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Not showing great weight loss but seem to be mintaining for example after holidays not putting on any weight or little weight. However I enjoy reduced stress levels and good sleep patterns. I have an under active thyroid and that has not changed any. Overall would not give my modius back re overall benefits but if honrst bit disappointed in not losing as much weight as I had hoped.
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Hi Mary, thanks for sharing your experience and we're pleased to hear that your Modius usage seems to be helping with the maintenance of your weight loss - holidays are usually when all our efforts the rest of the year get undone and then we're back to square one again.
Great you're feeling the other benefits associated with the vestibular stimulation that Modius provides, as these will inadvertently help with your weight loss and overall health in the long term too.
A terrible experience. I strongly urge people not to place their hard earned money in the hands of this company. If something goes wrong they don’t even have a contact telephone number which for a wellness device at this price is completely unacceptable. The headset I received didn’t charge properly (I sent videos and they acknowledged the issue) They wanted me to wait in all day to collect it after initially being told in an email it would be a two hour slot. I made do with it and requested a partial refund which they refused so I returned it for a full refund. What kind of company wouldn’t rather keep a customer happy and still make a profit but would rather upset someone and end up getting the device back and having to refund in full? Aside from the questionable customer service the headset DID NOT WORK FOR ME AT ALL in the time I had it. I exercise regularly, am vegan and eat well and only had a few pounds extra to lose due to middle age but it made NO DIFFERENCE WHATSOEVER after using it for nearly 3 months. This review is revised as I was refunded by the company. Probably after they saw the previous bad review. Get a phone number for your customers.
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Hi Sally, we’re sorry that you feel our Customer Service has not met your expectations but we endeavour to make every effort to ensure our customers are happy. We are contactable via email and Facebook message, and respond promptly to all messages, 7 days a week.
After the initial charging issue was resolved, your headset was confirmed as working and you were able to run your sessions. We were happy to swap your headset to a different one but unfortunately none of the methods we offered were suitable for you.
Due to the complexities of weight loss, it’s difficult to say why some people notice results quicker than others (hormones, genetics, weight loss history, medications etc can all impact our best efforts) but we’re glad you were able to benefit from the 90 day return period. We refunded you within 1 business day of receiving your headset back, and wish you all the best with any future weight loss efforts.
In my 7th month and weight loss is little to nothing. I do eat less. I am not on any medications. Wonder if age has something to do with it? In 7 months, I have missed maybe 6 days total. I started out at 10 and continue at 10 for the full hour.
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Thank you for your review and sharing your experience of using Modius. There are so many reasons why people will have differing results (not just age), as is the case with any method of trying to lose weight. Good to hear you've noticed you are eating less though and don't forget that the scales are not the only way to measure success. Best wishes, Team Modius.
This is a fantastic product that I would recommend highly to anyone. The first effect I noticed was that I was sleeping a full night for the first time in my adult life. After a couple of weeks of great sleep I had more energy to exercise. After a few weeks of using I gradually noticed that I couldn’t finish my meals and wasn’t snacking between meals. So I was gradually reducing my calories everyday and very easily. To date I have lost 28lbs. I reduced my food intake and started exercising, and this was a natural thing to do after I started using Modius. An extra bonus is the Modius Life community in which any questions, technical issues and some great support is offered promptly by a Modius Life Mentor. The other members in the group also join in and share experiences, journeys and offer advice.
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Many thanks for your review. It's great to hear that Modius is helping drive your efforts towards a healthier lifestyle and you're seeing such amazing results. :-)
As a weight loss tool this is working for me, albeit slowly, used for 9 months and lost 18lbs, so approx half a pound per week, very happy with this as no deliberate change to diet or exercise. Modius does seem to dampen the appetite so no longer snack in between meals or late at night. Sleep also improved as has been reported by other users.
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Hi Marie, thanks for your review. Lovely to hear that you've been steadily losing those pounds as Modius helps you to subconsciously eat less so easing the dieting process. :-)
I lost just over a stone but then had to stop for 5 weeks because of health problems. These have now been resolved. In this time I lost a small amount of weight and decided to try Modius again. In a week I have lost another 3lbs and I have about 10lbs to reach my goal weight which is wonderful and this would not have been possible without my wonderful headset.
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This is great Carol, many thanks! Delighted that you're seeing the difference when Modius is added to the mix.
Excellent product-and an even better customer care team with the modius mentors who are always willing to help. Has helped me lose over 6kgs in a few months and has also helped my sleep pattern significiantly! Modius is a must have product for me!!!
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Many thanks Peter :-) ...and congratulations on your weight loss! Always lovely to hear how Modius is helping people, with the added bonus of improved sleep too.
