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Founded in early 2010 by a Warner Bros and Paramount script consultant, Industrial Scripts® is now one of the world’s leading screenplay and story analysis companies, backed by major entertainment companies and with over 1,000 verified client reviews.

Our script consultants have significant industry credentials, writing script coverage for companies and studios including Paramount Pictures, Warner Bros., Universal and many more. Working with screenwriters, authors and filmmakers of all levels and from myriad locations, we also deliver intensive training both online and offline.

While our OVERDRIVE and Talent Connector programmes hone and promote writing talent to the industry, our popular blog – Character-Driven – educates, informs and entertains. We believe that rigorous script development is the foundation of great cinema and TV and is, indeed, essential – without it, the end product is certain to fail…

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Industrial Scripts - Screenplay Editors 5 star review on 11th December 2019
David Worth
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Industrial Scripts - Screenplay Editors 5 star review on 11th December 2019
David Worth
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Anonymous  // 01/01/2019
I first came across Industrial Scripts back in the summer of 2017. I submitted my screenplay I had been struggling with for quite a while. The feedback was fantastic. Not only insightful but incredibly encouraging. The coverage unearthed the fault lines but also suggested ways to correct them. Invigorated, I did a rewrite and resubmitted for more advice. Each time the coverage was carefully considered and insightful. Boosted by the consistent feedback, I entered the script into the international competition, Scriptapalooza. Out of thousands of entries, my script, THE GIRL WHO COLLECTED SOUND finished third. Hand on heart, I simply could not have achieved that position without the assistance, guidance and encouragement of Industrial Scripts. I recommend them to any writer seeking learned opinion on their work.
Posted 10 months ago
The reader was thorough, he/she definitely took the time to study the script and wrote a very good, genuine and insightful analysis of my screenplay. Having said that, the written review does not match the rating review.

I was expecting anywhere from a PASS to a RECOMMEND for my pilot as IS clearly states it's an opinion piece and opinions vary considerably. However, I was not expecting the written review to be completely at odds with the rating review. If you classify CONSIDER in your own terms as being a STRONG script, you can't give it a PASS when you say, and I quote, "...the pilot is strong and sets up well for future episodes.","At present, the pilot of ROOTS is solidly executed, showing good potential for future episodes..." You can't say, "...the fact we are just thrown into the unfolding situation works to good effect and feels ORIGINAL for this niche of the genre." and, then, give it a 50/100 for originality, or say... "The pilot is paced well; it’s consistently fluid, whilst still making good use of the setting. The dialogue plays an important part in instilling this sense of fluidity and is distinctive for each of the characters." and give it a 40/100 for dialogue.

Here's my crock-pot theory... My overall rating was in the mid-50s. I believe a rating of 60 grants you with a LOW CONSIDER, giving you access to their TALENT CONNECTOR. They claim about 85% of scripts receive a PASS, which I have no problem with but I also believe they may be being disingenuous when rating screenplays in order to encourage writers to purchase more of their products. I'm also willing to bet the vast majority of PASSES fall in the 50s so one gets the feeling that if they pay for their script consulting services, one "will get there". As they claim under their PASS rating, "Many scripts have, through a thorough development process with us, improved their rating significantly and been upgraded to Considers and Recommends." By the way, they don't call it a PASS anymore, they call it "DEVELOPMENT NEEDED". Obviously, if you call it a PASS you could be discouraging some from even trying to improve their work through their services and they wouldn't want that.

I think there must be an incentive for readers to give PASSES at a 50s rating. Maybe they give readers a commission for returning customers. There is no way one can guarantee a customer will return but you can certainly increase your odds by giving more PASSES than CONSIDERS AND RECOMMENDS.

Look, I understand this is a business. I believe you should be marketing your products to as many people as you can and upsell as much as you can but if you encourage readers to act disingenuously in order to collect incentives you will create the opposite of what you claim to offer, which I believe is, simply, a fair, sincere and professional opinion. I mean, just look at what happened when police departments instated quotas and started giving financial incentives for arrests - food for thought.

