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About Off The Record:

Got a speeding or traffic ticket? Off the Record lets you fight it in under a minute. Top lawyers. Flat fee. Super easy. We have a 97% success rate, and a full money back guarantee. If we don't win your case, you get a full refund in most areas.

With Off the Record (OTR) there's no need to mail in your ticket, no need to show up in court with most areas, and no need to meet in person with your lawyer. Your lawyer takes care of all the paper work and all the details.

How it works?

1) Snap a photo of your ticket
2) Answer a few simple questions
3) Off the Record matches you with the traffic attorney most likely to win your case

Once that's done, you'll be able to message your lawyer right from the app. And your lawyer will send you real time updates to keep you informed every step of the way.

Why choose Off the Record?

— Best value —

Legal fees to fight a traffic ticket vary greatly. At OTR, our lawyers charge a low flat fee with no hidden costs.

— Smart Match —

This is our magic ingredient. We don’t just match you with any random attorney. Our proprietary Smart Match approach analyzes past data and trends to match you with the traffic attorney most likely to win your case.

— Experienced —

We work only with the most successful, highly rated traffic attorneys in each city.

Thinking of not fighting that ticket?

On average, after your first speeding ticket, insurance premiums increase by $300 per year, for the next three years. That's $900 over the next three years. Contesting your ticket is the financially responsible thing to do! And since OTR gives you a full refund if your case is lost, you have nothing to lose.

Don't let a simple mistake tarnish your driving record and cost you hundreds in increased insurance premiums. Always fight your ticket!

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Off The Record 5 star review on 22nd February 2021
Remi Bhaskara
Off The Record 5 star review on 21st December 2020
Off The Record 5 star review on 30th November 2020
Stephen Friedenthal
Off The Record 5 star review on 14th October 2020
Off The Record 5 star review on 20th August 2020
Eyvar Vazquez
Anonymous  // 01/01/2019
They paired me with great attorney. Kept me updated on progress and ultimately succeeded. I’ve referred two friends here, and I’d use again, even though I’m a licensed attorney myself! Let the experts handle for their specialty.
(Fontana, CA) - Posted 1 year ago
I was not happy with the way the lawyer communicated! I was told by him to do nothing until I heard from him and I had to get in touch with him after I received a letter from DMV 3 months later.
(Port Wentworth, GA) - Posted 10 months ago
(Sherman, TX) - Posted 1 year ago
The communication was slow at the beginning but then my attorney finally became more informative and helpful.
I was little surprised at the $250 cost and wish that would have been made known earlier in the process.
(Lawrenceville, GA) - Posted 7 months ago
This is my third infraction.. everytime,dismissed..2100$ in savings
(Seattle, WA) - Posted 1 year ago
Hi Wil,

We love to hear about all great savings we've helped with!

- OTR Team
Posted 1 year ago
So, one day I was sitting up watching one of my favorite YouTubers, (Matt Farah) he did an infomercial at the beginning of one of his videos. It was for, Off The Record. Matt’s a person with legit credibility so I decided to give, OTR, a try. Good Choice!!! I logged on, and from the start I was on my way to successfully eliminating the citation. My case was assigned to, Bray Law Firm. Bridgett Bray, showed up on time and knocked it out of the park! Zero points and nothing on my record! Thank you very much! If I ever need this service again, Off The Record, is the way to go!
(Temple, GA) - Posted 4 months ago
Off record got my license clear
Dismiss my Red light ticket
Save me cash
Kept my record clean
Great job
(Barstow, CA) - Posted 6 months ago
If you unfortunately get a ticket, Off The Record is the way to go. They know what they are doing and you will be led to a professionally to a positive outcome. They work for you and guide you effectively. I would recommend them without a doubt. Great Job!!!
(Teaneck, NJ) - Posted 6 months ago
Good service.
(Alpine, NJ) - Posted 6 months ago
Getting caught in a Georgia speed trap was not what I anticipated while doing my best to "escape" from the Florida Covert -19 pandemic. Cost me far more than is fair since he hit me with a "super speeder" category ticket which my OTR lawyer got erased. However the bill was still very high and it left a bad taste about "law enforcement" in GA. My lawyer was responsive, he listened to my side and took care of the details. That was about as good as I could have hoped for. If it happens again (it won't) I would use the OTR. It was still expensive but it make things easy.
(Darien, GA) - Posted 7 months ago
I can't recommend this enough. I had a "running red light" ticket that I had to appear in court for cause it caused an accident. I was paired with a local lawyer that handled everything for me. I didn't have to show in court and lowered my ticket cost by 50%.
(Lake Charles, LA) - Posted 7 months ago
Dropped my speeding ticket down to non moving violation
(Seattle, WA) - Posted 7 months ago
I was lidared and cited for exceeding 100 mph. Off The Record was able to get the ticket DISMISSED. Saved me THOUSANDS in fines and in increased insurance premiums! THANK YOU OTR!!!
(Fontana, CA) - Posted 8 months ago
Got my ticket amended to a non-moving violation. HOWEVER, continued to send unsolicited spam asking for reviews despite asking to be opted out. This is a violation of the CAN SPAM Act from what I understand.
(Chehalis, WA) - Posted 9 months ago
Good. Referred me to a good knowledgeable law firm to fight my traffic tickets.
(Spring Valley, NY) - Posted 11 months ago
Thank You! You are the BEST!
Attorney Artur always answer to my messages right away..
(Los Angeles, CA) - Posted 11 months ago
Some of the attorneys did a very good job and some not.
but, this app is fantastic.
(Hempstead, NY) - Posted 11 months ago
I used Off The Record twice, and was able to hook up with the same lawyer both times, who ensured that my 2nd ticket (amended to non moving violation did not effect my 1st (which got deferred), and neither gets reported to insurance. I would use this again for sure, but hopefully I dont need to! :)
(Bellevue, WA) - Posted 1 year ago
One of the best things that ever did Was to getoff the record App they kept me updated on everything they did. And the attorneys were great Thank you so much
(Flushing, NY) - Posted 1 year ago
Off the Record made it extremely easy for me to keep a speeding ticket off my record. My ticket was almost equivalent to the fee to use the service. It was either just pay the ticket off and have it go on my record, or pay the same amount, but obtain the possibility of it not going on my record or getting the ticket reduced. Plus, if they failed completely, I get my money back, then just pay the ticket outright. It was a no-brainer. The lawyer who took my case, The Law Office of Jacques LeJeune, was great. I didn't have to take any action other than send them a photo of my ticket. Literally, nothing. I went about life and waited for the result. A few months later, they got the case dismissed in court. Much appreciation to Off the Record and The Law Office of Jacques LeJeune.
(Burien, WA) - Posted 1 year ago
Off The Record is rated 4.90 based on 1,299 reviews