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I just received my modius headset several days ago, so as yet I have no signs of weight loss but have seen a slight decrease in junk food cravings, however I use my headset late in the evening and have noticed a positive improvement in the quality of my sleep and feel really well rested the morning after. All in all I'm impressed with modius so far and look forward to reporting some positive weight loss results in the coming weeks!
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Hi Barry, thanks for the feedback and delighted to hear you're happy with what you're noticing from your headset this early on. Many other users report significant improvements to their sleep too, a very nice positive side effect of Modius use! Keep us posted on your progress over the coming weeks and months.
Might not work for everyone but certainly works for me so can’t complain. Slow and steady but don’t mind as going to hit my goal for the first time in a long time.
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Congratulations on your success so far, this is great to hear. We love that you understand how Modius isn't a magic bullet but with patience and consistency you're achieving the results you're looking for. Best wishes for continued progress in reaching your goal.
I purchased the headset in early April and used it daily until ill health stopped me three weeks ago. I no longer crave for sweet things and weight has dropped from 11st. 1 to 9st.12. Even though I am not using the headset I am still losing weight and am nearly at my target weight. It is the easiest way I have ever lost weight and will be keeping my Modius just in case my cravings ever return. My IBS has improved and I feel fitter than I have in years.
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We're delighted to hear that Modius has helped, not just with cravings and weight loss, but your overall feeling of wellbeing. Great results so far and exciting to think that you'll soon be at your target weight. Thanks for sharing your Modius experience!
Modius seems to work for me. I have several issues that would take up too much space. I am on a new medication which results in weight loss & appetite, so it is a little difficult to attribute which is doing the job as it could be either or/both. I do not participate in the Facebook forum any longer for several reasons. I will not go into them here as it does not belong in this review. I would be willing to discuss this issue.
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Hi Carmine, great that you're seeing results from the combination of your medication and Modius use. Modius does seem to speed up the weight loss process so keep us posted on your progress. We'll be in touch directly with regard to Modius Life. Many thanks.
I initially bought modius to help kick start my weightloss again. After losing over ten stone myself my weightloss stopped and i was gaining weight. I wasn't sleeping either and I have rheumatoid arthritis. My own doctor and consultant both said that with lack of sleep and rheumatoid being active were both preventing me losing anymore weight. The slimming plan I was on wasn't helping me either. So changes had to be made. I decided to change my plan so i joined a different group and then came the icing on the cake I was introduced to modius. I now enjoy more than forty minutes of sleep a night and I no longer have unexplained weight gains modius is definitely controlling that for me. I also suffered badly from restless leg after having a knee replacement but since using modius this rarely occurs now. I love my modius that much I bought one for my daughter who has an underactive thyroid and she is reeping the same benefits as me. I would highly recommend modius I would be lost without mine.
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Thanks Lisa. We're delighted Modius is continuing to help you control your weight and thanks for letting us know about the other benefits you're seeing from using your Modius. Being able to get a good night's sleep now must be a life-changer in itself!
In 13 weeks i have lost 10lbs, but the benefits that surprised me most is that i sleep much better and for longer, and my mood is so much lighter and happier.
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Hi Julie, congratulations on your results so far - brilliant! Improving sleep quality and mood are added benefits you maybe didn't expect with Modius but they'll also help you keep on track with your weight loss journey.
I have noticed a loss of appetite and I am well on my way to reaching my weight loss goals!
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Hi Daniele, thanks for your review and love that you're seeing benefits with your Modius already. It's great to have weight loss goals to keep you motivated so keep us posted on your progress.
Modius made me happy by helping me drop 9lbs. I lost weight before with a slimming plan but a lot of things have held me back recently so I quit the meetings. The first 2 weeks I wasn't so sure however my appetite is down now and I just can't finish a big meal anymore. I think now I want to go back to the weekly group meetings which is something I haven't felt in a long time. I want to especially thank Olivia for being really supportive in the mobius life facebook group along with the other team members. Even just the group support is a great thing to have when feeling low. I've actually stopped taking sleeping tablets now as I wanted to stop for a long time but never could so when I read about someone who did this on facebook I give it a try and now been tablet free for 3 weeks. My doctor had never heard of modius but was happy to couldn't believe that I cancelled my prescription. My goal now is to get to 20lbs but I am going on holiday so it might take a bit longer. Thank you, Margaret
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Hi Margaret, thanks for sharing your experience and we're delighted to hear how Modius is helping you in all these different ways! We know that when the headset is used in conjunction with a slimming plan, it can help take the edge off dieting so it's great you now feel motivated to join again. And thanks for your kind comments re. our team - we want to encourage and help where we can. What a result that Modius has also helped you with your we're making your doctor happy too!!
