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About Off The Record:

Got a speeding or traffic ticket? Off the Record lets you fight it in under a minute. Top lawyers. Flat fee. Super easy. We have a 97% success rate, and a full money back guarantee. If we don't win your case, you get a full refund in most areas.

With Off the Record (OTR) there's no need to mail in your ticket, no need to show up in court with most areas, and no need to meet in person with your lawyer. Your lawyer takes care of all the paper work and all the details.

How it works?

1) Snap a photo of your ticket
2) Answer a few simple questions
3) Off the Record matches you with the traffic attorney most likely to win your case

Once that's done, you'll be able to message your lawyer right from the app. And your lawyer will send you real time updates to keep you informed every step of the way.

Why choose Off the Record?

— Best value —

Legal fees to fight a traffic ticket vary greatly. At OTR, our lawyers charge a low flat fee with no hidden costs.

— Smart Match —

This is our magic ingredient. We don’t just match you with any random attorney. Our proprietary Smart Match approach analyzes past data and trends to match you with the traffic attorney most likely to win your case.

— Experienced —

We work only with the most successful, highly rated traffic attorneys in each city.

Thinking of not fighting that ticket?

On average, after your first speeding ticket, insurance premiums increase by $300 per year, for the next three years. That's $900 over the next three years. Contesting your ticket is the financially responsible thing to do! And since OTR gives you a full refund if your case is lost, you have nothing to lose.

Don't let a simple mistake tarnish your driving record and cost you hundreds in increased insurance premiums. Always fight your ticket!

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Off The Record 5 star review on 30th November 2020
Stephen Friedenthal
Off The Record 5 star review on 14th October 2020
Off The Record 5 star review on 20th August 2020
Eyvar Vazquez
Anonymous  // 01/01/2019
very good! thank you
(Fontana, CA) - Posted 4 days ago
Easy to use. Saved me money. However after the lawyer fought the ticket and the case was dismissed all info and discourse was deleted. It would be nice to be able to keep a record of everything. I had the urge to call the court just to make sure the case was actually dismissed.
(Tacoma, WA) - Posted 4 days ago
I had a state trooper write up for 3 offenses for a simple speeding incident. I have a company legal plan as an employee benefit, but every lawyer I contacted either did not return my calls, or the one I spoke with gave me some generic advice to appeal and hope for the best. So, with the court date approaching, I gave OTR a shot since they were essentially guaranteeing that they would refund the cost if the ticket wasn't reduced.

I was impressed on the first day. I signed up and within an hour a local attorney reached out to me. And, unlike my fears, the attorney was not fresh out of school - this was not her first rodeo, so to speak. Several emails later and a phone call and I'm hopeful. At the very least I felt that the contracted attorney was engaged and really cared about the case.

Due to Covid we attended a Zoom court hearing and when we logged in the judge said two things:

1. You have a great attorney, and

2. All charges are dismissed. (!!!)

I am still in shock. We were looking at 3 violations on the ticket and potentially 6 points! I'm not entirely sure how it happened, but it seems that the attorney raised an issue with the state police not being properly prepared with the required documentation for the court and the judge was forced to dismiss.

Best, best money ever spent.

And, again, I have a paid "legal services" plan and I couldn't even get one of those attorneys to return my call.
I'm telling everyone about OTR in case they ever need their help.
Off The Record 5 star review on 30th November 2020
(Stoughton, MA) - Posted 4 days ago
Super easy to get started with OTR. Working with my lawyer was also super easy. Got my speeding ticket dismissed so I couldn't be more happy. Completely worth the money and time. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking to fight a traffic ticket.
(Richmond, VA) - Posted 4 days ago
This app has been a me you can't go wrong using this to take care of your traffic citations! No court appearance and no hidden fees!
(San Diego, CA) - Posted 1 week ago
Hey they gave me a Lawyer who was very prompt and effective with my traffic ticket. I was not charged I beat the citation and got it reduced great company
(Marion, NC) - Posted 1 week ago
What a great service and experience. The best couple hundred dollars I’ve ever spent! Sent them all the info needed and got my speeding ticket dismissed. Couldn’t believe it, and would highly recommend.. thx a bunch off the record!!
(Barstow, CA) - Posted 1 week ago
Did a awesome job and always kept me in the loop
(University, MO) - Posted 1 week ago
I had a great experience, straight forward and will highly recommend to any friend.
(Sandy Springs, GA) - Posted 1 week ago
10/10 would definitely recommend to anybody looking to reduce their ticket
(Montour Falls, NY) - Posted 1 week ago
They get it done.
(Fontana, CA) - Posted 1 week ago
Off the record is a very solid and hard work company I highly recommend everyone to use it because they know how to do their work efficiently. Got deducted 6 points to 0. Thanks Off the Record.
(White Plains, NY) - Posted 1 week ago
Great job beating my ticket and points. Highly recommend this company.
agree 100%
(New York, NY) - Posted 1 week ago
Painless and reasonably priced. Glad I was accurately represented and my innocence was proven.
(Concord, NC) - Posted 1 week ago
They did Exactly like their name "OFF THE RECORD". They kept points off from my record and dismissed my case. They delivered what they have promised. "Thank you!!!" off the record for your time and professionalism. I had a great experience and I will definitely refer Off The Record to others.
(Corning, NY) - Posted 1 week ago
Look no further, these lawyers are your best shot at beating your ticket! They have beat 2 tickets for me and 2 for my husband. Don’t let a ticket on your record ruin your driving record! They can help you to clear your mistakes and for a tiny fee in comparison to what insurance and the DMV will try and squeeze out of you! There customer service is superb! Much better response time to questions and updates than other companies I’ve used for tickets. Unlike the other ticket company I’ve used, they are upfront about any additional charge and allow you the option to change your mind and refund you or proceed.
(Long Beach, CA) - Posted 1 week ago
I wanted to say thank you for your time and professionalism. I was informed timely and had a great experience. I will definitely refer Off The Record to any of my friends and family.
(Newport Beach, CA) - Posted 1 week ago
I definitely give 5 stars, you’re the bests!
I will always consult you guys to fight my tickets if have any, and refer friends and family to you
(Sandy Springs, GA) - Posted 1 week ago
App is never leaving my phone.
(East Point, GA) - Posted 1 week ago
Great service. Didn't think it was gonna work but they have money back to the ticket guarantee so I went for it. Got my speeding ticket dismissed! Highly recommend.
(Fullerton, CA) - Posted 1 week ago
Off The Record is rated 4.90 based on 1,124 reviews