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Helpful Report
Thank you for your feedback, we hope you start to notice some progress soon. Remember that consistency is key, our consistent users of 5-7 sessions a week over several months have been reporting the best results. Please feel welcome to post in the Modius Life community if you would like any support.
Best Wishes, Team Modius :-)
Amazing product. Has worked for me very well and have lost a dramatic amount of weight in a short period of time. Thank you
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Thank you for sharing your feedback, that's great to hear you have experienced such a dramatic weight-loss result, well done!
Best Wishes, Team Modius :-)
Consistency is key! I lost 10+ lbs (6+% of my weight) very quickly the first few months I used Modius, and then hit a "lull". However, I never gave up! I didn't gain the weight back, which was exciting as well! Even without further weight loss, I slept so well! I continued to use Modius, changed my workouts a bit, and then last month decided to try a different diet. I had already eaten fairly clean, so I tried Keto and intermittent fasting. Along with daily Modius use, I lost another 10+ lbs (7+% of my weight). I am thrilled with my results and have recommended Modius to others - and am proof positive that it CAN work!! Everyone is different - you have to keep trying different times of day for using Modius, and then be consistent. I had to find other complimentary things to do - a better workout or a different diet, etc. It works for me and I couldn't be happier!! Thank you also to the Modius Team for AWESOME customer service and support throughout this entire process. Top notch group of people, supporting a wonderful product!!
Helpful Report
Hi Brenda, we're so pleased with the results you've achieved and how you have embraced what Modius is about. You're even using our mantra that consistency is key, and it so is! Thanks for your positivity, support and for taking the time to explain how Modius has worked in conjunction with your own efforts to help you reach your goals.
Best wishes for your continued success, Team Modius.
I received my Modius headset promptly, and any time I have contacted customer service they have responded to my query quickly and competently
1 Helpful Report
Thanks Audrey, lovely to hear! We'll pass your positive comments on to our team.
Best wishes, Team Modius.
I started using my headset in May 2018, and at the same time started a strict food regime as I need to lose weight prior to knee surgery. Now 8 months later I am 45lbs lighter and I believe the headset has helped me with my goal. I still want to lose more weight and I shall continue with my headset. I consider this to have been a great support to me on the journey, and in time, when I reach goal weight I am hoping it will help me maintain a healthy weight in the future.
Helpful Report
Hi Jane, that's an incredible result - well done! Thanks for your positive feedback and best wishes on getting to your goal weight. :-)
Amazing!! It helped me lose 7kg in 6 months. I can now fit in clothes that I haven't worn for 3 years!!
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Wow, that must be a great feeling! Fantastic result. Thanks for your review.
When I used my Modius when it first arrived I used it for 6 days a week and lost 11lbs however at the end of November I went on holiday and then it was Christmas time so I stopped using it again. I just started a fresh this week and once again it has helped tremendously as I follow a healthy eating plan. As I don't drink alcohol when I use my Modius I also find that it helps me get a great nights sleep. I am pleased I have it, the only thing that is annoying sometimes is when the pads get loose and fall off.
Helpful Report
Hi Jill, thanks for your review and lovely to hear that you notice a distinct difference between when you use Modius and when you don't, and that it's helping with healthier food and drink choices. Good luck with your regime. If you're still having issues with the electrode pads, don't hesitate to contact our Customer Care team for some advice and tips.
Great device, really helpful. Total loss 21kg
Helpful Report
Hi Doru, well done on your weight loss - that's great!
Many thanks, Team Modius.
From the first time I used my Modius head set I knew it was going to work. I had developed a habit of having a couple of beers every night and that night was the first night in years that I didn’t have one. Over the next 3 months I went on to lose 3 stone. My weight loss journey was finally complete. These days I use the Modius during the week and let lose on the weekend. That way I can maintain my weight loss. I would highly recommend Modius to anyone looking to lose weight.
Helpful Report
Whao - great achievement Carl! Sounds like you've gained back control and have a nice maintenance regime going now. Thanks for your review. :-)
I started using Modius last March just before I had my hip replacement as I was worried about weight gain after my operation. At first I didn’t see much happening but after about 6 weeks I noticed my clothes getting looser on me. Once I was up on my feet again the weight loss continued slowly but surely I have now lost almost 10 kilos and I’m down to 22% BMI. There is no major event just a gentle loss which I seem to be sustaining without any trouble. I don’t weigh myself very often now as I have no need to be stressing about it anymore!
Helpful Report
Hi Roberta, thanks for taking the time to review Modius. Congratulations on your weight loss and great that it's been stress-free too!
Best wishes, Team Modius.
Didn’t do a thing. But training hard and planning my food better has worked since I stopped using it
Helpful Report
Hi Paul, we're sorry to hear that you didn't see any difference when using Modius. We know that Modius won't be the answer for everyone and there are so many reasons why people will have differing results, as with any method of trying to lose weight. However, if you're already actively trying to lose weight with increased fitness and healthy eating, Modius should help make this process easier and more sustainable. Well done on your training and improved food habits since though. Best wishes, Team Modius.
