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Ear infection and agonising ear ache after using Modius behind ear for about a month. Anyone else experienced this? Antibiotic and ear spray has cured it but it's made me reluctant to continue use. Annie
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Thank you for your review Annie, we are sorry to hear that you have experienced an ear infection recently. This is the first time we have had a user report an infection like this. It's most likely that this has been a coincidence with your Modius usage, as there's no reason how the headset could cause an ear infection. The electrode pads shouldn't be uncomfortable so if you can contact us at we will be able to offer some advice and make sure your pads are placed correctly to avoid any unnecessary ear ache. Best regards, Team Modius :-)
Been using the modius for little over 2 months, it's helped me a great deal, I was addicted to sugar all day I would be munching on biscuits, cake ect. I have now cut all my sugar intake completely out.. I've lost a dress size. It's slowly but surely coming off, and that's fine with me because I know it will stay off.. I've also halved my food intake also. So I'm eating in big meal a day. Then myb a sandwich if I'm hungry later which is rarely.. So thumbs up!!
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Hi Angela, thanks for taking the time to post your review. Massive congratulations on your weight loss so far, you must feel great! We're delighted to hear you are enjoying your Modius headset and experiencing the benefits of reduced sugar cravings and being more in control of your eating patterns. Keep up the good work! We look forward to hearing from you as you continue on your weight loss journey.
Although I approached Modius somewhat doubtfully at the behest of my wife, I must say that the results have been remarkable. At first we did not lose pounds but rather our fat started to melt away - to our surprise, our double chins and tummies have disappeared. We have gone "lean"! Not only have I lost weight effortlessly, but I sleep better and have more energy - I now virtually sprint up and down the stairs in our three-story house. We have recommended Modius to our family and friends, and purchased an additional Modius so we each have our own headset now.
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Hi Peter, we are delighted to hear that you took your wife's advice and started on your Modius journey! Congratulations so far! Great to hear you have noticed such a change in your body and the benefit of improved sleep is a great ‘side effect’. The added bonus of living in a 3 story house, you will definitely get your daily steps in. Many thanks for your review and we wish you well for continued success with your Modius.
Easiest weight loss ever! The gadget is user friendly, the app is straightforward. I am enjoying sitting still for an hour a day and am losing weight steadily without feeling hungry or obsessing about food all the time.
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Thanks for your review - so pleased you're enjoying your Modius hour and getting stress-free weight loss!
Best wishes, Team Modius
I have been using Modius for a year now and as someone with an underactive thyroid weight loss has never been easy. Coupled with intermittent fasting 4 days a week I lost 21 pounds from June 2018 to Jan 2019. I have in the past tried IF but have never been as successful as I have this time when I used Modius. I also found that my sleep has improved significantly and this is a real bonus.
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Thanks for sharing how you've found Modius has helped with your weight loss, despite having an underactive thyroid. Others have also mentioned to us that Modius takes the edge off hunger and enables them to do Intermittent Fasting a lot easier, so great that it's working for you too. And yes, a nice bonus if you have improved sleep too! :-)
Fab result Rita, especially as it's that bit harder with an underactive thyroid! Glad you're finding that Modius helps with your intermittent fasting and making the difference to your efforts. Best wishes, Team Modius.
Modius worked me through a weight loss plateau that no other system could break through in three years of trying. In one hundred days I lost 15.4 pounds. I lost all cravings and felt full eating smaller portions of food. I am a happy user of Modius.
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Great result Lawrence - well done! Thanks for your review and we wish you ongoing success. :-)
This company is doing really awesome things. Vestibular stimulation is seriously promising, under-rated, and offers even greater future hope in promoting sleep quality, craving reduction, and set-point reduction (and corresponding improvements in leptin and ghrelin, insulin response etc.). Modius' customer service is superb (Vanessa). Whilst I didn't keep the device after the 90 day trial (because of taking up daily personal training, travel, and commitments elsewhere, -I needed a hammer intervention), it definitely works in terms of sleep quality, meditative feelings, reduction in cravings, and ultimately weight loss (I could put a few pounds down to it despite very intermittent use). It can also give you pretty bad headaches occasionally - but when they're self induced, it feels more like a post-workout muscle burn for the brain. No pain, no gain? Any problems (in my case battery) were resolved super quickly by the very competent team in Belfast. If you are overweight, at least give this a go! I have continuously struggled with my weight (morbidly obese at 10 years old and weighed as many stone) and in the last few years gone from 15 stone and fat to 12.5 stone and ripped, by no means because of this device, but I do know what works and what doesn't -obsessed to the extent of reading a book a fortnight on anything and everything nutrition, diet, and exercise related for the last few years (Recommend The Secret Life of Fat, The Obesity Code, and skimming the Lancet); For men: low carbs and intense strength training must be the pinnacle (add in cardio if you enjoy it or female under 1200 cals). But this device could prove a magic bullet. I've also had a PhD Cybernetics academic (okay also my father!) give it a thorough checking through who has examined the research. We suspect it could be a big tipping point for certain individuals. Exciting future ahead. I really would say to give this a go if you want results that are game-changing compared with the years one can spend getting disappointing results. The future in the realm of this sort of tech is bright!
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Hi James, Thank you for sharing your very positive feedback and review! As a small company who are trying to make a difference within the weight loss market, we really do appreciate when people take the time to learn and understand more about how Modius works and take the opportunity to try it out for themselves. We look forward to hearing more from you in future. Many thanks again, Team Modius :-)
This product is junk I lost some weight using it I purchased it in Feb 2018 I started using it in June 2018 It stopped working in March 2019 contacted the company the one year warranty ran out in Feb 2019 so If I want It fixed I have to pay for the repair they think the wires that hold the pads are bad I used it 9 months the way they suggested for what the modias cost I would think I should have been able to use it for at least 5 years with no problems I have lost 10 pounds since it broke and am still losing weight without the modias that is why I say It is JUNK DO NO BUY IT!!!!!!!!
