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Kubera is the world's most modern portfolio tracker. Track almost any asset class (traditional & crypto) in one place with Swiss bank privacy & security.

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Anonymous  // 01/01/2019
Awesome interface and definitely my favorite financial tracking app.
I initially couldn't build all my positions within the 14 day trial and the team gave me another 14 day trial for free which was gave me an opportunity to evaluate how useful this app is. Multi use portfolio tracker can keep positions from Real Estate, Stocks, Precious Metals, Crypto, and Bank Accounts and also can integrate into services to automatically update and track values. Some Exchanges and International Markets are still not available as well as further work for Crypto Defi protocols still likely to be added. Multiple currency reporting available. Can be added across multiple portfolios or your family, although registered to a single user/2fa. This feature could still be extended for multi-user. Great tool for evaluating portfolios and performance.
Kubera is fantastic! It's fast, sleek and easy to use. It's brought so much clarity to my portfolio and wealth trends.
Clean, customizable set up. API doesn’t always work that well especially for crypto. But otherwise would definitely recommend!
I'm waiting for a mobile app...or hell being able to view my data via a webapp browser would be a great start. No info other than "it's in the works" ??? Also have you thought about adding the ability to add encrypted data using a public PGP key?
Love it, simple and useful!
After a couple of months of daily usage, I couldn't be happier with this app. And the few minor issues I've had connecting some accounts were handled swiftly and thoroughly. The Kubera portfolio tracker itself is great, but for me, the customer service is what really stands out. A rare and special treat these days.
Simple and highly functional—the team seems to have covered every detail.
Clean, simple, and effective - glad to give business to a company that's mission isn't to mine my information. I really like the ability to track so many asset types, digitial safe deposit, and net worth tracking. I look forward to more advanced financial planning tools like retirement or investment fee analysis.
Mobile app is a must. A bit too pricey for what it offers. Other than that, it is nice.
This is a comprehensive web app that shows all your assets and liabilities in one place, neatly categorised and automatically updated based on connections to the market. So far I can't find anything to fault it. The support has also been great: I wanted some relatively obscure australian market tickers added and they did it straight away.
Moved over from Personal Capital and love Kubera's simple UI, reliable integrations and crypto support. Still early days so some missing features like benchmarking vs stock market indexes but the team is responsive to feedback!
This is the first asset management tool I have used, I wanted something simple and streamlined that could consolidate and present my finances in a simple fashion - Kubera offers this. It has built into crypto tickers as well as integrations with major banks and investment institutions, most of which integrated seamlessly. I can see the team are actively working on the project, I am regularly asked to refresh the application and changes are often visible straight away (I saw the pluses and minus' added recently!). However, I feel there could be further customization on the Net Worth section. Data presentation can often feel cluttered when certain "sections" are displayed alongside the "governing asset". For example, I have a crypto assets, within this I have various "sections" to represent crypto purchase dates, it would be good to be able to remove these "sections" from the overall data presentation OR provide a way to pull in the data which you would like to see specifically, rather than just dumping everything on a single page, it can get kinda messy. Give the user some customization as to how their assets are summarized and presented. Take the pie charts, instead of dumping them all on the Net Worth page give the user the option to "Add New" and select a specific asset/section which they would like presented, then generate and save that view. I don't want to see all my specific sub sections here. Additionally, you could add further customization to the "Top Investments" section by providing a filterable drop down, rather than just providing a static data feed. This could include "Top investment by net worth" "Top investment by % gain" "Worst investment" because what you are displaying currently does not represent a "Top Investment", rather which investment is worth the most. Love the excel exports really handy and the sections nicely format within the spreadsheet so this is another positive. Overall, love the product and simplicity, as somebody who is new to explicitly "managing my finances" it's been everything I could want with out all of the unnecessary overhead, however there needs to be more customization offered and the net worth page needs some work, but has real scope to become a fantastic product. Pricing perhaps slightly high compared to more "sophisticated products" but the simplicity is what attracted me in the first place. 4/5
I've looked for a number of tools to do this. Kubera is the best.
Love it. Clean, minimal interface, works seamlessly. Couldn’t ask for more.
Kubera has been incredible! I miss the blockfi integration but that isn't their fault. There is no better platform for monitoring your investments across many difference platforms
Finally I can see everything in one place - this is brilliant
Great so far, few suggestions: -for some reason, some accounts need to be manually refreshed sometimes (IBKR for example) -would be nice if asset or net worth page had a pie chart of holdings by symbol instead of just by account. Basically take the table already given on the right and include a pie chart of that. -would be nice to eventually include time-weighted returns and benchmark comparison for liquid assets (basically just assets inside brokerage accounts) Great job so far, looking forward to the mobile app!
Great software, and support is excellent. They helped me work through some sync up issues I had. Highly recommend!
It is really good, it just need a mobile app to be perfect !
Kubera is rated 4.71 based on 144 reviews