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The healthPiper system provides the patient simplicity, control and respect, while at the same time making the advice and guidance of your doctor as instantly and effortlessly available as possible. We did it by carefully harnessing mobile technology to turn an aggravating experience into a satisfying one. Using healthPiper, you sign up, meet with your doctor via video chat, agree on a treatment, and have your medication shipped to your door. We track how you are doing via our mobile app, and your doctor is available throughout the day and most weekends to promptly answer questions via instant message, and adjust treatment as needed, collaboratively. Treatment the way it should be. Simple.

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Anonymous  // 01/01/2019
Very caring doctor. Love the ease of healthPiper.
Posted 10 months ago
Health piper works great for me because I travel so much and don’t have the chance to make regular appointments. Dr. Freedman is great, he shows interest in my health and seemed extremely knowledgeable. I would recommend him.
Posted 10 months ago
I am beyond grateful for this convenient and trustworthy service. I know people who are having a difficult time getting in contact with their doctors and picking up prescriptions—now more than ever because of the stay-at-home order in place due to COVID-19. Luckily, I do not have those issues because Dr. Freedman and his team are diligent in providing the best care—they are sensitive to my needs and quick to respond to my questions. The app is amazingly convenient and makes it so easy to get help at the touch of a button. Not only have I found a safe harbor in knowing that I can fully trust healthPiper with my wellbeing, but I am a much happier person. After receiving proper treatment, my motivation to wake up in the morning to get things done has drastically improved and so have my relationships. I can honestly say my life has changed for the better and I am forever thankful for the staff at healthPiper for kindly helping me get my life in order for me to reach my full potential.
Posted 10 months ago
I have been a patient of healthPiper for more than a year, and I would highly recommend the service to anyone! When I first inquired with healthPiper I never imagined how life changing that decision would be, now I can’t see my life without it. Dr. Freedman truly cares and goes above and beyond to ensure all of my health needs/concerns are met. He is always quick to respond if I have any questions - which is exactly what makes healthPiper so unique. Prior to healthPiper I frequently dealt with my doctor’s next available appointment being more than a month or two away. The healthPiper system gives you an open line of communication directly with your doctor and their staff to get answers and care when you need it! When I first became a patient of Dr.Freedman my treatment needed to be dialed-in to get it just right. Using healthPiper I had an ongoing dialogue about how treatment was going, and I got feedback from Dr.Freedman in real time. As my treatment was being adjusted I would check in with Dr. Freedman daily and give him feedback on how it was working for me. The constant communication allowed Dr.Freedman to hone-in on the appropriate treatment for me very quickly - that would have taken forever prior to healthPiper because I was waiting 6-8 weeks between every doctor’s appointment. Since my treatment has been fine-tuned we have a more regular(1-2/month) pattern of communication(You don’t HAVE to talk to your doctor daily but with healthPiper you CAN!). It’s hard to adequately put into words how incredible my experience has been with healthPiper. Dr. Freedman and Emily(one of his staff members) are absolutely amazing! They are both extremely responsive(always replying within a few hours, including weekends), compassionate, professional, and friendly. If you’re looking for a service that is effective, convenient, and affordable look no further, healthPiper is the answer!
Posted 10 months ago
After unexpectedly losing health insurance I found myself in a predicament - with a need for medication and services that had been provided to me for quite a while.
Soon after I came across an ad for the health piper app.
As an iOS developer, it suddenly became clear that this was a new and viable way for doctors and patients to interact and streamline each step of the way.

From my first meeting with Dr.Freedman I could tell by his attentiveness and sincere nature that he had my best interest in mind as we worked through short and long term approaches to reach a higher state of well-being and health.
Now, after months have passed I still receive the same level of attention and care, knowing I can set a meeting, video chat or even send a quick text with any concern, knowing I'll get a high quality response the same day.
This alone truly did create a peace of mind, level of comfort and discreetness that I did not have with my previous doctor.