Get on the modius train and go all they way to destination "new life" Superb product, awesome support/motivation and forum. It helped me lose 45kg
Helpful Report
Hi Magnus, thanks for your lovely comments and well done on your weight loss! We're delighted that Modius has helped you reach your goal and we love your passion for life!
I have lost over 27 pounds in seven months and had other benefits besides. Is truly amazing.
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Hi K, a brilliant achievement - well done! And great that you're experiencing some of the other benefits of Modius too. :-)
Many thanks for your review and best wishes for your continued success.
This device is incredible. It's a slow but very effective burn, and you need to use it consistently over time to get the benefit of it, but the benefit is well worth the wait. I'm 49, female, caucasian, and peri-menopausal. My weight has been creeping up over the last few years, as my hormones change and cause my body to hang on to fat. In the last three months of 2017 menopausal symptoms really kicked in, and my weight shot up about 10lbs (5kgs.) I came into 2018 on the cusp of being medically overweight, which is not a good place to be either health-wise, or for the sake of your self-esteem. Usually women of my age find it impossible to lose weight, but not with modius. I have used it pretty much every day for 9 months, and from a starting point of 68.5kgs/151lb I am now 62.5kg/137lb and the numbers are still going down. My ideal weight is 60-61kgs, and it is now within my reach, thanks to Modius. My BMI is in the middle of the normal range, my body fat is going down, and I am back to a dress size that makes me happy. (I have also been doing intermittent fasting, which helps, but Modius did the lions share of the work for my weight and fat loss journey.) Massive thanks to all at Neurovalens for creating this device. You have changed my life.
1 Helpful Report
Hi Bellis, thanks so much for your review and congratulations on what you've achieved. You seem to really 'get' the essence of Modius and how it can help you reach your goals at a steady rate. We're delighted that the headset is helping despite the difficulties that the menopause presents.
Best wishes, Team Modius.
My devices is Dead on Arrival. And can't get a response from customer service, even though it supposedly comes with 1 year warranty.
Helpful Report
Hi Jae, we're very sorry to hear your headset isn't charging. We've checked our emails and we don't seem to have received a message from you, so apologies that you thought we weren't responding. Our Customer Care team have just sent you an email to advise how your issue can be resolved - we'll get your headset working for you very soon. :-)
Use the headset regularly and have found some benefits to using it, my metabolism appears to have self corrected and functioning again, along with the added benefit that it has alleviated my psorasis and i'm virtually clear of it. Only two downsides from my perspective are: 1. The comfort pads on the unit kept slipping around as the adhesive used was not strong enough - I fixed that with getting some double sided tape and re-vamped the pads and no more slipping. 2. I use the unit at 10 but do not feel any pulses most of the time, so at times wonder if the unit is working, it would be good if either the stimulation pulse could be increased or the App has a facility to advise that the unit is functioning correctly. Really like the unit. Many Thanks Modius
1 Helpful Report
Hi Steve, we're delighted to hear that you feel benefits to your metabolism - and also the positive impact on your psoriasis!
If you're having issues with the pads not adhering to your skin, you may wish to try some conductive gel, as this should help (if you contact our Customer Care team, we'll be able to give you further info).
Re. the stimulation, it's normal to feel the sensation more at the start of a session than at the end, as the body becomes used to the feeling. You've probably noticed that some sessions you'll feel the sensation more than others too - this is all perfectly normal.
Thanks for your review and we wish you continued success with your Modius.
Love it 😊
1 Helpful Report
Great to hear! Thanks Rymantas. :-)
I was intrigued by the concept of being able to lose weight with this product. I was afraid it was to good to be true. Then I saw it on the Doctors show. Gave me enough confidence to try it. I have lost 18 POUNDS. I amazed by the headset. I have to take Prednisone and could not ever lose weight. Tried Weight Watchers and some of the other ones. Only to have them tell me (if you take Prednisone) you can't lose weight). I ordered Modius headset as a shot in the dark. I've been using it for about 6 Months. I cannot say enough about the transformation of by body. The first time I have lost weight since I got sick 20+ years ago. I have Lupus and have Cushings syndrome caused from the prednisione. All my weight is in stomach. Modius has given me a waist back and my stomach is shrinking. I'm totally amazed. I keep weighing and looking in mirror to make sure Its not a dream. I'm so glad I gave it a chance. I rate it EXCELLENT. Comment on the length of time for delivery. It was on back order. Out of Stock. I have ordered the ECG Pads and wipes form Modius. They arrive in a timely manner.
2 Helpful Report
Hi Gladys, thank you so much for your review and enthusiasm for Modius. We're delighted you have achieved this weight loss against the odds, and that Modius is having such a positive effect on you. :-)
Modius is simple to use, not fully felt the benefit as yet although my own usage regime is not fully following the programme due to personal & work limitations and opportunity to follow exactly.
1 Helpful Report
Hi Michael, great that you're trying to use your Modius as often as possible. Consistency is the key to results so we look forward to hearing how you get on in the future. Many thanks for taking the time to review.
Since I started using modius I have also been on a diet. The combination of both have reduced my waist by 6-7 inches.
1 Helpful Report
Whao, great result Adam! The combination of diet and Modius seems to be really making the difference for you. Well done :-) !
Modius is rated 4.18 based on 148 reviews