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Kubera is the world's most modern portfolio tracker. Track almost any asset class (traditional & crypto) in one place with Swiss bank privacy & security.

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Anonymous  // 01/01/2019
I've looked for a number of tools to do this. Kubera is the best.
Love it. Clean, minimal interface, works seamlessly. Couldn’t ask for more.
Kubera has been incredible! I miss the blockfi integration but that isn't their fault. There is no better platform for monitoring your investments across many difference platforms
Finally I can see everything in one place - this is brilliant
Great so far, few suggestions: -for some reason, some accounts need to be manually refreshed sometimes (IBKR for example) -would be nice if asset or net worth page had a pie chart of holdings by symbol instead of just by account. Basically take the table already given on the right and include a pie chart of that. -would be nice to eventually include time-weighted returns and benchmark comparison for liquid assets (basically just assets inside brokerage accounts) Great job so far, looking forward to the mobile app!
Great software, and support is excellent. They helped me work through some sync up issues I had. Highly recommend!
It is really good, it just need a mobile app to be perfect !
I love the ability to put different accounts into separate categories. It allows me to separate out kids accounts (like 529s) from retirement and investment accounts.
If only Kubera could give me the time I spent over the years trying to do the same thing in excel and never succeeding back... A great platform, simple and flexible with bags more potential, excited to be part of the journey and grateful for being able to track my investments across platforms with such ease.
So far I like it, would like more granular detail, as I still have to use Quicken, and a spreadsheet to track my trading activity. Otherwise I do like seeing the snapshot of where I am at.
Great functionality. Whole portfolio accessible at a glance. Minimalistic but effective aesthetic.
Excellent service. I love the ability to track my net worth across all assets. Just wish they had an iOS app.
Simple, clean and effective interface. Would like to see an iOS app.
Kubera is the best at what it does that I have found. It allows me to see everything I want to know about assets I have all in one place. No more spreadsheets or visiting numerous sources to find all the values and conversions you need. PArticularly useful for things like precious metals or crypto, which is harder to keep track of than more standard things like an ISA which usually has its own dashboard etc.
The only web app that tracks my net worth comprehensively. Fee for the monthly subscription is also reasonable. Highly recommended. Wish it has a mobile app though.
The simplicity is one the strongest point in the adoption of the service without hassle. Also the team is really welcoming in receiving feedback.
Kubera has quickly become an essential app. I mean, the "dead man's switch" that sends documentation to my loved ones is worth the price alone, but this company knows design, and to have a lean portfolio that (more or less) supports every kind of bank / crypto connection under the sun, that's impressive. Oh, their support is responsive and considerate too! Looking forward to how this app grows over the years. Definitely one of the most important apps I gladly pay for (and remember, if you're not paying for it — YOU are the product!). I personally value my privacy, thank you very much ...
Simply better than all the other wealth tracking tools I tried
One of a kind WebApp, inspired by a peculiar use case. Still young and with room for improvements, but very promising and rapidly evolving. The dev team is very responsive in fixing bugs and open to suggestions
Very clean and easy to use interface. I've noticed that some of the data from the connected accounts doesn't update even when refreshed. So some data isn't real time. But other than that, I like the capabilities of the product.
Kubera is rated 4.79 based on 71 reviews