Absolutely love my Modius! When I fest started using it I found it a bit of a weird feeling but I’m using alongside a lower carb diet and it’s just dropped off I’ve gone from 11stone 4 to 9stone 6 since January
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Hi Laura, thanks for the Modius Love and congratulations on your success so far - this is an amazing achievement and we're so pleased to hear that Modius has helped you get there. :-)
It’s helping you with your focus and motivation to loose weight. Every day one hour to consider the goals. And.....really deep sleep since I use Modius. Totally lost 20 kg.
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Hi Joyce, as focus and motivation are so important for long-term weight loss success, we're delighted that Modius is helping you reap the results of your efforts!
Might not work for everyone but certainly works for me so can’t complain. Slow and steady but don’t mind as going to hit my goal for the first time in a long time.
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Congratulations on your success so far, this is great to hear. We love that you understand how Modius isn't a magic bullet but with patience and consistency you're achieving the results you're looking for. Best wishes for continued progress in reaching your goal.
In 13 weeks i have lost 10lbs, but the benefits that surprised me most is that i sleep much better and for longer, and my mood is so much lighter and happier.
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Hi Julie, congratulations on your results so far - brilliant! Improving sleep quality and mood are added benefits you maybe didn't expect with Modius but they'll also help you keep on track with your weight loss journey.
I have noticed a loss of appetite and I am well on my way to reaching my weight loss goals!
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Hi Daniele, thanks for your review and love that you're seeing benefits with your Modius already. It's great to have weight loss goals to keep you motivated so keep us posted on your progress.
Modius made me happy by helping me drop 9lbs. I lost weight before with a slimming plan but a lot of things have held me back recently so I quit the meetings. The first 2 weeks I wasn't so sure however my appetite is down now and I just can't finish a big meal anymore. I think now I want to go back to the weekly group meetings which is something I haven't felt in a long time. I want to especially thank Olivia for being really supportive in the mobius life facebook group along with the other team members. Even just the group support is a great thing to have when feeling low. I've actually stopped taking sleeping tablets now as I wanted to stop for a long time but never could so when I read about someone who did this on facebook I give it a try and now been tablet free for 3 weeks. My doctor had never heard of modius but was happy to couldn't believe that I cancelled my prescription. My goal now is to get to 20lbs but I am going on holiday so it might take a bit longer. Thank you, Margaret
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Hi Margaret, thanks for sharing your experience and we're delighted to hear how Modius is helping you in all these different ways! We know that when the headset is used in conjunction with a slimming plan, it can help take the edge off dieting so it's great you now feel motivated to join again. And thanks for your kind comments re. our team - we want to encourage and help where we can. What a result that Modius has also helped you with your we're making your doctor happy too!!
It works. How can I not be happy with that?
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Thanks for your review Stephen, and so pleased you're seeing the benefits of your Modius.
My weight is slowly going down. To be honest I would love it to go down quicker but I think everyone wants that. It has really stopped me constantly thinking about chocolate and sweets. Didn't work on my phone but seems alright on my iPad.
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Great that you're losing weight and seeing the changes to your cravings - slow and steady losses are the key to long-term success so we're delighted Modius is helping you with this. Keep up the good work!
Modius finally got me to the weight I have wanted to be for a very long time 💞
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Thanks Julie - great news and congratulations on this achievement!
Modius has helped me to lose weight and inches -- which has made me VERY happy!
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Thanks for your review Ann - we're delighted you're seeing changes both on the scales and in your measurements!
It's made me lose more weight in three months than I've previously lost in 1 year
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This is great Barry, thanks for your review. We know that Modius works best when people are already making efforts towards reducing their weight, and it seems that this is what is happening for you. Nice that you know what you've previously been able to achieve without the headset, and now the difference it makes having Modius as part of your weight loss toolkit!
I started in October 2017 along with joining slimming world and since then I have lost almost 2 stone (28lbs). At the start my appetite was cut drastically and I barely finished a meal. I have become used to the device now and while my appetite is back I don't think I am as hungry as before Modius. I haven't noticed a change in my sleep unfortunately but I continue to use my device daily and will do for the foreseeable future.
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Thanks for sharing your experience Lesa and congratulations on your weight loss. Great that you're continuing to use your Modius and noticing the effects on your appetite.
I've been using the modius for a couple of months. I'd been going to a slimming club and progress was consistent but slow. Since I've been using the modius my fortnightly weight loss has increased. It's a very simple to use piece of equipment. When I first use it, I get a feeling like I'm going over a humped back bridge in a car . My stomach goes over slightly but this only lasts a minute or so per session. It's now part of my morning routine and I'll happily keep using it until I reach my target weight which hopefully will be sooner with regular use of my headset.
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Hi Lynn, thanks for your review. We love that you're noticing the difference Modius makes when you're already on a weight loss journey. Keep us posted on your progress!
Modius is rated 4.18 based on 148 reviews