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Anonymous  // 01/01/2019
My office is just OK. It is hot all of the time, I have a person in an office in back of me that talks really loud, swears, and I feel like I have to have noise in the background to drown him out. I had to get a noise cancelling microphone so customers would not hear him. Additionally, I got a charge on my account for something that I never asked for and had to fight to get it removed.
(Regus) - Posted 4 months ago

+ The staff are nice in person (I gave the office 10 out of 10 in an internal survey, as apparently, the reviews affect the staff's employment prospects. 10 out of 10 is far from the case, though.)

+ Good WiFi.

+ In contrast to WeWork, REGUS offices are not run by people who only know how to do things electronically. Most REGUS staff are affable, mature and normal; and they can be approached in person.


- The "House Rules" (that accompanied me signing the rental agreement) contained an unspecified cost for "unlimited tea and coffee" that was not mentioned to me when I signed up. Indeed, I paid up front for a year and, when doing so, was told by the REGUS salesperson, "There are no other hidden costs, just optional ones". This cost, not listed in pounds and pence, amounted to several hundred pounds for the year. I have never been charged for something without seeing the exact price first.

- REGUS continued to charge for "unlimited tea and coffee" even during lockdowns, when, by law, I was not permitted to use any REGUS office. This is really poor, in my opinion. Charging tenants for a service that they could not use would have made REGUS tens of thousands of pounds this year - at the expense of small business owners who had already been neglected by Government COVID 19 policies.

- There was no offer of rental discounts in 2020, despite the service quality in the building declining drastically. Many other serviced office companies offered rental discounts to assist tenants. REGUS did not once acknowledge the decline in their service offering.

- The temperature in my office - 27C - took an astonishing nine months to fix. Most of the time, my office was unusable, as it was so hot. I reported the problem endless times, starting in February. For nine months, I was met with words, not actions.


- In this era, when you want people to pull together, avoid REGUS. Choose somewhere that is owned and run by people who actually care about their tenants.
(Regus) - Posted 4 months ago
I recently spent 5 years working in my self-employed small business out of the Regus Sugarhouse Center facility in Utah. During this time, all of the center staff were quick to respond and help with issues ranging from IT to bringing packages to my office. I would give the local staff six out of five stars!

However, with the onset of COVID in March I decided to temporarily work from home instead, intending to move back in a month or two. I was concerned both for my own health as well as the possibility of the entire building shutting down if there were to be any outbreak in the entire building. When it became apparent that the situation was not going to resolve in the short term, I opened a conversation with both the center staff and corporate Regus about the possibilities and options to terminate my lease agreement early due to the fact that with the unforeseen consequences of the pandemic, Regus in my estimation could no longer provide the full services to which I had agreed. The only offers I received would have had the effect to either extend the overall length of the lease by several additional months in exchange for a free month of rent or have a short term discount with longer term catch up payments. Both of which may have helped some other businesses with the intention of staying longer term. But in my situation with high risk individuals in my home, I still did not feel safe to continue working in the center other than short visits for mail and supplies. Later, I offered to pay out two months additional rent in advance in exchange for termination of my lease four months early was was declined out of hand by corporate. I ended up paying premium Regus rates for an office space and services that I basically did not use for over six months due to the pandemic. I was extremely disappointed with Regus's responses to my situation and as a result moved permanently to work from home at the conclusion of my lease agreement. The local center staff was kind and supportive throughout the entire time, and I will truly miss their support and friendship. But based on my financial experience and corporate actions that conveyed zero interest in my challenges and difficulties during extraordinary circumstances, I will not be returning to Regus in the future. While the customer service in the center was always excellent, my corporate customer service experience was anything but.

Before the pandemic started, I would have rated my experience at 4-5 stars. I knew that I was paying a premium price per square foot, but the location, amenities, security and center staff support were generally worth the extra cost. During the pandemic, my experience would be zero or negative, and as that was the last impression the company left on me, I settled on an overall experience of two stars. I felt that Regus as a corporate entity had its own interests at heart, and not mine as a client and customer. Thus, I am no longer a Regus tenant.
(Regus) - Posted 4 months ago
Housekeeping sometimes does not knock prior to entering offices to empty trash. Multiple request to not have housekeeping services for my office have not been respected or adhered to. The level of privacy one is able to have at Regus offices, at the Windsor location, is very minimal to none. Very discouraging for indivduals seeking or expected to have a private space. I do not recommend renting Regus office space for businesses that handle highly sensitive or highly private data. Also, the internet goes out at times for hours, sometimes. This is a huge disruption to renters who need to complete time sensitive tasks.
(Regus) - Posted 4 months ago
In general, the office was good. However, I wasn't informed of a cleaning fee (restoration), which I wouldn't mind paying if I had received such service upon arrival.

My desk was so dirty that I requested wipes to clean it myself. Not a problem until i was later charged this fee. I was so shocked that I documented it that day in early Sept. (see photos). I appealed the $30+ invoice but you still charged my credit card.

I'm still waiting to get my deposit (you have another name for it) back.

Not sure how to proceed in 1) continuing my appeal of the $30 fee and (2) getting my several hundred dollar deposit back.

Thanks for your time,
(United States Of America) - Posted 5 months ago
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