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Scottish Kilt have a Customer Happiness Grade of A-. Customers love their prices, delivery and customer service but are unhappy with their refunds.


Price - Excellent

Industry Average
I just received my Sutherland tartan kilt and I LOVE it! It arrived 3 weeks after I put in the order (as promised), and was made exactly to my specifications. I was skeptical as the price was so low, but it far exceeded expectations. Thank you!
- Anonymous
First off, I plan on ordering again. Selection of tartans is phenomenal. Sure, these aren't wool- but at the price point, wear them out drinking, athletics, whatever. The one issue I have, I wish they'd put basting stitches in for shipping. Without that, I spent a good deal of time ironing the pleats backing shape. Minor complaint.
- Gareth O
The quality PLUS the price is AMAZING. You made a great kilt!
- Brian M

Delivery - Fast

Industry Average
The delivery was nervous and I should've ordered it sooner but paying for expedited service was perfect.
- Karyn R
Very nice quality and pretty quick delivery considering they are made to your measurements!
- Anonymous
Excellent quality, speedy delivery. We discovered that my old kilt and jacket no longer fit. Now where did I put that sporran? Not a clue. We needed all of this for our son's wedding, and time was very short. They came through with everything I needed, much faster than expected, and the overall quality was excellent. The only thing I can say is WOW. How on earth did they do this so well and so quickly?
- Andrew L

Refunds - Average

Industry Average
The tartan I ordered was not the right colors as expected. They did refund the cost of the fabric but not the shipping.
- Anonymous
They sent the wrong tartan, backed out on another purchase even though they said they could do a rush job, and now despite their 100% refund promise, I get an e-mail about a partial refund. To make it worse I challenged their tartan as a clan tartan and they replied they were US based. How does that even matter?
- Anonymous
They sent the wrong tartan and I had a wedding coming. I ordered a second time with a rush request stating if they couldn't do it in time to cancel it. They took my money and days later said they can't do it. But no refund, no cancel, and no response to messages.
- Anonymous
Industry Average
The fabric exceeded my expectations for quality. Anyone who works with plaids knows that matching the pattern is very important and the weave was perfectly square and easy to work with. The colors are vibrant and the feel is soft. Customer service is great and I would highly recommend Scottish Kilt. I made a little waistcoat and flat cap for my toddler grandson and anticipate making more as he grows.
- Mary D
Long story short, happy with both product and customer service.
- Arthur M
Beautiful fabric and great customer service. Immediate answers to questions. Fast shipping. Will shop again. Highly recommend!
- Judith S