I'd recommend any inquiring minds to explore this option and see if it can be as helpful for them, as it has been for me.
Posted 10 months ago
I have been very pleased with the professional services and support from the team at Healthpiper. The response time and care provided have exceeded my expectations all within the comfort of my own scheduling needs.
Posted 10 months ago
This app is a life saver...literally! As a licensed medical professional, I can not say enough good things about this service and the quality of attention given to my needs. It is user friendly, efficient, timely, and professional in every aspect. I was skeptical, but to date I have never once been disappointed. The app and service provide excellent medical support and do so in a much more efficient way. Dr. Freedman has always got back to me before nights end, and I find him to be intelligent and professional. If you are in need of help, I highly recommend utilizing this service.
Posted 10 months ago
I am so grateful for Dr. Freedman and his whole team at Healthpiper. This platform and the ability to communicate in this way has made my treatment that much better and easier. I feel supported, heard, and most importantly safe. The ease at which we can communicate is invaluable and truly makes a difference. I have been with Healthpiper for years now and highly recommend this extremely qualified team if you are suffering. From the moment I started with them, they have made me realize that you don’t need to suffer alone - they are here for you every step of the way!
Posted 10 months ago
Honestly the best service I could of ever dreamed of having, fast replies to questions, always easy to communicate, most convenient, cant imagine going to an outpatient clinic for this kind of service again, Health piper is so easy to use, and the staff is amazing! Thank you for helping me🙏
Posted 10 months ago
Life is stressful as is - HealthPiper helps make what can be time consuming and complicated, EASY. Dr. Freedman and his staff held my hand in addressing my mental health and have made continuing treatment a very positive experience. The app. offers a platform for communication that gives me the confidence to always know where I stand and make expressing any questions or concerns a simple messenger process. There are no limitations to when or how I can communicate with my Dr. I consider it a luxury and I am grateful for it.
Posted 10 months ago
Working with healthPiper has been outstanding. I was struggling with symptoms of anxiety and depression and was unsure what to expect from healthPiper. What I found was a compassionate, professional, capable team that provides a system for mental health care that makes sense. Their 24/7 communication is beyond incredible, and the improvement in my life has been immeasurable.
Posted 10 months ago
Friendly, knowledgeable, professional. Extremely helpful with any questions; they get back to you by email immediately. I have respect for Dr. Freeman and all the people that work with him. Thff Ed y att s pleasure to deal with.
Posted 10 months ago
I've always had a very busy work schedule that is difficult to forecast. For years I was told that I had to choose between my mental health and my job. "When its important enough, you will make the time". Well, that is not true, and never has been.
The flexibility to speak directly with Dr. Freedman allows me far more access to him than a monthly on-site visit ever did with any other doctor. More importantly, daily, real-time feedback on medication is infinitely more effective than office visits.
Posted 10 months ago
I've had a great experience thus far. The system is very easy to use and I've enjoyed my time using them. Don't hesitate to give them a shot! Top notch service all around
Posted 10 months ago
Let’s face it, when you’re dealing with depression and/or anxiety, attacks don’t always happen during office hours, which is why HealthPiper has been a lifesaver. It’s such a relief knowing I can contact my doctor and his staff on weekends, at night, throughout the day, whenever I need to. It’s just one less thing to worry about!

Dr. Freedman and his staff are so supportive and so understanding. You can tell the service you’re getting is worthy of more than five stars. The convenience of being able to send a message whenever you need to and the knowledge that your doctor genuinely cares about your wellbeing really makes you feel so much less alone.

Since I began treatment with Dr. Freedman via HealthPiper a few years ago, I’ve done nothing but improve. I’m forever grateful to him and his staff for helping me get to where I am today. Life has so many ups and downs, especially when you’re trying to take care of your mental health. It’s amazing to know that your doctor genuinely cares for you and wants the best for you, which is exactly what I’ve found with HealthPiper.
Posted 10 months ago
Stuck in LA because of COVID-19, I knew I would run out of medication before we could return home. An online search turned up healthPiper and the description sounded way too good to be true. There had to be a catch.

Incredibly, the site claimed they didn’t even take your credit card number until after the consultation, diagnosis and suggested prescription. Doubt gave way to a glimmer of hope.

And curiosity. Give it a whirl? Why not?

At I answered a few basic questions and was soon (within minutes) interacting online with the Doctor’s informative and caring concierge, Emily, who helped me describe my situation in the detail Dr. Freedman would need.

I then took a standard survey and we picked a time and date for my online consultation.

The secure video software on worked flawlessly even without using the downloadable app.

