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Anonymous  // 01/01/2019
This vacuum cleaner is a game changer as far as I’m concerned. It performs better than our corded cleaner and with the long battery power, we can do the whole house twice over and still have juice left for the stairs. The sheer convenience gives it top marks, but it’s performance is great. It’s quite light too and feels weird as if it has no right to be sucking up all that dirt, but you can’t argue with the results.
Posted 1 day ago
Our Lupe arrived last week. First impressions were good, nicely packaged, clear instructions and easy to assemble. The finish and the styling of the machine are excellent - it looks and feels to be a high quality product.
We have used it to clean the inside of our car, the hose attachment worked well and the suction was powerful (better than our Dyson handheld). Used in upright vacuum mode we were very impressed how it removed all the sand and mud from a recent holiday from the car mats.
In the house we have found the cordless Lupe light and easy to manoeuvre. The suction is powerful and it cleans right up to the edges.
The Lupe is lighter and cleans better than our Dyson corded vacuum, and is already our favourite cleaner.
Posted 1 day ago
The Lupe Technology is outstanding and it is easy to set up and use. Even the box that the parts arrive in is impressive and the user guide is very clear.
Assembly is quick and everything clicks into position first time.
The high quality battery is easy to charge and gives over 60 minutes use.
The design makes it very versatile and the low weight allows easy access to difficult places around the home or work place.
Emptying the bin and cleaning the filters is also straightforward.
It's a joy to use and I expect years of many years of trouble free use.
I unreservedly recommend it to you.
Stephen Tiffany Stockport.
Posted 1 day ago
What an amazing vacuum. I currently own a Kirby and I thought that was powerful. But this blows it out of the water. I vacuumed the living room a day before the day of the Lupe’s arrival. After the easy assembly I vacuumed the living room again and I was shocked by the amount of dust and dirt picked up. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Lupe honestly is the best vacuum I have ever used. This week I took out the filter and was shocked how easy it is to dissemble and reassemble. I love this vacuum and everyone I talk to about it thinks I’m crazy!! But this honestly is the best vacuum I have ever used!
Posted 1 day ago
Beautiful, sleek design and superb performance. Easy to assemble and manoeuvre.
Posted 2 days ago
Very good suction easy to use cordless with really good battery time - our townhouse is three floors and it handles that including two staircases with battery to spare. Very effective vacuum cleaner. Easy to empty and keep clean.
Posted 2 days ago
The Lupe vacuum cleaner is a great product. Lightweight, strong suction and long lasting battery. The product is also well designed and thought out from the user experience point of view. Having all the tools and attachments on-board makes storing and using very easy. I have now given my old Dyson V10 to a friend. Only thing I'd add is having a motorised tool for the stairs. It's a bit tricky with the main vacuum on the stairs and the smaller attachments don't have a motorised brush.
Posted 3 days ago
A British company with great design and ethos for a sustainable product
Posted 3 days ago
Wow well done Lupe finally a vacuum that we’ve been waiting for!
I’ve been using the new Lupe for a week now it’s lightweight with incredible suction and certainly feels robust and built to last. Ive wood floors tiles and carpet and to vac the house has now become so much easier using the Lupe!
It’s light to carry up the stairs reaching high up areas with the hose and clicks back together in a simple step.
I’ve children who are always trailing dirt/grass/through the house & also cats, I’ve noticed a huge difference in its ability to clean my flooring it’s now spotless with a battery that lasts the whole house. The bin and filter are easy to clean which then click back into place.
All in all money well spent with a vac built to last with a modern look- I won’t be using anything else!
Posted 4 days ago
Versatile. My perfect cordless vacuum cleaner for removing pet hairs, dust, cobwebs, grass cuttings and mud from the house. Brilliant user guide: simple to understand.
Posted 4 days ago
Beautiful plastic free packaging, easy to assemble, everything just clicks and fits, just right. So far so clean.
Posted 4 days ago
Our Lupe is now a fully fledged family member! Had it a week and getting used to it's versatility and performance.
Lots of likes:
- battery life is at least an hour, we bought a spare battery just in case but it might not be needed!
- do like the colour coding for all the buttons you might need to press.
- pickup is really excellent on carpet and smooth surfaces
- dust emptying is straightforward and a clean operation, lifting the dust container off for emptying seems to require a little practice the first couple of times
- build quality seems high on all counts, well done team

I find it light and easy to use, perhaps because I am a big bloke. I think that for someone who has got familiar with other smaller lighter devices or who might have weak wrists for some reason - they might find the weight an issue.
You can't make it suitable for everyone but there is no doubt in my mind that my Lupe ticks a lot of boxes

Paul proud owner
Posted 4 days ago
It's not the perfect vacuum, but it is perfect for for what I feel is important in a vacuum cleaner! Great job! Would love more optional attachments to make life even easier, such as a wide, low profile head for cleaning under low standing furniture (like sofas and beds) or something for behind radiators!
Posted 4 days ago
Technology seems great.
Posted 4 days ago
Far more powerful than my old Dyson battery powered vacuum. A great start!
Posted 4 days ago
Great not done so much vacuuming in years! Very efficient, so much dust collected on first pass. No bags and a washable filter. Great packaging. Lot of thought gone into this. Support British innovation. Mine was a Kickstarter purchase, hence long delivery time.
Posted 4 days ago
Our Lupe Pure arrived 3 days ago (Perfect timing as we were doing some building work so dust etc. everywhere) Gave the whole house a going over and did run the battery down as using turbo power on our carpets excellant results. Used it again a few times today on floors really good that you can clean both hard floors and carpets without changing any settings, we also used it for sills and furniture edges with the tools and the carpet cleaner removed it's brilliant , light to carry and changeing tools etc. is also very straight forward after using it on and off for all sorts it is still showing 2 lights on battery. So, very pleased
Posted 5 days ago
After only a short time of ownership I can already tell this machine is very capable piece of equipment. Easily compares to corded vacuums with the convenience of no ties to an electrical socket. Battery can easily go around the whole home in one charge.
Will recommend to as many as possible.
Posted 5 days ago
Super awesome. Have two Dyson’s and this is on a different level
Posted 5 days ago
Brilliantly powerful machine. Great design. Love that I can buy and replace all of the parts. Superb.
Posted 5 days ago
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