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The healthPiper system provides the patient simplicity, control and respect, while at the same time making the advice and guidance of your doctor as instantly and effortlessly available as possible. We did it by carefully harnessing mobile technology to turn an aggravating experience into a satisfying one. Using healthPiper, you sign up, meet with your doctor via video chat, agree on a treatment, and have your medication shipped to your door. We track how you are doing via our mobile app, and your doctor is available throughout the day and most weekends to promptly answer questions via instant message, and adjust treatment as needed, collaboratively. Treatment the way it should be. Simple.

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Anonymous  // 01/01/2019
I never thought that an app could change my life. Then I found HealthPiper. As someone with a demanding job and relentless schedule, I always had an excuse for why I couldn’t identify, let alone address my mental health issues. It simply wasn’t possible to see a psychiatrist on a weekly basis so I thought that my chronic fatigue, despair, apathy, despondency and ever present dread were parts of my personality that I would have to endure forever. Dr. Freedman helped me understand that these feelings weren’t inevitable. They were symptoms of an illness that could be treated and managed. His care, attention, patience and generosity helped me to find medication that works for me, a treatment plan that is sustainable and transformative and a deeper understanding of how my specific brain works. You don’t have to live in pain. If your arm was broken, you wouldn’t ignore it and expect it to heal itself. You would seek help. This is the first place to look for that help. Dr. Freedman and his superhero helper Ben are available by text at all hours. No matter where I was in the world, I was never alone. There is a happier, healthier version of yourself that you can discover with a little bit of courage and some hope.
Posted 3 months ago
This is truly the BEST app. I would choose this wonderful team ANY DAY over an in-person doctor visit. I came to them with a very complex situation and they have been able to help me better and faster than any other doctor I have ever visited. They have always come up with instant solutions to all of my problems and go above and beyond to try and help. Both Natalie and Dr. Kumar are amazing! I cannot recommend this app enough.
Posted 3 months ago
One of the best experience I ever had. Very knowledgable ,friendly & professional team.
Dr. Joshua Is always available no matter when & Always answer my questions in the shortest time and always check out to see how am I doing. Very blessed to find them.
Posted 11 months ago
Convenient. Confidential and always available. HealthPiper has been an awesome experience and always makes me feel like I have access all the time when I have questions or needs.
Posted 11 months ago
This was the greatest decision I’ve made for my mental health. I hear horror stories of judgement from local physicians. Both my care coordinator and my dr were incredibly kind, encouraging, and professional. I would recommend Health Piper to anyone in need of mental health support! Zero judgement!
Posted 3 weeks ago
Aside from the convenience HealthPiper offers, I truly do feel I my health needs are always met with genuine care & concern. Excellent service!
Posted 1 month ago
It was initially hard finding the right service for me. I felt hopeless & I almost gave up entirely on seeking help. There was too many options out there to pick from. I was overwhelmed & felt skeptical.

When you have ADHD it’s very hard to concentrate on tasks for long periods of time and I was scared of not being able to express how terrible I was feeling at the time b/c of my lack of focus/concentration.

I was also scared an online doctor wouldn’t provide the same level of care that in person doctors normally do.

6+ months later, I can’t imagine myself ever going back to routine office visits where not only am I vulnerable to getting Covid, but also vulnerable to a lack of honest concern & care by psychiatrists that are only in it for them$elve$$$$$$.

Dr. Freedman & the Health Piper system have restored my faith in the psychiatric community. I do feel a genuine warmth & concern from him. He listens to what I have to say & provides me w/ options and alternatives. Something I didn’t experience previously.

Knowing I have an outlet for psychiatric assistance at my fingertips provides me w/ a mental safety net during moments of great emotional uncertainity & stress.

Having a direct way to reach the psychiatrist is the best route for me because you don’t have to wait 15-31 days in between visits. If something isn’t working for me or If I have questions about the medications I’m taking, the doctor & his assistant always reply in a timely, open and polite manner.

Overall, my experience w/ the service has been pretty positive. My family members AND myself see progress made within me since I started back in July of 2020.

Since then, I’ve been able to express myself freely without feeling like I am being judged & have been able to concentrate and focus on the tasks at hand, instead of my thoughts & emotions being all over the place/in control of ME. I am now in control of THEM.

We all go through high & low moments in life. I would recommend at least trying it once to see if’s a good fit for you, too. Sometimes we just need a little guidance on our path to mindfulness.

Hope my review was helpful for anybody who may be struggling to find help in the United States.

