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Boosting Factory specializes in next-gen boosting and coaching services in popular online multiplayer games, League of Legends, Call of Duty Modern Warfare, Overwatch, Heroes of the Storm, Valorant and Apex Legends.

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Balokovi?eva 51

Anonymous  // 01/01/2019
awful website, never use. bought twice from then, 1st one took 1 week for an express order for 1 win!!! 2nd time they scammed me fore 50 dollars and changed myt password!! worst website ever
Hello Prim,

This review is not related to our services. I cannot find any records of you purchasing from us.

However, please contact me at with your order ID and I will immediately check your issue and correct it appropriately.

Thank you,
They didn’t do the kd
Dear Wolfy,

I have looked into your order and concluded that this review is false.

The booste provided me with all the screenshots from the matches of your CoD Modern Warfare boost with 2.0+ KD during the order feature activated.

Screenshot 1:
Screenshot 2:
Screenshot 3:

Therefore, for the duration of your smaller order, the KD of 2.0+ was maintained. Your global KD was also raised, but in order to get it to 2.0+ you will need to purchase a larger boost because it's about 1.20 right now.

I hope this clears everything out.

Kind regards,
Booster inted my game and were toxic don't buy boost here.
Hello S,

This does not sound like one of our boosters. Would you please reach back with your order ID so I can check that out for you. In case that has truly happened, I would like to take action against the booster and make it up to you.

Kind regards,
Firstly I would like to premise this review that this was an account around the 4200SR range and as such may not apply to most customers of Boosting Factory. Additionally, this review applies to only placement boosts as NET wins or SET SR boosting has guarantees on the SR gain. Finally, it is worth noting that Boosting Factory is a fairly 'premium' service, often costing significantly more than other options on the market, for such prices a certain level of attention to the customers needs are expected.

My purchase of 10 placements games within the last week of the season, whilst swift my booster proceeded to go 3W-7L in placements, losing me around 130SR in total. As compensation I was offered a boost back to my original SR I finished at last season. Note that whilst this seems reasonable it went against their terms at the time which stated the following:

"For each extra loss we will boost 4 NET wins per each extra loss, and for each draw we will boost 2 extra NET wins, free!"

Additionally I was told that they cannot guarantee any win rate in higher MMR matches despite advertising a 60%+ WR guarantee at the time of purchase. On top of this I was told that no compensation of additional boosting could be given because of "unclaimed high SR orders" which obviously took president over my order as they came with a larger price tag.

Overall I received my account back where it started, which is better than nothing but definitely not worth upwards of $60 of my money for the same SR I already was with a poor WR on my account, this is why I feel I have to leave Boosting Factory a negative review to ward of any other would-be customers in my same position.

To clarify a few things for any customers (particular those of higher MMRs):

1) Do not buy a PLACEMENT boost service from this company if it is near the end of the season, as despite advertisement they do not guarantee WR at this point of the season.

2) You do NOT receive 4x NET wins per loss at higher (or any?) MMRs, instead you will be returned to your original rank of the prior season.

3) More expensive orders at higher ELOs will take president over your order despite the premium prices of the service as apparently their boosters are still spread too thin despite this (This may only apply to the end of season).

4) FAQ guarantees will be retroactively altered at their own whim and do not stand as any sort of actual insurance for your order.
Hello Anonymous,

Thank you for your review.

I have looked into your order and I must disagree with most of the things you mentioned.

Our FAQ specifically says we will ALWAYS at least get you what your last season SR was for orders in Grandmaster. Orders under Grandmaster have specific win-rate guarantees and in 99% of cases, we complete them with higher SR than it was last season.

You did not read the FAQ correctly, it clearly states in high GM you will get the guaranteed win-rate OR at least the SR you had last season. The second condition was obtained and the boost was successfully completed. Your booster Moh is a regular top 5 in our Hall of Fame that can be found on the website, and has dozens of positive reviews.

When 98% of our customers recommend our services due to high professionalism and diligence, it shows us we're doing a good job and that the smaller number of customers who simply cannot be satisfied are not the people we want to work with.

There is always room for improvement and we strive to be the best service out there.

Was given a number of wrong information by Alice (customer srv agent) before I made an order. After making the order, they changed my order without informing me beforehand and gave me a partial refund that was calculated wrongly. I just had to tell john to cancel my order as there’s too many mistakes made on their part.
Dear Anonymous,

We have provided multiple boosts for you with no errors in the past. Our trainee customer agent Alice has misinformed you and I tried to correct it as soon as I could, even offered you free boosting as a little gift, or a full refund if you wish.

While I do regret Alice's slight mistake, it was nothing serious enough that we deserve 1 star as a company. Alice is still learning and will become a great agent with time.

