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Founded in early 2010 by a Warner Bros and Paramount script consultant, Industrial Scripts® is now one of the world’s leading screenplay and story analysis companies, backed by major entertainment companies and with over 1,500 verified client reviews.

Our script consultants have significant industry credentials, writing script coverage for companies and studios including Paramount Pictures, Warner Bros., Universal and many more. Working with screenwriters, authors and filmmakers of all levels and from myriad locations, we also deliver intensive training both online and offline.

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Industrial Scripts - Screenplay Editors 5 star review on 11th December 2019
David Worth
Industrial Scripts - Screenplay Editors 5 star review on 11th December 2019
David Worth
Industrial Scripts - Screenplay Editors 5 star review on 24th January 2019
Industrial Scripts - Screenplay Editors 5 star review on 27th December 2018
Industrial Scripts - Screenplay Editors 5 star review on 3rd March 2018
Industrial Scripts - Screenplay Editors 5 star review on 10th August 2017
Industrial Scripts - Screenplay Editors 4 star review on 8th July 2017
Anonymous  // 01/01/2019
So first I got useless notes from a John Yorke-structure-obsessed reader wondering why we're jumping around in time in a time-hopping movie. So I sent them an email asking for a refund. No reply for 10 days until I posted the review below, then they suddenly sprang into action and offered another read from another reader, which I didn't want. I asked again for a refund four days ago and still haven't heard a thing. The whole experience has been a disaster. ORIGINAL REVIEW: The reader's notes were pretty painful. Things like: "it’s really difficult to get a hang on why we’re moving around in time." Um, because it's a time-hopping movie like (500) Days of Summer...? The reader completely missed this. "To go back to structure, where are we at now? If we look at Yorke (we’ll use that in top notes on internal) for external structure..." Most of the notes were taken up by structure and A LOT of referencing "Into the Woods" by John Yorke. (In which apparently act two ends around page 30.) Overall, the notes weren't "actionable" at all as promised on the site. Just a lot of generic "work on the turning points" "show us what they're feeling" "give him a clear internal journey" etc. Basically I'm left no better off than when I started. Just 200 bucks lighter.
Helpful Report
Posted 2 months ago
Hard to fathom how my latest draft scored even worse than the previous review (different reader, admittedly). Not cheap at 400, so extremely disappointed that the report spent almost a page referencing other scripts. I get that a reader may not like the script but this was something else.
Helpful Report
Posted 4 months ago
Industrial Scripts stole my money. The reviewer used computer aids for displaying *.PDF screenplay files in a way that makes them appear incomprehensible. Then, systematically, every aspect of the screenplay is attacked; the point, I suppose, is to use a shot-gun approach to criticism so that whatever is wrong will be identified, along with everything else. Later, the 'everything-else' can be explained away as being a casualty of the 'one-thing' that confused the reader so much, he saw everything as being problematic. I won't be using any of your services ever again.
Helpful Report
Posted 1 year ago
ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE experience. On 20th July I paid $507 (receipts #1118-9667 = $475 & #1394-4563 = $32 for extra pages) for a Script Polishing service. Never got what i paid for. Instead on 5th Aug, they sent me a Script Review. 1) I went to their knowledge Base FAQs to look for answers to the mix-up. Found no suitable answers. 2) I used their FAQ complaints form to raise a 6 points complaint on both the extremely poor user experience using their website. 3) I received an email that a support ticket would be raised. Then i received a counter email from their Helpdesk that no ticket would be raised bcos they claimed I emailed them directly (which was a lie) and that I should use the Knowledge Base which was what I had done in the first place. And then they sent me another email stating that a new account had been created for me without stating what was wrong with my first account so I have not used the new account. 4) On 7th Aug, I responded that I did go through the Knowledge Base and could they please resolve my complaint. Till now no response. 5) On 8th Aug, I went to Industrial Script Twitter and raise a summary complaint on their Pinned tweet, again no reply. I has been a nightmare experience. The 1st thing is how can they not no something was wrong when a Script Review cost nowhere close to $507. So many things are wrong from the user experience that gave the wrong impression of the overall cost of the Script Polishing service with no way to exit bcos payment was taken at 2 different points in the payment process and a Helpdesk process that does not seem to have been tested before being presented to the public. I am very upset. It is my worst experience compared to all the other platforms i have used like Stage32 or The Blacklist
Helpful Report
Posted 1 year ago
Twice now within the past year, I've paid by paypal and not able to download my script "Chivalry" by George Alexanian. This happened yesterday again where I paid $265 for expedited notes for a feature, but after paying found no place to upload my script, nor a contact e-mail. I want immediate assistance or a refund of $265.
Helpful Report
Posted 2 years ago
I have submitted this story to five other coverage services. Can't even tell you how many times I have rewritten the story in between submissions. I have gotten good advice as well as some advice I didn't think applied. Industrial was by far the worst review and for the first time actually hurt my feelings.
Helpful Report
Posted 3 years ago
Jennifer I am so sorry you were disappointed by our coverage however our "Dry Run Report" that you chose is very clearly positioned on our site as a way to acid test your script, and see the type of internal/company script report writers aren't usually privy to. As described, the report doesn't exist to help the writer move forward to the next draft, per se, but rather to let them know in very blunt terms whether their script is likely to get a favourable reaction if submitted to major agencies, production companies and managers. We have a moral and ethical obligation to our clients not to sugar-coat this verdict and I'm afraid in this case our consultant judged your script to require considerable further development before it's ready to go out to the industry. Our dedicated support hub is always open and we'd be happy to answer any further questions you might have. Best wishes, Ben
Posted 3 years ago
Industrial Scripts - Screenplay Editors is rated 4.6 based on 692 reviews