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About Transcendental Meditation:

An evidence-based technique for inner peace and wellness. It's absolutely effortless, taught one-to-one by certified teachers, and guaranteed. We've taught over 6 million people, and hundreds of published research studies have found it to be highly effective on stress and anxiety, brain function, and cardiovascular health.

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Great introduction to TM!
Helpful Report
(Washington, DC) - Posted 14 hours ago
Thank you the teachings , the TM technique was helpful to me .I feel less anxious and stressed out.I ensure i do it every twice in the day which has tremendously improve my stability.
Helpful Report
(Bethesda, MD) - Posted 14 hours ago
TM is teaching me how to be patient, think before I react, and feel an overall sense of calm. I still have a lot of work to do and it hasn’t cured me (yet!), but I am hopeful and positive and I believe that comes from TM too! Happy Meditating!
Helpful Report
(Cambridge, MA) - Posted 18 hours ago
Works if you really want it to work!
Helpful Report
(West Los Angeles, CA) - Posted 19 hours ago
I’ve been practicing TM for three weeks now and I feel more rested, less stressed and have greater clarity. I have notice greater creativity, energy and motivation. The practice has enabled me to make better choices. I’m actively improving other aspects of my lifestyle as a direct result—- eating and sleeping better. I’ve become more of a morning person. I highly recommend TM to anyone looking for these gifts. Thank you TM.
Helpful Report
(Garden City, NY) - Posted 21 hours ago
This was a life changing experience I can’t. Imagine how I lived without it
Helpful Report
(Garden City, NY) - Posted 1 day ago
Fairly easy and getting better with practice!
Helpful Report
(Madison Avenue, NYC) - Posted 1 day ago
Frank was an amazing teacher who helped us truly understand the process and benefits. I've been committed and enjoyed the twice a day meditation technique. I find it easy to integrate into my day and offers me a time to truly relax and remove stress. I'm appreciative of teaching and look forward to continuing the practice.
Helpful Report
(Naples, FL) - Posted 1 day ago
TM has been the most effortless meditation technique in my experience. Sara, my instructor, provided me an excellent introduction. Thank you!
Helpful Report
(Los Feliz, CA) - Posted 1 day ago
The technique is definitely superior to other techniques I have tried and I am very happy to have learned it, however the cost of the course is disproportionate to the instruction received. I feel strongly that I overpaid. Furthermore, the fact that the training is stretched out over 4 days is absurd. This course could be completed in a 3-hour classroom session with 1 follow up phone call.
Helpful Report
(Austin, TX) - Posted 1 day ago
Hi Judson,
We appreciate the feedback about your TM course, and are happy to hear you're enjoying your practice :)
We also wanted to remind you that the TM course fee not only includes instruction in the TM technique, it also includes free, personal follow-ups, group meditations and meetings with any TM teacher in the US on an unlimited basis for life!
Posted 19 hours ago
June and David were wonderful teachers! Very committed to helping us understand the program and it’s practice. David is witty and funny and June is like a breath of fresh air. Can’t say enough about them. Wish I lived closer to the practice center cause I’d go there all the time to meditate. It’s so peaceful.!! I have completed the course about 10 days ago and loving it thus far. Little by little I notice various things in my response to stress and anxiety and even my husband has told me he has a new wife! Sleeping way better and deep. I’m committed to the 2 twenty minute practices a day cause of the benefits it brings me! I highly recommend this course if your looking for change! It’s all about the mind and body balance. Susan ODonnell
Helpful Report
(Chicago, IL) - Posted 1 day ago
Everything was easy and really enjoyed learning to meditate!
Helpful Report
(Coastal OC, CA) - Posted 2 days ago
The TM process is so easy anyone can do it.
Helpful Report
(St. Maries, ID) - Posted 2 days ago
Our instructors were very helpful in getting us started.
Helpful Report
(San Antonio, TX) - Posted 2 days ago
Michael was a very good instructor.
Helpful Report
(Palm Beach, FL) - Posted 2 days ago
This is exactly what I needed. Training was easy, interesting and an over all positive experience. I feel more balanced, less tense, my panic and anxiety have gone away, I am more peaceful and less worried about life. Amazing!
Helpful Report
(Loomis, CA) - Posted 2 days ago
Still working at the technique but everything is great so far.
Helpful Report
(Vermont, VT) - Posted 2 days ago
Loved my class and the teachers. So far so good. Looking forward to continuing my journey with TM and all the joys it brings.
Helpful Report
(Broward County, FL) - Posted 2 days ago
Has been working great!
Helpful Report
(Chicago, IL) - Posted 2 days ago
I have loved my TM classes so far. Kent is a great instructor. I have already noticed the benefits. Good vibes all around :)
Helpful Report
(Boca Raton, FL) - Posted 2 days ago
Transcendental Meditation is rated 4.76 based on 1,148 reviews