With that said, maybe I'm mistaken and the reader was just being extremely nice in the written analysis and, actually, honest in the rating review which prompted my conspiratorial brain to see something that wasn't there. Either way, something seems amiss.
Posted 3 days ago
the big issue is inability to communicate (not with readers) with any staff at Industrial scripts.
Posted 1 week ago
Hi Ricky thanks for your feedback! I searched our dedicated knowledge base and support area though, and couldn't find any tickets opened by you? Our team there would be happy to help you out. The link is easily found on the "Contact Us" page of our website. Best, Ben
Posted 6 days ago
The most thorough and actionable feedback I have been given so far. Brilliantly helpful and encouraging, as well as respectful for the story I am trying to tell.
Posted 1 week ago
I have used Industrial Scripts before and was in their Overdrive membership for a while. I have previously found their script assessments insightful, considered and really useful and this latest assessment was no different.

There is something almost mystical about good professional feedback, when it seems so few people are able to actually read scripts and see the wood from the trees. Industrial Scripts deliver a service that is professional, intelligent and informed and though I agree with their assertion that all notes are subjective, a lot of them are really spot on and helpful and give you something truly practical to work from.
Posted 2 weeks ago
Outstanding! If I could give 10 stars I would!
My script doctor 'wx5' was full of superb ideas, had great communication, amazing passion and worked unbelievably hard. Highly Recommended!
Posted 3 weeks ago
Clear, thoughtful, sophisticated analysis. Well presented. Timely turnaround. Reader clearly abreast of Industry trends and expectations. Will use service again.
Posted 3 weeks ago
Excellent in-depth coverage from a reader who clearly has a grasp of story and structure.

The best service I’ve used if real development, at a detailed level is needed.
Posted 3 weeks ago
As a first-time screenplay writer, a friend in the industry recommended Industrial Scripts to me. Honestly, I didn't really know what to expect. More honestly, I suppose I was sceptical. That said, I did my due diligence, and following that, it felt right to take the plunge and share my work with Industrial Scripts.

So I've been working with IS since the middle of last year on my first project (Kitsune), which is a feature horror with an alternative take on the possession sub-genre. Rather than downloading Final Draft and leaping into 120 pages of mind-fart, I chose to work with them from my treatment right up to what is currently my third draft of the screenplay.

The experience I've had has been beyond my expectations. Not only has WX5 (my editor) provided unbiased and considered encouragement, but I've also had regular and healthy dollops of straight-talking. That is to say: it's one thing to share your work with friends and family, but quite another to share it with seasoned pros who've written and read for some of the biggest and best studios in the business.

Even though I've never met or spoken to my editor, we've developed a really great working relationship, whereby he/she truly cares about my project and is invested in it being the best it can possibly be.

I've had a crash course in screenwriting fundamentals, as well as being regularly challenged to ensure my script doesn't just become what I want from it. Rather it's grown into a hybrid between my best aspirations and a truly compelling story, with all the pace, conflict and vigour expected by a cinema-going audience.

I've just sent my third draft into IS and I'm excited to receive my next report! And I suppose that's the thing about working with these guys. I'm excited, because I know that whatever feedback comes my way in the next report, I've no doubt it will be loaded with consideration and genuine love for the project.

So in WX5, I have a readymade, super-experienced editor! An experienced partner who keeps me on track; giving me a little tough love here and there, whilst loading the feedback with authentic encouragement and support.

We writers often live a lonely existence during the crafting of those 120 pages. Imposter syndrome and fatigue are rife; and so — for me at least — working with Industrial Scripts has given me a platform to throw my ideas out there, confident that people far more experienced are ready to offer a guiding hand as and when I need it.

