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An evidence-based technique for inner peace and wellness. It's absolutely effortless, taught one-to-one by certified teachers, and guaranteed. We've taught over 6 million people, and hundreds of published research studies have found it to be highly effective on stress and anxiety, brain function, and cardiovascular health.

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Anonymous  // 01/01/2019
I am still having some issues with the technique, but instructor is very patient with me. The instructor is very good and helps me out any time I ask him anything.
(Las Vegas, NV) - Posted 1 month ago
My husband and I took a class in early March and our teachers did a great job. I find it relatively easy to do but if it really makes a difference in my life or not, I cannot say, yet. I did not expect fast results. So that's okay. Due to my husband's cancer diagnosis we wanted to change our lifestyle (healthier nutrition, more exercise, better sleep, less toxins etc.) and TM seems to be the perfect tool to lower stress. So, ask me again in a few weeks or months ;-)
(Rapid City, SD) - Posted 2 months ago
Still having a problem by focusing too much. But when I do let go and not concentrate, all is perfection. Thank you.
(Dallas, TX) - Posted 2 months ago
Very happy with the simplicity of it. Will have to use it for a while to see how effective it is.
(Fairfield, IA) - Posted 2 months ago
I'm still a little confused.
(Central New York, NY) - Posted 2 months ago
I find the technique easy to implement, but struggle with the afternoon TM practice due to my schedule and commitments.
(New Haven, CT) - Posted 2 months ago
Excellent! Wish I found you 3p years ago!!
(Bergen County, NJ) - Posted 2 months ago
This was my first full week of meditating on my own after the classes. I was distracted a lot by thoughts, but am trying not to worry too much about it.
(Providence, RI) - Posted 3 months ago
All is okay.
(Cincinnati, OH) - Posted 3 months ago
The technique was easy to learn, and our instructor was great. As a new practitioner, however, I'm still working on my progress. I look forward to seeing results soon!
(Fairfield County, CT) - Posted 3 months ago
It has not been even two weeks yet since i started the meditations. So i have not seen any huge benefits from it yet. They say some people do quickly and some people will see benefits maybe even several weeks down the road. I had a fabulous, caring teacher named Jim from tampa fl teach the meditation to me. And i am thankful for his help with learning and understanding how to do it. So i am looking forward to seeing some wonderful benefits as i continue to meditate 20 minutes twice a day.
(Tampa, FL) - Posted 3 months ago
I’m glad I went, instead of learning on my own. Makes a big difference.
(Arlington Heights, IL) - Posted 3 months ago
Easy, simple technique. Must commit but the impact is worth it.
(Walnut Creek, CA) - Posted 4 months ago
It has been two and a half weeks of practice and so far I feel less anxious and more focused. I believe as the practice continuous I will be able to state that TM is actually very good and can really diminish your stress and anxiety levels and subsequently improve life quality. I do recommend the practice to eveybody.
(Broward County, FL) - Posted 4 months ago
Olivia's instructions were easy to follow and very informative. Just wish there was a TM location in Clearwater, Florida.
(St. Petersburg, FL) - Posted 4 months ago
not applicable at this time
(Chandler, AZ) - Posted 4 months ago
It's only been a week, but so far it's great. I love how simple it is and how I don't feel bad if I get lost in thought for awhile. As long as I gently direct my focus back to my mantra, I'm back on the right path. Through the intro class, I've learned to put less pressure on my meditations as well. I realize that sometimes I go deep, sometimes I don't. But the act of consistently practicing overcomes all.
(Walnut Creek, CA) - Posted 4 months ago
Good meditation practice, it calms your mind and makes you more peaceful
(Houston, TX) - Posted 4 months ago
Glad I did it!
(Naples, FL) - Posted 4 months ago
TM is very helpful in assisting me in meditation.
(Detroit, MI) - Posted 4 months ago
Transcendental Meditation is rated 4.77 based on 1,329 reviews