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The Manager of Aintree store, states it’s Company Policy, that they can refuse to honour their store pricing and can refuse to refund whole purchases at inflated checkouts pricing, they have a special 24 hours to change further increases. I would suggest BQ, for excellent trustworthy pricing
Asked by Stephen Leigh (3 months ago)
Can I take photo frames back to the store if I ordered them online
Asked by June Drayton (6 months ago)
Does anyone know which courier they use, I was told a pick ;up was last week, they went to a different house and not here but pretended they were at my door, I am meant to have parcels picked up today but it's getting late now. I don't think they have any sat nav or they could find me easy. They do not want to pick it up and hence I will get no refund. Very bad company to deal with.
Asked by Maggie Andrew Blackman (10 months ago)
Why does no-one answer the phone in store
Asked by Kevin smith (11 months ago)
Had a delivery of garden furniture on Thursday 1.June 2023. Not happy with it and want to return for refund. Have spent 4hrs on several occasions in their customer service tel queue only to be then transferred and cut of twice. Have emailed but just been told this service not available! The online chat is not working! Am totally frustrated now as online it says if you send it back without speaking to them they will return it!!!
Asked by Chrissie Mcconnon (11 months ago)
Part of my order had been delivered but the other half passed it’s delivery it was last Friday the date still waiting for my delivery from the range… what’s happening?
Asked by Mitha Subhan (1 year ago)
What is the number for the company that delivers for the range ?
Asked by Jade Whalley (1 year ago)
I put order in on Monday I received the first one but waiting for second but got email asking me to pick it up from quarry keys which it too far so I like a delivery
Asked by Brenda Crabbe (2 years ago)
Order number W14176142 I have been waiting a month for my order please can you look into delivery and make it happen
Asked by Carole Milnet (2 years ago)
Do you deliver sofas to the room of your choice
Asked by Susan Winter (2 years ago)
Do the range at surry quays. Do net curtains.
Asked by Michael nash (2 years ago)
How do I actually talk to customer service? June 19th I ordered a Ewbank stick Hoover which was £49-99p I ordered and paid online. I got a text on the 21st June, to say it had been dispatched and would be with me by 25th! It never arrived,I thought I’ll give a few days in case there was a holdup somewhere. The text had a number to ring when dispatched it took forever to in the end I was told it had been delivered to me on the 25th,wow ,must book an appointment for opticians!! In the end I spoke to manager of my local store and he sounded as though he was on my side,then a supervisor who again seemed to understand me,but, in the end I’ve paid for my Hoover and not got either,because when you ring the store nobody answers,and then when they do they are trying to sort the problem but not getting anywhere. If I had seen this page beforehand I would definitely not have ordered anything. Wish me good luck in getting sorted sometime this year!! Thanks for reading!
Asked by beryl kilworth (2 years ago)
I'm thinking of ordering sofas .but want to know if the delivery men carry up steps. As my house has steps leading up to back door
Asked by Jill bottomley (3 years ago)
How do I clear my basket to start again
Asked by Heather (3 years ago)
I was horrified in Swindon Range shop with how many people was in the shop today at one time. This shop can’t care about safety with Covid
Asked by K symmonds (3 years ago)
Is it real fur on outside rosie rabbit ornament as it says
Asked by Amanda (3 years ago)
My order was supposed to come 15th June still not received it eventually got through to customer service what was a waste of time still waiting on a email or call back absolutely shocked by the lack of correspondence from your company
Asked by Sharon Leonard (3 years ago)
This is the worst customer experience that I have encountered No one answers the phone - live chat doesn't come back to you No going to trading standards
Asked by Steve Smith (3 years ago)
Why havnt I received my refund i can not get hold of anyone every single day I have phoned
Asked by Tracey (3 years ago)
My order was supposed to come yesterday but it's being changed for today on the text it says between 6.30 an 8.30 is that am or PM, not very happy with the service I also phoned on phone for 25 mins no answer, I certainly wont be ordering again
Asked by Wendy Stanley (4 years ago)
When are you going to give adequate signage at your Peel store Stockport that there is a charge for the parking. locals may be aware, we weren't. The parasites descended.
Asked by NEIL MURPHY (4 years ago)
Why does no one answer the Customer Service telephone line, or reply to the Twitter messages? I have been trying for 3 days to get through on the phone to cancel orders before despatch but just get recorded message and irritating music. Whilst costing 0345 prices, if you can't answer then make the call 0800 freecall! Absolutely shocking customer service. Make it possible to cancel orders online via account like most up to date innovative inspiring businesses.
Asked by LORRAINE MCMONAGLE (4 years ago)
I purchased a batch of wallpaper in June of this year and there was 2 rolls that I didn’t require. I was unable to find the receipt as my for some unknown reason my Barclaycard was declined when paying for my goods and I had to use another card. I went to return or exchange for something else but to my dismay I was unable to do so without a receipt. I then spent a lot of time looking for the receipt to enable me to return but by the time I found it the refund time of 28days had run out and the manager was adamant that there would be no chance of a refund. I am therefore now left with 2 rolls of paper at a cost of £25.98 that I have no use for. Is this truly customer policy with no gesture of goodwill allowed as I was not aware of this when purchasing and I have had no problem in other stores exchanging once the return date has expired. I am looking on feedback and also to see if there is any possibility of me receiving some sort of credit note or voucher to compensate the goods that are not required and are still in there original packaging.
Asked by Helen Hogg (4 years ago)
why am i not able to contactyou by phoneto make inquiry
Asked by margaret smith (4 years ago)
Asked by STEVE WEBB (4 years ago)
What are you doing about the rats in your store
Asked by Unknown (5 years ago)
i bought a paper shredder about two months ago and it has stoppet working the trouble is i cannot find the receipt can i have it changed , thank you james
Asked by james holmes (5 years ago)
I bought with good faith the curtain meterials and before buying I ask what happened if the curtain rails doesn`t fit they said keep the receipt will change or refund. they didn't mention that if it is out of sellotape we will not refund. that`s whats the range did. I am very annoyed and have gone to the f book all over. where is customer rights?
Asked by Mrs Sunita Jha sarkar (5 years ago)
where and when is it possible to order 157664 ( unavailable for the moment) and deliver to france ?
Asked by edith kleiber (5 years ago)
Hi I cant seem to find any information on delivery return costs for furniture i received on Thursday and wasnt left with an invoice/ delivery note or receipt after signing for my products on Thursday. I am not finding store helpful as they say i ordered online and made me feel like im not a range customer as i ordered online. cant seem to find advice on how much it would cost to arrange return of my large items. Please can someone help me with this. My order Number details are: Order Date: 24th Oct 2018 Order Number: W8535151 Kind Regards Christina
Asked by Christina (5 years ago)
Been on to delivery company about my order w7633989 they say still with you. All I want is a bit of clarity to who has order and who has the money
Asked by Williamina stewart (6 years ago)
Purchased item on line been paid for but not arrived,email saying we’re looking into it still waiting ordered on 17may .
Asked by Williamina stewArt (6 years ago)
Purchased curtains 2 months ago and the creases are still there, very disappointed as they cost me a total of £80 as they are 90X90 and 66X70. my only resolve is to have them taken down and pressed which i'm not happy about, any surgestions please.
Asked by P Fautley (6 years ago)
i am trying to buy a product on line,but it will only pay by paypal,whichi do not want to do,my local store have sold out.can you help
Asked by s.giles (6 years ago)
What happened to my order ordered on line and paid for
Asked by Michael Hutton (6 years ago)