Posted 2 months ago
I am so grateful that I found this service! Everyone has been incredibly kind, knowledgeable, informative and helpful. I got my first appointment within a couple days and I would get replies to my texts within minutes, no matter what time I sent the message. I also received treatment for my ADHD so effective it has literally transformed my entire life. I had no idea I could feel this “normal”. After spending my whole 30+ years of life struggling with depression and adhd, I had given up all hope of anything close to normal. Yet, here I am. It has truly been an amazing experience. Health Piper is worth every single penny.
Thanks again guys, I really appreciate you all. ❤️
Posted 2 months ago
This is a great service that I am lucky to have found. It makes working with a psychiatrist so much easier and is an effortless way of keeping in touch while never feeling overwhelmed. They make sure to keep up to date with your mental and physical health, are always available online, and they make it easier than ever to access your medication. Overall, a very caring and compassionate approach to psychiatric healthcare.
Posted 3 months ago
It is extremely hard to find good psychiatrists who are taking new patients. The staff working on health piper are helpful and quick with responses. I always get my medication filled on time and I know I can always reach out with any questions.
Posted 4 months ago
These guys are very helpful. If you have any questions they get back to you in a good pace. They are here to help you. They helped me a lot figuring out what I need.
Posted 6 months ago
Dr. Freedman & Natalie are both so nice, professional, & respond quickly! He listened to my needs & is helping me enjoy my pregnancy by prescribing me the right medication. I've never experienced such fast & kind psychiatric care. 10/10 recommend.
Posted 6 months ago
I have been struggling with focus and concentration since I was a little girl. Falling asleep in class and lack of motivation. At the age of 39 I realized that I had so many life goals from succeeding in business ventures, getting married, traveling and being a positive influence on YouTube to help millions with my knowledge. for a couple of months I had been messaging health piper. We decided to have a in office appointment to check for ADHD. The staff was super nice. After talking to Dr Freedman I realized my issues that I considered to be holding me back had a solution. He put me on a low dose of adderal that turned my life around. I started making more money and succeeding in my business. I stopped letting people take advantage of me in business and social situations. I cleaned and organized everything (I’m a messy person) my life transformed for the better. The day after my 39th birthday I met Ben is amazing he answered my questions right way. Dr Freedman would even answer my questions at 11pm at night! I’m really not someone that likes to take meds. But sometimes you need to to make a change. I woke up at 39, no husband, no kids, no money, and not loving myself. I had to make a change! By their guidance I know my life will just keep getting better and better! I follow a great diet protocol and also take supplements! The medication is something I don’t need to take everyday if I don’t have to. I’ve noticed I’ve developed better habits with organization and cleaning. Where focus goes energy flows. There is always a solution to what you need to fix in your life.
Posted 11 months ago
HealthPiper has been a life saver- both figuratively and literally. Their physicians are kind, considerate, knowledgeable, and best of all pragmatic in their approach to mental health services. All doctors are available on-demand via in app messaging, and have always made themselves available for video calls when I’ve needed to talk. The prices are incredibly reasonable and the convenience of regularly delivered prescription ensures you’ll never go a day without your medications. I particularly like the online assessments that you are able to take as frequently as you want- these assessments are helpful in monitoring your mental and emotional health over a period of time using concrete data. I have recommended HealthPiper to both my friends and family- you should absolutely give it a try.
Posted 11 months ago
Dr Freedman and his team are kind and compassionate. They work with any schedule and are available all the time. I could not be happier with the help his office has provided me and highly recommend him to anyone looking for this kind of mental care. As a touring professional the mobile app is very easy to use and helpful. I find it great to be able to communicate with my doctor all the time while I am out on tour.
Posted 11 months ago
I would definitely recommend HealthPiper to anyone seeking a psychiatrist! I think the initial worry is that using the app would seem impersonal but actually, it’s quite the opposite. Instead of waiting to see your doctor once or twice a month, I can message Dr. Freeman on the app and will get a quick response to any concerns or questions I might have. It’s convenient in scheduling and my first video chat was very insightful and personal. I felt more relaxed being in the comfort of my own home for it as well. My experiences with therapists and doctors in the past felt very sterile in comparison. The prescription process is easy and they make sure to get you the best possible price at your local pharmacy.
Posted 11 months ago
Where do I even begin... I have always struggled with depression as far back as middle school. The run of the mill antidepressants mostly did the trick. However, after the birth of my second child I was “” that close to checking into a psychiatric hospital because I wanted to stop living. I tried to see psychiatrists and all the wait lists went out at minimum 3 months. I would probably be dead by then. Somehow I stumbled across healthPiper and I shed a tear now thinking where I might have been without my doctor. It took months and months and tons of medication changes to be here today. Although, $100 is hard to spend every month I will never regret that coming out of my bill pay. Dr. Cheng replied quickly and honestly. She let me suggest medication and gave me pros and cons. She is wonderful. I don’t think my mental health would have recovered without them. Thank you for reading and things can get better.
Posted 11 months ago
Dr. Freedman is everything I was looking for. He helped me when I was in need of a prescription ASAP for my anxiety. Dr. Freedman video chats and he is available via text through the app 24/7. I am very thankful for this help. Would definitely recommend his services. I got my prescriptions the same night I met with him after the video chat!
Posted 11 months ago
HealthPiper is a fantastic service having used them for several months to better treat my OCD. The doctor and staff are helpful, quickly responsive, and provide high quality care. I am so grateful to have found this service.
Posted 11 months ago
HealthPiper has helped me tremendously in caring for my mental health. There is no waiting or worrying or hidden fees; instead, it’s just you connecting with a real doctor who actually cares about your wellbeing. I’m beyond grateful to have Dr. Freedman and Ben, his assistant, just a message away; my chat box with them is a safe space, and that gives me the peace of mind that everyone deserves to have.
Posted 11 months ago
healthPiper is rated 4.99 based on 118 reviews