental health issues, it is incredibly refreshing and beyond appreciated to feel like you have not just a physician who sincerely cares about your well-being, but you have your own personal team of kind hearted, compassionate, and professional individuals who quite literally go out of their way to do all they can to help. Karina is so helpful, efficient, and her kindness and positivity is contagious. I intentionally kept this review somewhat short and to the point be sue with the way my brain is wired, I would end up writing an emotional novel on how wonderful HealthPiper and their staff is. HealthPiper is the true pioneer when it comes to disrupting the mental health space by eliminating dangerous wait times to be seen, exorbitant prices, bureaucratic loopholes, and corporate insensitivity. The traditional approach and the healthcare system is failing so many in need and it is tragic the way people are treated or what they have to go through when they want to simply better themselves and seek help. I wish I had a megaphone to get the attention to all in need of exceptional care to sign up at HealthPiper! It is the best decision you can make for yourself and your mental health. HUGE THANK YOU to all at HealthPiper!
Posted 1 week ago
I’ve never been someone who’s comfortable going to the doctor. Exploring my mental health was something I avoided entirely. After a rough couple of months I had given it maybe some consideration. I found out about Health Piper through a friend and after a week of convincing from said friend I tried it out. Let me start by saying first, it was one of the best decisions I ever made and second, I’m 110% sure it is all because of the people and process that health piper has. They are quick, kind and always willing to help. I truly felt like someone was in my corner. The first visit with my doctor alone was eye opening and the diagnosis and treatment I was given changed my life 180 degrees. Any future success I have, no matter what it is, I owe to Health Piper and their wonderful and supportive team. I would rate them more stars if I could.
Posted 1 week ago
I’ve been with HealthPiper for a little over two months and in this short period of time, I’ve been blown away. The doctors are thoughtful, knowledgeable and incredibly understanding and non-judgemental. They take the time to listen and truly care about your well being. They’ve taken the prescription process seriously to ensure a seamless transition to new medication. The rest of the staff members as well are diligent and speedy. They’re quick to respond and thorough with their instructions and requests. Everyone is so willing to help at almost all times of day. The value is incomparable when put up against other services or even tradition in-person psychiatry models. You’re paying for personalized attention, quick and consistent medications and prescription refills, and a kind and readily available doctor and admin team available to text with you most any time of day. Save yourself the hassle of other routes and commit to HealthPiper, you will not regret it. It’s worth every penny.
Posted 1 week ago
HealthPiper is one of the best mental health resources out there. The whole process is easy and they are very reliable. I was able to talk to a doctor very soon after signing up. If any issues arise I can just message them and they will respond very quickly. They let me know when my prescriptions have been sent and even gave me a discount card. This service is definitely worth the price!
Posted 1 week ago
This is an amazing initiative providing unbelievable support and encouragement. Anyone struggling with mental or emotional hardships will find immediate relief from the kind, caring and generous guidance of genuine professionals at Healthpiper. Their approach is truly unique and very individualized. You will get the assistance you need right away!
Posted 2 weeks ago
This program has been better than a regular doctors office! My doctor, Dr.Rain, has treated me better than ANY doctor I have ever seen my whole adult life. Im comfortable sharing anything with her & asking for help when I need it, because they are really here to help. The people who work here make me feel like my mental health is the most important thing they have to do, as if their own life’s depends on making me better! They make me feel so comfortable here, they make sure my needs are met when I need them. They are ALWAYS there when I message them. This program has been one of the best things to EVER come into my life. I know mental health is scary! Getting care seems scary, like you might be judged by doctors, or won’t find what you need out of getting help. That will not happen here! You will never be judged for what you struggle with inside of you mind! They will get you the medicine you need & work with you on how it’s working for you. They listen to what you are feeling & needing! Please if you are struggling with ADHD or anything else reach out here for help. You won’t regret it.
Posted 2 weeks ago
I cannot say enough how lucky I feel to have the support of Dr. Kumar and Claire. My specific case has not been easy at all, and they have always remained so understanding. The encouragement is immeasurable, and their patience commendable. They have gone above and beyond any expectations I may have had and certainly beyond my experiences in the past. I recommend HealthPiper to anyone struggling, remain open and honest - you’ll very quickly let any doubts about it go and see your goals truly happening, necessary changes coming to fruition. It’s hard to say where I’d be without them.
