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An evidence-based technique for inner peace and wellness. It's absolutely effortless, taught one-to-one by certified teachers, and guaranteed. We've taught over 6 million people, and hundreds of published research studies have found it to be highly effective on stress and anxiety, brain function, and cardiovascular health.

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Anonymous  // 01/01/2019
I have been meditating for years with other methods. What I love with TM is that it is allowing me to go much deeper, much faster and effortless.
(Manhattan Grand Central) - Posted 5 hours ago
Having an amazing experience with my new TM practice....more relaxed, much better sleep and
pausing in my actions. I feel my nervous system is getting soothed!
(Los Feliz, CA) - Posted 5 hours ago
Life changing and transformational. A gift from the universe. I am so greatful!
(Phoenix, AZ) - Posted 5 hours ago
still a little too early to tell the effects. but so far so good.
the staff is dedicated and patient.
(Berkeley, CA) - Posted 15 hours ago
I thought it would be very difficult to do the meditation for 20 minutes, but with the help of others in the family, it is kinda becoming easy to do the TM meditation.
Thank you and appreciate your help.
(Phoenix, AZ) - Posted 18 hours ago
Easy and natural
(Tucson, AZ) - Posted 1 day ago
It has drastically improved my mood throughout the day as well as my ability to focus on my writing.
(West Los Angeles, CA) - Posted 1 day ago
I really like it. I have tried building a meditation practice over the years and always felt like I wasn't doing it right because I had so many active thoughts floating around. Eventually, I would just give up. To learn that my active thoughts are just an acceptable part of the experience has made TM so easy and enjoyable.
(Minneapolis St. Paul, MN) - Posted 1 day ago
Ambiguous and superficial teaching.
(San Francisco, CA) - Posted 2 days ago
Hi Fernando,
We're sorry to hear you're disappointed in your TM course!
Every aspect of the course was designed intentionally by our founder Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, to ensure that anyone, no matter their learning style, can learn to practice correctly. It might feel repetitive to some but learning to practice the technique correctly is essential for getting the maximum benefits.
With over 60 years of teaching the TM technique worldwide, we've seen time and time again how important a follow-up session can be. We encourage you to seek a free, personal follow-up session with your TM teacher to discuss your experience and clarify any lingering questions you may have, especially if you aren't enjoying your practice or seeing any benefits.
Posted 1 day ago
Awesome experience. Megan was too good as the trainer.
(Atlanta, GA) - Posted 2 days ago
Thought Christine was FANTASTIC-she made the course and gave her all and more. Truly cared so much about us all and was incredibly thorough. Was so excited to start and still am. Haven't missed a meditation session.
(Bergen County, NJ) - Posted 4 days ago
Very happy with the results I’ve had and I look forward to progress. :)
(Houston, TX) - Posted 1 week ago
I sleep much better and feel more relaxed throughout the day!
(San Fernando Valley, CA) - Posted 1 week ago
In just over a week I have noticed positive benefits in multiple aspects of my life. What an effective and useful tool!
(Mission Valley, CA) - Posted 1 week ago
I have had more energy and less of a need for coffee since beginning TM. I have really enjoyed the practice, and David and June are such great teachers and wonderful human beings.
(Chicago, IL) - Posted 1 week ago
Ron is an excellent teacher!
(Tacoma, WA) - Posted 1 week ago
I have great hope in the training and am grateful for the instruction
(Los Feliz, CA) - Posted 1 week ago
The in person instruction was so crucial to my understanding and practice. I’m so grateful for the opportunity to learn and enjoy this meditation.
(Bergen County, NJ) - Posted 1 week ago
I find the teacher, Deirdre Meehan very good, professional and helpful. Concerned and inspiring. Looking forward to becoming calmer and more positive as time goes by.
(Garden City, NY) - Posted 1 week ago
I've been meditating for just short of two weeks. I feel it's not as easy as was described. It's hard for me to sit down in the afternoon and relax. I'm committed to continuing the practice as stress reduction and higher consciousness is my goal. So far its still a struggle.
(Bellevue, WA) - Posted 2 weeks ago
Hi Tresa,
We're sorry you're not enjoying your TM practice fully!
A reminder that having completed the TM course you can schedule free, personal follow-ups with your TM teacher any time, to discuss your experience and fine-tune your practice (if needed) so that your mediations are effortless, enjoyable and you are gaining the maximum benefits :)
Posted 2 weeks ago
Transcendental Meditation is rated 4.77 based on 1,366 reviews