This device is fundamentally changing how my brain operates on some deep level. Except for the periods in my life when I have worked out like a triathlete and restricted my food intake to the point where all I could do is think about food denial and exercise, I have been overweight, struggling with 50-100 pounds my entire life. I have said, "yeah, within normal weight, looking great by societal standards, but generally miserable." I couldn't live like that for any amount of time so the weight crept back on. Modius is organically changing my conscious thoughts - the way I crave and purchase food, the amount I eat, and the amount I leave on my plate. (This latter is getting better as I don't so often challenge my degree of hunger, or what I think I can eat, and am taking less.) I intentionally haven't changed one thing about my lifestyle, no restrictive dieting (I've done enough of that in my life), no added exercise. If Modius is going to work, it has to work on its concept of vestibular stimulation, no sacrifice on my part. Food no longer controls me, or is constantly on my mind. My hunger and desire is changing, as is my desire and tolerance for alcohol. There are side benefits as well, deep and restful sleep, more energy, my attitude and response to small chores, those "little things" we put off for indeterminate periods of time. Even my attitude and reactions to outside events. 2 months now, 17 pounds lost and inches in excess of what this amount of loss would normally show. I am no longer border line diabetic, or have high blood pressure. Understandably it doesn't work for everyone, nothing does. But it is changing many lives, including mine.
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What a lovely honest review of the impact Modius has made on your life - thank you! We appreciate that you've explained the various ways that Modius is helping you and we applaud the amazing amount of weight loss you've achieved.
It works. How can I not be happy with that?
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Thanks for your review Stephen, and so pleased you're seeing the benefits of your Modius.
My weight is slowly going down. To be honest I would love it to go down quicker but I think everyone wants that. It has really stopped me constantly thinking about chocolate and sweets. Didn't work on my phone but seems alright on my iPad.
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Great that you're losing weight and seeing the changes to your cravings - slow and steady losses are the key to long-term success so we're delighted Modius is helping you with this. Keep up the good work!
Modius finally got me to the weight I have wanted to be for a very long time 💞
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Thanks Julie - great news and congratulations on this achievement!
I love this device. With only walking as exercise, I have lost 9kg (7% of my body weight) in two months, and this during a period of depression. It's bordering on the miraculous.
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Very impressive! Thanks for reviewing Modius. We'd be interested to know if you think using the headset is helping in other aspects too as vestibular stimulation is known to have other benefits. Best wishes for your continued weight loss.
Modius has helped me to lose weight and inches -- which has made me VERY happy!
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Thanks for your review Ann - we're delighted you're seeing changes both on the scales and in your measurements!
It's made me lose more weight in three months than I've previously lost in 1 year
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This is great Barry, thanks for your review. We know that Modius works best when people are already making efforts towards reducing their weight, and it seems that this is what is happening for you. Nice that you know what you've previously been able to achieve without the headset, and now the difference it makes having Modius as part of your weight loss toolkit!
I've had Modius for around 2 months now. Have been using it pretty regularly and definitely feel like I'm experiencing the benefits. I fell and badly injured my arm at work around the time I purchased Modius. There was a period of around 6 weeks that I wasn't really able to do anything. Normally, this would be disastrous for the waistline. However, within about a week of starting to use Modius I definitely noticed a decrease in appetite and my cravings for sugary food. I now find my self not snacking nearly as much as I used to. The results have been great. Even with my complete lack of physical activity I've managed to drop 5lbs. I put this 100% down to the impact Modius is having on my appetite. 
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Thanks Karen, delighted that Modius has helped you control your appetite and weight during your recovery. We're looking forward to hearing how you get on when back to full strength again.
I started in October 2017 along with joining slimming world and since then I have lost almost 2 stone (28lbs). At the start my appetite was cut drastically and I barely finished a meal. I have become used to the device now and while my appetite is back I don't think I am as hungry as before Modius. I haven't noticed a change in my sleep unfortunately but I continue to use my device daily and will do for the foreseeable future.
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Thanks for sharing your experience Lesa and congratulations on your weight loss. Great that you're continuing to use your Modius and noticing the effects on your appetite.
I've been using the modius for a couple of months. I'd been going to a slimming club and progress was consistent but slow. Since I've been using the modius my fortnightly weight loss has increased. It's a very simple to use piece of equipment. When I first use it, I get a feeling like I'm going over a humped back bridge in a car . My stomach goes over slightly but this only lasts a minute or so per session. It's now part of my morning routine and I'll happily keep using it until I reach my target weight which hopefully will be sooner with regular use of my headset.
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Hi Lynn, thanks for your review. We love that you're noticing the difference Modius makes when you're already on a weight loss journey. Keep us posted on your progress!
Modius is pretty amazing! I reckon there are two extreme types of people, those who "eat to live" and those who "live to eat". Most of us fall somewhere in the middle of these extremes. I always wondered how other people just managed to eat what they needed, and stop once they had enough. I think my one sentence to describe Modius is that once you start using it, you easily and simply find yourself moved way down the continuum toward the eat to live...and know when to becomes natural to you. 6 1/2 months down the line, I have now lost 14 kilos, steadily, and without the usual stress of days where food becomes an obsession. Go Modius!
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Great way of putting it! So pleased you're feeling the difference in your relationship with food and seeing the benefits on the scales without the pain of feeling as though you're depriving yourself. The key to long-term weight loss success! Thanks for your review.
It helps me to reach my weight loss goals. Less hungry, faster full from eating and the most important: no more sugar cravings.
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Many thanks Andre, the Modius effect is obviously working!
Modius is rated 4.16 based on 156 reviews