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Kubera is the world's most modern portfolio tracker. Track almost any asset class (traditional & crypto) in one place with Swiss bank privacy & security.

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Anonymous  // 01/01/2019
Kubera is great! It allows me to track multiple assets all in one place. I have assets in both the US and Canada, so this is particularly helpful to keep track of the big picture. I particularly find it useful for my crypto investments that are spread across multiple platforms. It also allows to me easily see how my crypto is doing compared to my more traditional investments and vice-versa. The interface is simple and user friendly. The feature of sending an email to a beneficiary also provides piece of mind to ensure that if anything every happens to me, my family can track down my crypto assets.
It's a great tracker so far. Still missing some features I consider essential, but its getting better every day. Number one positive: I LOVE paying a subscription, rather than having Kubera sell my data. Some improvements I'd like to see: 1) I want the date the account was last updated to be more immediately visible. I shouldn't have to click on every account to see last updated. 2) Moving sections is clunky. The clunkiness to move between sheets is probably unavoidable. However, I should be able to grab a section with my mouse and move it up and down in a sheet. 3) I want to be able to see a graph of my assets and (less important) debts over time, not just my net worth. I know I can see individual accounts as a graph, but I want to be able to group the accounts together and see a holistic view. Notably, I like to keep track(via a graph) of ALL my stock investments separate from tracking crypto, since crypto is so volatile.
Worked well with all my crypto accounts. I had a few discrepancies come up (related to prices of some tokens), but the team was responsive in getting them all fixed. I would recommend Kubera to anyone looking to track and monitor their blockchain/crypto accounts.
Kubera was something I was looking for but did not know it existed until I saw. I was always thinking of mechanisms to leave behind my financial affairs to my (non tech friendly) family. Kubera was the answer and it was incredible that it supported financial institutions in Mexico which was more than what I expected. Great
Great application...very simple and easy to use. The best part is the ability to see your stock, crypto, and other assets side by side!
Great platform to symc and track different portfolios from various industries and sources.
I think every person in the world should have an account here. It is much better than lawyers of safes. In case something would happen to me my sons would get all the hidden treasures, that I've got during my life. I love it.
It's the only platform out there that can accurately track all of my assets
I started using Kubera after using Personal Capital (free service provided by a broker). Kubera's support for cryptocurrency makes it much better, but Kubera doesn't offer any advice or projections unlike Personal Capital.
Amazing platform! Fell in love as soon as I found it and payed the subscription right away, on the same day :) Also, had a question for customer support - received answer in a very short amount of time! Keep the pace!
Great customisable platform for tracking net wealth - across multiple currencies too
I needed something to keep track of all investments i made. The best thing about Kubera compared to a simple spreadsheet is that you can link all of your accounts no matter what kind of investment they are. I linked my Wise account, IBKR, Crypto and all bank accounts. Really cool!
Incredible app and great customer service.
Pretty good so far. Especially like the ability to track crypto and the deadman switch. Also, the site interface is very clean and easy to follow.
Great concept and the first half decent “proof of life” integration into such a product,
Amazing app, one of its kind. i only use it for crypto. One feature that i was hoping it would have, is when i export the list of crypto coins i have on connected exchanges, it should export the coins inside, rather than just to totals on that exchange, i want to do projections based on this and i have to manually write them down. other then that, love the app
Syncs reliably. Intuitive. Would love to see it support viewing account transactions at some point in the future, but otherwise highly recommend. The ability to add notes to accounts and set up a life beat check are major advantages relative to the competition. Kudos to the devs.
I love having confidence my data is protected, I'm happy to pay for that. The simplicity of the app is nice, Personal Capital got way too clunky for me. I understand the product is newer but I am looking forward to seeing the feature set grow.
Useful software. Nice to see everything in one place.
I've used a variety of financial account tracking tools and Kubera's simple design and customizable layout makes it so much better than the others. But what won me over was their outstanding customer service. They respond quickly to resolve issues and seem to care about customer satisfaction.
Kubera is rated 4.71 based on 144 reviews