Posted 3 weeks ago
I’ve been struggling with managing my ADHD and life after a 15 year relationship and 2020. I’ve been in a pit, miserable and hating myself for not overcoming. Afraid of judgment,I refused to seek help. Then I found HealthPiper. From the time I downloaded the app and opening it to a LIVE PERSON who was filled with compassion and concern, never made me feel anything other than HEARD AND UNDERSTOOD I took the chance, but a few days prior to my appointment the ACTUAL HealthPiper experience began, with Ellie my concierge- Saint of a woman. I talk (text) too much she just listens and here for me always setting me at ease. I didn’t think it could get better boy I was wrong; Dr. Nik entered and what an absolute STAR, I honestly forgot I was talking to a doctor. He is so informative and a COMFORTABLE person to talk to I laughed a lot and it felt like I was FaceTiming with family. I’m incapable of expressing my trust in them. I consider them MY TEAM and just seeing the app thumbnail on my phone brings me a sense of relief that I’m not alone. If you are hopelessly struggling and like me, gave up totally, PLEASE KNOW there’s light amongst the darkness, you’ve found help.. You’re not alone. If you take 1 risk of putting yourself out there, do it here. I have literally cried tears of relief for finding HealthPiper, for feeling I’m on the right track with the right people in my corner is priceless.
Posted 1 month ago
HealthPiper has been an absolute pleasure to join since the very beginning. Their professional personnel are incredibly helpful, prompt, efficient and insightful from the management to my highly qualified doctor. I’ve been treated better here than ever before and am eternally grateful to have come across them! My quality of life has improved exponentially and I can’t recommend this amazing service enough! To anyone looking for help with their ADHD: you’ve found it:)
Posted 2 months ago
At first I was very skeptical and apprehensive, but after my first intake appointment I found comfortable. Physical going to doctor appointments is a trigger for me. After the pandemic doctors stopped virtual appointments, I found healthPiper just from a google search. I can’t say enough how much I appreciate this service. Having my doctor literally on call has brought ease to my life. I love the flexibility and simplicity and YES THEY ARE REAL PEOPLE!
Posted 2 months ago
Health piper is surprisingly easy to use. My doctor made getting diagnosed stress free. They are proactive with following up each month. I feel fortunate to have discovered this service.
Posted 2 months ago
My experience with healthPiper has been phenomenal! The staff is extremely caring, competent and responsive. Since becoming a patient of Dr. Freedman and receiving the right treatment, my life has majorly improved. This service has been a lifesaver for me and I highly recommend healthPiper to anyone seeking top quality care.
Posted 2 months ago
HealthPiper is by far the easiest, most professional service I’ve ever used. The doctor is caring and passionate. Moving to a new state, it’s difficult in these times to find a doctor. HealthPiper provided an easy platform to receive the care I needed!
Posted 2 months ago
I love the way this therapy is set up. Before I tried HealthPiper, I contacted a few psychiatrists without getting a callback, which was frustrating. With this company, you meet with your provider when you need to and the prescriptions are automatic every month. It makes the process so easy. Every time I have a question, I message in the chat and either Joey or Dr. Nik will get back to me usually within 1 hour or less. I’ve had to adjust my medication a few times and Dr. Nik is super accommodating. He’s concerned with how I will react to a medication and also which one I prefer. They are also really aware of financial limitations. I’m in school and have been transparent about my lack of funds. They will prescribe me meds that are still effective and affordable while still providing me with coupons. I really appreciate them! 10/10 would recommend.
Posted 2 months ago
Highly recommend! My experience with HealthPiper has been absolutely amazing, and I’m so glad I contacted them. They’re always friendly, informative, and available to answer any question/ concerns I have. Natalie has been extraordinary with her responsiveness, and Dr. Kumar’s knowledgeable and easy-going personality has made the experience just fantastic. HealthPiper has exceeded my expectations to say the least.
Posted 2 months ago
What a comfort to know that the professionals at Healthpiper are always available when I need them. When I initially found them, every day was an unbearable struggle to function. Within a few weeks, with their help and guidance I am a much happier person and I sleep better and look forward to most every day. I hope to continue to improve with their help.
Posted 2 months ago
I came to healthPiper during a time of uncertainty and concern of my own health issues in the middle of the pandemic. The ease of access to the doctors and staff without having to leave the comfort of my own home or office made this a pleasant and safe experience. The health review was thorough and the response to my needs was met with the highest level of professionalism and privacy. Not only were my health needs addressed but the follow up and attentiveness to any of my questions or concerns were always answered in a timely manner. I would highly recommend healthPiper to anyone that has concerns of tele-health quality, professionalism and service. The experience couldn’t have gone any better.
Posted 2 months ago
healthPiper is rated 4.98 based on 219 reviews