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Anonymous  // 01/01/2019
I was confused over the pricing and it was written in small print how the
pricing was based on your currency. I Paid 500 dollars more because I didn't
get an accurate answer to my use cost.
Posted 3 weeks ago
Dear Jo Ann, thank you for leaving us your feedback, we really appreciate this.

Firstly, we’re very sorry to read that we unintentionally caused any confusion! 😧 We’ve taken the time to fully investigate this matter and our processes to understand exactly what happened to serve you better.

The settlement is indeed in Singapore Dollars as shown in multiple places on the site and during checkout. You also contacted us via the chat to confirm the approximate USD equivalent shown on the site which we duly confirmed. While we don't control the exchange rate applied by your payment method, you should not have been charged much more (or less) that the amount indicated on the site or shared via our chat...

In short, we’re confused too! But we want to help. With your permission, we will reach out directly to get more details from you and see if we can get to the bottom of this together and find a solution!

Hope to hear from you soon!
Posted 2 weeks ago
Love the items.

To improve:
It would be handy to know before hand how much, more or less, customs will be for the country the goods are going to be shipped to.

The fact that I had to pay an enormous quantity of money when the items arrived made me decide not to order from you anymore.
Posted 5 months ago
Dear Charlie, we’re glad to hear that you love the items. We work very hard on our curation to make sure that every customer is completely and consistently satisfied with what they receive, glad to hear that we’ve succeeded with you! Thank you as well for your feedback on duty and tax – international duty and customs is complex and the application by customs is sometimes unpredictable. We found that providing estimates can create other issues with customers when the actual amount varies, even if only slightly. Ultimately, we felt that no one is better informed than the customer on the tax and duty rules of the country they are shipping to, so we make sure that they are aware that tax may be applied and let them make their own assessment. As you know, we also offer free worldwide shipping which partly counterbalances any taxes applied, indeed sometimes even exceeds the amount of tax applied. With all that said, we do have plans to try and better address some of these issues as part of our 2020 roadmap and we thank you in advance for your patience and continued support, and we look forward to serving you again!
Posted 5 months ago
Posted 6 months ago
Hi there, I found the user interface and the ease of purchase (as well as the option to change the delivery address at short notice) and responsiveness of your staff Terrenz great! Well done! The middling rating is specifically relating to the purchase I made, as one item - the Miu Miu flats, arrived with cracked soles (not the end of the world of course...... but would definitely have appreciated this being mentioned in the product write-up). Otherwise, all good, and would consider purchasing again.
Posted 7 months ago
Dear Christyl, thank you so much for your review. We’re glad that you were happy with the service and responsiveness of the team! At the same time, we’re sorry to hear of the issue you experienced with the soles of the Miu Miu flats; this can happen sometimes due to a natural process called hydrolysis, but it’s never fun. I’ve included a link to our FAQ on the below in case you want to know more. More importantly, we want to help get this sorted out! We’ll message you separately to discuss arrangements.
More on hydolysis:
Posted 7 months ago
Pls donate, thanks
Posted 9 months ago
Hi Tiffany, thank you for your comment. However, I'm not sure I understand what this is referring to?
Posted 8 months ago
I was disappointed with my transaction shoes came without one heel stopper no dust cover or box and the transaction was not seemless
Posted 1 year ago
I bought a couple of stuff from your company. Subsequently, didn't purchase anymore as I was disappointed twice. Requested to view the items, timings were set up but on the day of the viewing, was told items had been sold. I thought the confirmed viewing date & time meant the item would be blocked from purchase by other viewers for the time being.
Posted 1 year ago
Hi there, thanks for that feedback and very sorry to hear about your disappointment with items selling before you could view them. We always want to understand where we might have gone wrong to see how we can do better so we looked at your full order history and chat history and here's what we found:

You've actually purchased 4 items from us and you have always come in person to purchase, so we assume that you’re not disappointed by the merchandise since you viewed everything before purchasing. It seems therefore take your disappointment is entirely from the two occasions when you asked to view an item and the items were sold by the time you made it down to our offices.

Based on our records, the first such occasion, you requested to view an item on Sun 16 Dec at 11:30PM and it sold first thing next morning at 10:32AM before the team reviewed the weekend orders and had a chance to reserve it for you. The second such occasion, you requested a viewing on Mon 18 Feb at 5:36AM it was sold by 8:03AM before our office even opened, and no appointment had been agreed to by then. In both cases, it’s mostly a timing issue because your requests were made out of office hours and someone else just happened to buy it soon after you enquired about it. I hasten to add that it could have been completely avoided if you had simply bought it yourself, knowing that you can return any non-sale item for a full and immediate refund if you are not satisfied - so why inconvenience yourself and wait for someone to jump ahead of you? We certainly try to accommodate our customers - I see 7 other occasions when you asked to view a total of more than 16 items and the team made sure that everything went smoothly.

The topic of in person viewing is very timely as we have recently changed our policy and stopped accepting in person viewings. This case is a great example of why: we are fundamentally an online business and we have designed our services accordingly - making exceptions, no matter how well intended, can be counterproductive.

To learn more on this, please visit our FAQ at
Posted 1 year ago
It took longer than expected but got sold nonethless
Posted 1 year ago
Hi James, thanks for your review and comments, we're listening and we're always trying to improve! You may be interested to know that 80% of what we list sells within a few weeks of listing, but a combination of factors can play into time-to-sale of any individual item: absolute price, relative price and extrinsic factors. Absolute price: the higher the absolute value of the item, the longer it takes (on average) to sell simply because it is a larger investment and therefore a smaller audience of willing and able buyers. Relative price: we are essentially a marketplace and the speed and price are inversely correlated. We always try to achieve the fairest price in the middle such that it brings optimal value to both buyer and seller within a reasonable time frame, but ultimately the final price is up to the seller: if your priority is speed, we can adjust the price accordingly to meet that need. The final factor is extrinsic: if the item is a match with the market and trends, sometimes the appetite for a particular brand, model or colour may be ebbing or flowing. The commission is another matter, and is largely a reflection of the added value we bring in terms of authentication technology, guarantees and service which in turn means your item can command a premium on our site versus other sites. If we lowered our commission based on time-to-sale, our incentives would be misaligned as we might be tempted to lower prices to maximize our commission at the expense of our sellers, something that goes against everything we believe in and goes against your interests too. I hope that was helpful!
Posted 1 year ago
Clear presentation, great curation, just that market outreach isn't there yet.
Posted 1 year ago
THE FIFTH COLLECTION is rated 4.83 based on 333 reviews