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Flooret 5 star review on 3rd October 2020
Flooret 5 star review on 2nd October 2020
Flooret 5 star review on 2nd October 2020
Christopher G.
Flooret 5 star review on 2nd October 2020
Flooret 5 star review on 2nd October 2020
Stephen C.
Flooret 5 star review on 2nd October 2020
Angie H.
Flooret 5 star review on 2nd October 2020
Dana R.
Anonymous  // 01/01/2019
I received my samples and am very pleased with the quality of the flooring. I will be ordering Brenwick to put throughout my house. Perhaps it is just the piece of flooring I received as a sample but I think the Brenwick pattern might look better if the grain detailing was more distinct like the Arbor or Sutton patterns. Also, I wish there were more patterns and colors.

Once I get the flooring installed, I will give a more detailed review.
Posted 2 days ago
Purchased samples of lato, sutton, soho, and lachlan. Excellent quality of materials used. Sutton looks and feels like real wood! Minus one star because the gallery pictures are overexposed and represent the colors as being much lighter than actual.
Posted 6 days ago
Floor samples are very high quality. I love the designs as well. I wish shipping was free or cheaper.
Posted 1 week ago
I like the quality of the product but do you have something that is not oak... Looking for something in the light to medium shade with some knots in the wood
Posted 2 weeks ago
Hi Jeff! Yes! We have some new colors coming out this year that sounds like what you're looking for. Look for Palka and Yuzen - both maple designs with knots. They should be available for sampling late Nov/early Dec. :)
Posted 2 weeks ago
Loved the full size Sutton Plank samples- I think it will be what we select for our housewide project! Only concern was a small corner of two of the samples that seemed to be damaged in shipping. Looking forward to placing my entire order soon!
Flooret 4 star review on 12th October 2020
Posted 2 weeks ago
Samples were shipped in A+ cartons and arrived in excellent condition. I have also been happy with Customer Service. But there is one issue that I hope Flooret will address: except for small pictures of the samples, there aren't any pictures of large installations of the Base level flooring. Since the bevels are very different on the Signature level, it will look very different from Base- wish we could see a room with Base.
Posted 3 weeks ago
Happy with sample purchases so far.
Posted 3 weeks ago
It appears to be a great product. My husband wants the Arlo but I find it has too much gray and everything else I ordered, too much brown! I’m a nervous about ordering this online and having my husband install, but the savings is substantial, and especially How Much to order!
Posted 1 month ago
I really like the samples! After we have HVAC installed in an above grade basement room, I will be contacting an installer to tell me the quantity I will need of Flooret. Hopefully, your site will be able help me in the selection of a good installer. My son-in-law has already ordered his flooring and will be installing it, in his home, himself.
Posted 1 month ago
I ordered 880 sq. feet of Sutton Modin Signature for my home. I am extremely happy with the product. However, I am disappointed with the variety of prints for the tiles. While Flooret claims their are few repeats, I unfortunately cannot say the same after installing. The flooring is fairly repetative. Layout your floor extremely carefully to space repetitive boards when installing.
Posted 1 month ago
I received two samples of Sutton Signature and two samples of Kingswood Signature. The ordering process was very easy, and the shipping time was as stated. I had a couple of questions about the products, so I spoke with customer service a couple of times via the online chat, and the reps were very helpful and informative. It is good that the samples are a reasonable price, so there is no fear of ordering them to truly understand the colors -- it is always impossible to tell the actual colors from photos. Overall, I have been happy working with the company.
Posted 1 month ago
I love the size of the sample, and it arrived quickly. Its great to actually see what it looks like in different lighting and with my wall color. I also used my key to try and scratch as we have 3 young kids and 2 large dogs and I had to push it pretty hard before any noticeable scratch appeared and that was when I tried it across the "grain" of the wood. I also poured water on it and left it for several minutes which wiped off without any damage. My last concern is if it will have any discoloration from UV rays as we have some large windows in our house, but I guess only time will tell. Overall, it was great to get the sample and play around with it as we would on our floors. I'm very happy with it and we will likely be purchasing these floors for our home!
Posted 7 months ago
Flooret LVF is Beautiful! Definitely more substantial than other LVF I’ve considered. Can’t wait to get it installed!
Posted 8 months ago
Raeburn offers much color diversity between the planks. It’s like an exploration in rich earthy browns. In my 3 samples, there’s quite a difference in light reflectivity, and the tonal quality ranges from a warm gold-honey brown, to a deep cooler chocolate brown. As with all flooret flooring, the texture matches the image nicely - not as pronounced as the wirebrush colors like Sutton, Arbor, Modin, Ashford, etc., but more textured than the smoother colors like Brenwick, Kingsford, Lato, etc. I really like the tonal diversity, texture, and what each plank offers, but the darkest plank may be a little too dark for my home as I enjoy utilizing as much natural light as possible and live in the Pacific Northwest.
Posted 8 months ago
It’s hard to tell without installation and time, but from the sample I’m very impressed with the overall quality of Flooret Modin Rigid LVP. Brenwick seems to be a creamy, soft, classic honey-coffee brown, maybe with a nod to the old New England cottage. It does not have the wire brush effect that some of the Modin colors have - the grain texture matches the wood image, but is much more subtle than colors like Sutton, Arbor, Ashford, and others. I like the soft creaminess of the color. That said, from my sample it has a strong honey-orange undertone, and that’s about it. It may suit many people perfectly and provide a lovely foundation for interiors. But as with most Flooret colors, many of which I like, I do long for just a bit more diverse color palette in the undertones.
Posted 8 months ago
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