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This product is junk I lost some weight using it I purchased it in Feb 2018 I started using it in June 2018 It stopped working in March 2019 contacted the company the one year warranty ran out in Feb 2019 so If I want It fixed I have to pay for the repair they think the wires that
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Modius really kickstarted my weightloss! It significantly reduced my food and wine cravings and when I do eat I find I'm full after only about 1/2 my normal amount of food. I was amazed when I lost 10lbs in the first few weeks using Modius AND I have kept it off for over 2 months by continuing to use Modius, eating healthy, and moderately exercising. Modius has also improved the quality of my sleep when I've used it in the evenings. I'm so pleased to have found Modius and only wish I'd found it sooner!
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Hi Kim, thank you for your review and well done on your weight loss so far, losing 10lbs in only 2 months is quite an achievement! We are also pleased to hear that Modius has helped improve your quality of sleep too. We do encourage users to combine Modius with healthier eating and increased exercise so that will really help you get the best results. Keep up the great work! Best regards, Team Modius :-)
It doesn’t work ☹️
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I am using Modius as one of five major changes I have incorporated to help lose almost 70 pounds (~5 stones). I lost the first 30 lb.s before learning about Modius. Knowing the last 40 lbs. would be difficult I wanted to add Modius to my routine. It is very hard to tell what Modius itself is doing to help in this process, but at this time I have lost 59 pounds (19 since using Modius). I find that I look forward to sitting down to do Modius and it does seem to work as a distraction from snacking in the evening. I certainly no longer have evening cravings. Here are all the changes I have incorporated: Jenny Craig (but cutting their dishes in half and adding lots of roasted vegetables), cut out coffee & cream and added tea with vanilla stevia, soda stream for more water (add stevia vanilla to this too), no eating after 7pm, and more sleep. I try to take a short 3-minute shower to distract me from the kitchen when needed. Modius is now my evening routine and I never eat after doing the one-hour of Modius. I should be in weight maintenance mode in six weeks. I would purchase the Modius again. But I suspect it only works if you are incorporating other strategies.
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Thank you for sharing your review with us, we are delighted that you have noticed such positive results in weight loss and increased sleep since starting your journey with Modius. We absolutely agree that you will get the best results from your Modius when it is combined with healthier eating and increased exercise. We're so pleased that you look forward to sitting down to do your Modius session each evening. Well done on your amazing results so far and keep up the great work! Best regards, Team Modius :-)
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Thank you!
Modus has been amazing for me. I have lost 17kg in 9 months. it acts like a sprinkler system on your appetite and cravings enabling you to make healthier choices. I sleep better, am more motivated to face the day and aim to continue to lose 30kg overall. totally confidant i will achieve this with the help of Modius. The online chat room is really helpful too. first class product and worth every penny. Highly recommend Modius!
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Aw thank you, and well done on the weight loss you've already achieved - that's great! Delighted to hear how Modius is helping you along the way. :-)
I have struggled with weight my entire life and was always obsessed with food, I have been using Modius for a month and have so far lost 6lbs. More importantly, I don’t crave food any more and when I do eat, I eat far less than I used to. This may not work for everyone but it certainly has for me.
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Hey Jasmine, congrats on your weight loss so far and that you're finding Modius helps stay in control of your eating habits. Thanks for taking the time to post a review.
Best wishes, Team Modius.
Hi, I have bought a Modius 3 weeks ago and is working fine, made a massive difference. I have to say I was very sceptic but it really works. Loss the appetite moreover I lost the wanted to snack feeling, I managed to do interval fasting (20 hours no eating and 4 hours eating) lost already 2 kg. I recommend to everyone, although I understand it doesn't work for everyone, but it really did for me. I can give evidence on this. Just to prove that is not a scam.
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Hi Paola,
Thanks for your review and we're delighted you're already experiencing the impact of Modius already. We've had other users report that Modius helps with their intermittent fasting so best wishes for continued success.
Thanks again,
Team Modius.
Fab fab fab!! I love my Modius, I have done so many diets and failed because the cravings get the better of me, I’m on day 10 now and have lost 5lbs. My kids have been eating there Easter eggs in front of me all day and I have not been bothered at all, I am in control now of my food 3 healthy balanced meals a day, and 3 times a week at the gym. Best thing ever invented.
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This is great to hear, thanks for your review! It's still early days in your Modius use but if you're already experiencing the benefits of reduced cravings and being more in control of your eating patterns, the signs of long term success are definitely there. Such a sense of achievement being able to say no to those Easter eggs - well done you!
I’ve been using Modius for eight months and reached my target weight this week, lost 16kg in total. It’s helped turn my life around and I’ve spun into action; the healthy attitude to life I craved for which is part of who I am now. Daily support of Modius resulted in reduced cravings, normal portions, and better sleep. It awoke my awareness and slowed life down to focus on what matters most, being happy!
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Congratulations on reaching your target weight - that's fantastic news! Well done on using Modius to support an overall healthier lifestyle and we're so pleased that you're now in a happier place. :-) Thanks for taking the time to post your review, and best wishes for the future.
I have had great success with my Modius. I have lost enough weight to be in the Normal weight range. I can buy clothes that are not plus size ! I have been using my Modius in the early evening and I sleep so much better at night!
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Massive congratulations Leonette - what a result! And lovely to hear that you're getting the added benefit of improved sleep. Thanks for reviewing Modius and we wish you continued success. :-)
Helping curb my appetite
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That's super! Thanks for your review and your ongoing Modius journey.
Best wishes, Team Modius.
Modius is rated 4.18 based on 148 reviews