Kind regards,
Horrible. Treated loyal customer like crap. Bought duo rank boosting instead offered 13 games lost 8 games
Hello James,

I would like to take this opportunity to provide an insight into a more truthful explanation of the events.

You ordered Platinum to Diamond duo queue boosting for Overwatch. Our booster has attempted to play with you, however, our team has boosted you before from Bronze(!) and we had a hard time finding a booster who thought you had capabilities to reach Diamond.

I did my best and found a brave booster to do so. The boosting didn't go well, your constant underperforming in games due to playing in several tiers higher than your starting tier has shown.

As our Terms of Use state, when a client is underperforming, we offer him more boosters to make the order doable, convert to solo boosting or convert to Duo Per Game boosting. You chose the Per Game boosting where you had funds for 11 games. I still felt bad for you and awarded you with 2 extra free games(!).

You continued underperforming which resulted in 5 wins and 8 losses. You were naturally unhappy and quite unreasonable when it comes to understanding that you may just not be good enough for Diamond.

At this point, our booster has invested a couple of days into your order. You didn't appreciate our booster's time investment and thought that it's okay to play days on an order without being paid for it. This would be equal to slavery. I respect my team too much to let them go through that.

We always try to accommodate our customers as much as possible but you're sadly one of the 1% that is impossible to reason with, and we wish to part ways with you.

Good luck with your future endeavors.
4/6 result,and account been banned, because gyor's abusive Chat. Horrible experience!!!!!
Dear Anonymous,

I have looked into your case and I accept full responsibility for the incident. Gyro has been suspended until further notice and we will keep striving towards a perfect booster roster so that these rare incidents become non-existent.

On behalf of my team, I apologize. Fortunately, the ban is a couple of days long and I would like to make a gesture and provide you with a free boost. Please reach me via the website's contact form.

Kind regards,
Account got suspended
Dear Anonymous,

I have looked into your order and first I'd like to say that I'm sorry to hear your Overwatch account was suspended!

Sadly, being suspended for boosting can occur even though we take all precautions such as usage of VPN services, no boosting talk in-game and so on.

Fortunately for other customers, the odds of getting banned are about 2%, meaning 2/100 accounts get banned and yours was sadly caught.

Even though we've outlined that we cannot be held responsible for boosting bans, as they're simply not in our power, I would like to gift you a little placement bundle for the next season on the house. Feel free to reply or contact me on the site!

Kind regards,
very late delivery time , and imagine you chat with the guy he says yes we have boosters and we can deliver your order. when you place the order they stop responding to you in online chat , and when they do they will not tell you when you get the booster you have to wait there and see if someone comes by chance takes your order which in my case took about 3 days , and they didn't assign anyone unless i threatened them for a refund . and this company is somehow in connection with and they got my previous review removed which was two star .

Also when i was watching the order page for a good 12 hours for someone to take it , and the live support was online and not responding . i tried to reach them with another pc as another customer and they responded .

so they're like :ignore this guy , let him wait . he likes that

I have spent 1000 dollars with these guys and i regret every cent . My name is Sean

Also , the boosters treat you like you are some handicapped crippled needy person , and you are desperate for their help . before they start the game i said : can you guys wait a minute ? they said if you are not here in 60 second we start the game . and when i came back they were already in game . they didn't even wait the 60 second .

screenshot :
Hello Sean,

After our extensive email communication where I tried to make things right with you, I simply could not do it. Some customers will waste a lot of positive energy we have going on here and we will rather focus on the 99% of clients that are happy to treat us with respect just as we treat them.

We aim to improve our service and customer support quality with each and every day and we will keep doing so.

Have a nice day,
bad experience ,two boosters. still expect me me to carry them .
you need to tear yourself apart to win .
Dear Anonymous,

I apologize if somehow we made you uncomfortable and I did my best to investigate the issue, the results are as following:

I have investigated the issue as I deeply care about our client's experience with us. I've discussed the issue with your boosters and found out that this review cannot be true.

Our employees are all Top 300 and have been working with us for many seasons. It is impossible that they struggled in Platinum Skill Rating.

This screenshot of your account (names are hidden of course) confirms my hypothesis. Your boost was handled with a total of 14 wins and only 1 lost game. This does not sound like struggle to me but rather like a clean boost with 94% winrate.

Not only that, you were granted an extra of 26 Skill Rating completely free.

The screenshot can be found here:

I would appreciate if you'd come in touch and explain further what did you mean by this poor review, and hopefully revise it as I believe we did not deserve a 1 star review for our work.

Kind regards,
Boosting Factory is rated 4.89 based on 1,484 reviews