I talked with Dr. Freedman over the space of perhaps 50 minutes or so. He is thorough, while making me feel comfortable in the virtual space. By “thorough” I mean he never jumps to conclusions. He always asks the questions he needs answered to double check his understanding and seek insights.

If you’ve seen more than one doctor in the past, you may be as awed as I was at this man’s medical professionalism. Dr. Freedman displays a demeanor of integrity and compassion together with vast knowledge, and deep insight of a degree I have encountered but rarely over the years.

Furthermore, you stay under his round-the-clock care via online chat – you can ask questions and update Dr. Freedman on your condition instantly. He and his assistant are quick to respond to your concerns. Try getting that without being a billionaire celebrity!

Through, Dr. Freedman’s precious – to me priceless – medical expertise and vision are, IMHO, pioneering the healthcare we’ll all need for the 21st Century. Such professional yet personal wellness support recalls the face-to-face family doctor experience you see in old movies, now invisibly amplified by technology to bring effective care that’s more affordable to more people without compromise.

I feel as privileged as I am relieved to have seen the future – and in the midst of the new Corona situation, to boot. More than that, I feel part of something exciting.
Posted 10 months ago
Amazing App and the whole idea about getting a psychiatrist/mental consultation and prescription for medication if needed in so convenient and modern way! Using it for more than 3 months already and completely satisfied! And Dr.Freedman is the best specialist in this field!
Posted 10 months ago
Health piper is a really unique platform that is good to get answers and address concerns in a much quicker fashion. The staff was great. I like how easy things are as well in terms of payment and access to a he doctor.
Posted 10 months ago
I decided to go into detail because if you see this and can relate, there is help and you don’t need to suffer. HealthPiper and Dr. Freeman genuinely saved my life a few years ago. 2010 -2017 was a rough time. In 2010, I had just finished aggressive cancer treatment, that left me unable to have children, when my husband of 12 years decided he wanted a divorce, My grandma/best friend had died 3 months earlier, and our dog died 2 weeks later (peacefully, but it was a shock. He was my constant companion) and within a few months, life as I knew it was over. By the end of 2012 I had lost my job, by the end of 2013 I had lost my home. I filed for bankruptcy and then I fell apart.

I was in pain every day but I felt like I could treat my symptoms naturally, and tried every supplement, tea and diet there was. I could not function. I felt paralyzed by fear. By 2015 my life was out of control (I didn’t know it was anxiety then). I had to drink a bottle of wine just to pass out for a while because I was so afraid to sleep (my brain went into overdrive as soon as my head hit the pillow, and even when I could sleep I would wake 2 hours later with my heart racing) My panic attacks lasted for days. sleeplessness, shaking, crying, heart palpitations. I also wasn’t leaving the house for months at a time. I had a complete breakdown and was about to be evicted. No one understood what was happening, especially me.

Naturally my folks were worried. After probably 5 other suggestions, in 2017, my mom sent me the link to HealthPiper. I was desperate but fear kept me from leaving my house. I was able to do a remote visit from home with Dr. Freedman and i realized very quickly that this was much different than talking to my GP. Dr Freedmen understood what was happening and worked with me to find a treatment that worked. It took a while but at each step I felt better.

Within 2-4 months of finding the correct medication I began sleeping a little longer. And I began working out in a private Pilates class, I would go for drives, and then I finally went grocery shopping and began doing that every week (supermarkets were my main panic attack trigger). I was eventually able to go back to work, and today I have an amazing job and rent a cute house. I yawn like I used to (if you’ve ever had sleep anxiety you know how good it feels to yawn 🙂). and both my optimism and outgoing nature have returned. I haven’t had a panic attack in 2 1/2 years. I just feel good and I am genuinely content and happy most days.

I realize this is a novel but I’m hoping i can help someone. If you are reading this and feeling similar, Please ask for help. If you feel stuck or scared or even too apathetic to care, this app is a lifeline. I wish I hadn’t waited so many years to see a psychiatrist. Thank you Dr. Freedman 🙂 you really changed my life and I appreciate you more than you can ever know.
Posted 10 months ago
I have been with them for over a year now. The customer service is top notch. I have been nothing but impressed from the beginning. I highly recommend HealthPiper.
Posted 10 months ago
healthPiper is rated 4.99 based on 116 reviews