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Kubera is the world's most modern portfolio tracker. Track almost any asset class (traditional & crypto) in one place with Swiss bank privacy & security.

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Anonymous  // 01/01/2019
Kubera is one of those services that you can't live without. I'm able to track real estate, vehicles, crypto prices, stocks, credit card balances, banking, and much more all with bank level security. I've tried many services including a plain old Excel file, but nothing else compares. Give Kubera a try and you won't be disappointed.
Very minimalistic app, that despite its simplicity, supports various financial entries - it's the perfect tool for an overview of my net worth, be it stocks, crypto or Pokemon cards.
New to using Kubera and I have to say I'm impressed. I've been using Personal Capital before and the whole UI was messy, clunky and they wouldn't stop calling me too sell me wealth management services which was beyond annoying. With Kubera, I get a really clean, easy to use interface and I really like the information and analytics where I can easily see how my capital is allocated and performing.
I found Kubera by chance. It was a lovely surprise. Finally an app which allow to keep track of the Assets-Liabilities. It is useful to have a better insight of my investments: they are well categorized and the sync works sufficiently well with the European banks (not only the USA ones).
Been waiting for this for years. does exactly what it says on the tin
I love this app! I has been looking for something like this fir a long time. I have assets and investments scattered across various accounts; thus allows me to easily monitor and get a wholistic view of my wealth.
Kubera is exactly what I've been looking for. Unlike the free portfolio/wealth tracking platforms out there Kubera does everything you want it to and more and since you pay a nominal fee you don't get harassed with salesy emails trying to get you to speak to a financial advisor. They by far have the widest range of integrations to configure all of your accounts, banks, loans, crypto, it's all here. Plus with the ability to ensure your beneficiaries are able to know and locate all your accounts on your passing without having to worry about updating spreadsheets or notebooks, it's a godsend. In the relatively short time I've been a customer they've already rolled out several enhancements and I'm sure it will only continue to get better. It's well worth the small fee they charge. Joe G A very happy Kubera customer
Quite useful overall to track for people with a lot of different accounts (cash bank accounts, crypto, standard shares portfolio etc). Some of the functionality needs to improve though (better portfolio tracking over time, portfolio drill-downs, contribution of asset buckets/classes to performance etc, separating out portfolio returns from monthly savings from other income)
It has been excellent. A super minimal yet powerful way to finally see my total net worth from cash and stocks all the way to providing liquidity on DeFi and staking rewards. Simply incredible. The dead man's switch is the cherry on top.
Excellent interface with just the right types of functionality real customers would want and use. Stable updating of information make this tool reliable for 40,000 foot overview of your portfolio or ability to drill down to more nuanced tracking. I'm loving it and the Dead Man's Switch integration is just plain thoughtful!
Great overview of many different kinds of assets including major and alt cryptocurrencies; I also appreciate the clear and practical user interface
Connects to all my accounts in UK, USA, Singapore great platform.
Kubera is by far the best portfolio tracker I’ve ever come across — digital (crypto, DeFi, farming, etc.) and traditional (stocks, bonds, real estate). Unbelievably connects to international bank & brokerage accounts. The addition of a safe deposit box (for important documents) and dead-man switch (if you become incapacitated and can’t access your account for 45+ days) make it perfect.
I'm giving it a 5 because it took me less than 30 minutes to get all my accounts synced and assets added, and the platform is still very young. I'd give it a 4.5 to 4.7 if I could. The platform doesn't fully support many popular cryptocurrency wallets and it's lacking any sort of liquidity position tracking. I have no reason to think they are doing anything nefarious with my data nor do I really care but I would have liked to see more user communication upfront of how this was handled. I'm not docking points for this because maybe they did and I didn't see it.
Very good portfolio traker especially for crypto.
Best way to track assets and net worth without all of the clutter of budgeting and ‘advice’ that I never wanted to begin with.
Great product. Only complaint is lack of an iPhone app.
@KuberaApp is a portfolio tracking treasure! Support is very good and developers have delivered a prevailing and simplistic platform. Using it as my main portfolio tracking. The beneficiary service is a “masterpiece of mind”.
Really enjoy using the technology
I have used many apps to track my portfolio but Kubera brings many account into one place and gives a clear view.
Being an expat (American in UK) with investments in both countries and currencies, this platform is an excellent way to keep track of everything in one place. Highly recommend!
Kubera is rated 4.72 based on 156 reviews