Hands down I recommend these guys.
Posted 3 weeks ago
Very insightful and constructive, useful feedback. Would highly recommend this service if you're looking for some objective eyes on your script.
Posted 3 weeks ago
I had reached the point in my writing process where I had a solid second draft yet I knew it was time to get outside input before showing my script to the industry. I've used several different coverage services in the past, yet I've had reason to question the professionalism of my readers. I was excited to find Industrial Scripts with their extensive catalog of serious reviews. I was not disappointed. My reader gave great notes that will definitely level up and add nuance to my story. My only suggestion is I found their rating system confusing and I would have liked a brief comment next to each grade. I'm looking forward to making their suggested changes to my script! Thank you, Industrial Scripts. I'll be back.
Posted 3 weeks ago
Worth the money but remember it's just a selling tool and confidence builder for you and the producer. Nothing is ever perfect. I thought the reviewer did a fine job and made some valid points. But you can be rewriting till the end if time. Take the report, accept its advice, rewrite if necessary, but don't pontificate. As ID say It's only one reviewers option. Get your work out there.
Posted 4 weeks ago
The quality of the report I received was outstanding. It was very comprehensive; the feedback was constructive, actionable and valuable. I could really feel that the reader engaged with my script.
Just one small caveat: the instructions/FAQs regarding the submission process are out-of-date. I was expecting a 2-step process (pay first then log onto DevKing to upload your script). I was actually asked to upload my script directly after paying. In the end it was a much smoother process but I was caught off guard and felt I wasted time reading the FAQs.
Posted 4 weeks ago
Very good work. I could see the wheels turning in the reviewer's mind. Very helpfull.
Posted 1 month ago
Pertinent and detailed notes with specific instances. Reader read and grasped the material, which with a lot of coverage services is not always the case. Thank you.
Posted 1 month ago
Industrial Scripts gave me notes on a treatment. They were both very good at picking up what was wrong/in need of fine-tuning and giving actionable ways of moving forward and correcting these things.

From my experience, definitely recommended.
Posted 1 month ago
It's hard to find such detailed, spot on, brutal, but brilliant advice written so thoughtfully to nurture and encourage writing talent, so thank you so much. As a returning client, your service, and the consultant that I've used for a couple of my script drafts so far, have been professional and precise in their attitude towards my work efforts, as well as in the way their notes are conveyed - gold dust. Reports are detailed, outlining how I need to move the project forward and improve the draft/series, which is exactly what a writer needs if they are serious about succeeding in a ridiculously competitive industry. Take time to swallow pride, then listen to and act on what is being said. Suggestions regarding comparisons to similar film and TV you may or may not have come across, helps the writer to step outside their work and see how it is being perceived by others, and to readjust if necessary. Being able to ask a focused question beforehand, also helps to provide a more personalised response. The scoring system is a sound way to see how far your projects are improving and to compare them to well-known work, in order to set personal goals for the next draft. Each score section is well-explained to further highlight the areas that need more development, so there is a clear way forward for future writing, research and tuition using their wealth of resources. Keep up the great work!
Posted 1 month ago
The Film Dry-Run Report was insightful and helpful. I’m definitely going to use Industrial Scrips in the future. I was impressed by the standard and level of analysis, superb.
Posted 1 month ago
The notes are extremely good, but let down by a terrible website submission process that requires a 5 minute YouTube video to explain it, and a slightly irritable (and huge!) FAQ section which warns you against submitting queries that are already covered, so a 14 day response v 72 hours. Better design might head off those pesky timewasters!
Posted 1 month ago
Hi Eveline, thanks so much for your kind words about the script notes you received from us. You'll be pleased to hear we have overhauled our script submission flow in recent weeks, and now 81% of clients are rating it as "smooth as silk"!!

We're sorry you caught the tail-end of the inferior version, and hopefully everything will be much easier for you next time. Best wishes, Ben
Posted 1 month ago
The reader did absorb the entirety of the script, and produced actionable notes. Thank you! I will use your services again.
Posted 1 month ago
Delighted we could assist you Andrew, look forward to reading future projects!
Posted 1 month ago
Outstanding analysis -- very fair and thorough. Good suggestions, some of which I'll incorporate. Also very fairly priced, especially for the service provided. Couldn't be more pleased with the experience. Would absolutely give it my highest recommendation.
Posted 1 month ago
Industrial Scripts - Screenplay Editors is rated 4.69 based on 534 reviews