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Industrial Scripts Reviews

Founded in early 2010 by a Warner Bros and Paramount script consultant, Industrial Scripts® is now one of the world’s leading screenplay and story analysis companies, backed by major entertainment companies and with over 1,000 verified client reviews.

Our script consultants have significant industry credentials, writing script coverage for companies and studios including Paramount Pictures, Warner Bros., Universal and many more. Working with screenwriters, authors and filmmakers of all levels and from myriad locations, we also deliver intensive training both online and offline.

While our OVERDRIVE and Talent Connector programmes hone and promote writing talent to the industry, our popular blog – Character-Driven – educates, informs and entertains. We believe that rigorous script development is the foundation of great cinema and TV and is, indeed, essential – without it, the end product is certain to fail…

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Industrial Scripts - Screenplay Editors 5 star review on 11th December 2019
David Worth
Industrial Scripts - Screenplay Editors 5 star review on 11th December 2019
David Worth
Industrial Scripts - Screenplay Editors 5 star review on 24th January 2019
Industrial Scripts - Screenplay Editors 5 star review on 27th December 2018
Industrial Scripts - Screenplay Editors 5 star review on 3rd March 2018
Industrial Scripts - Screenplay Editors 5 star review on 10th August 2017
Industrial Scripts - Screenplay Editors 4 star review on 8th July 2017
Anonymous  // 01/01/2019
I'm taking off one star because the Industrial Scripts website is out of date. The Black List and Coverfly allow writers to upload new drafts while waiting for a reader to download the script. I made some changes a few hours after uploading my script and Industrial Scripts charged me $15 extra to upload the new draft. The website has an old, clunky feel, including strange "subgenre" choices after I selected "comedy" as the genre.

The coverage was five stars. I've had about thirty paid coverage notes and this was one of the four that made me make major changes in my script. Only this reader got the comps right, including two relatively obscure recent movies that no other readers apparently had heard of. The reader then provided a deep structural analysis, making me realize that my script lacked an Act IV (in which the protagonist works to overcome a flaw or lack). Again, this was one of only a handful of notes in which the reader was capable of structural analysis.
Posted 2 months ago
This is the second time I’ve received script coverage from Industrial Scripts. The coverage was balanced and fair, and useful for highlighting any issues that are easy for a writer to miss. I would highly recommend using their services.
Posted 3 months ago
Absolutely phenomenal! My reviewer was VPN. And this was my first screenplay ever. So this was extremely helpful, mind-blowing, and even life-changing for me. The reviewer hit the nail right on the head. They saw and understood who my characters are, what I was trying to accomplish, my themes, and the strengths of the screenplay. At the same time, they spotted some potential issues and flaws that I can adjust and tweak to make the script shine brighter.
It can be difficult to view your own work objectively. So my reviewers sharp and insightful commentary on my script allowed me to take a step back and understand my screenplay better than ever before.
My script has qualified for Talent Connector as well, so as a newcomer to the business, this is very important, helpful, and exciting to me!
Posted 3 months ago
I am thankful for the time and effort IS spent on my script, and spent making sure I was happy with the final product. The script editors and writers are awesome, but IS customer service is unmatched.
Posted 3 months ago
I am really enthusiastic about my experience with Industrial Scripts. I really felt that my work has been analyzed with competence and interesr anf and really supported. You also made me understand its flaws and how to improve them. A great service!
Posted 3 months ago
Industrial Scripts is frustrating in that there is no real interaction between IS and the writer but that aside, let's talk about the Screenplay Editor. He (she) was great. As I said before, this script was beyond 'rushed' - all written within about three weeks and no time really to plot it out and analyse the characters in advance. I even changed the genre mid-script. The editor/ reviewer was really good at helping me to clear my brain and let me see where I was going. The comparison he/she made between my script and a couple of well-known films/ series was extremely helpful. I was impressed with such an in-depth analysis of my script. At Uni, we have read-throughs and critiques from classmates whereas this is lacking with a scriptwriter living alone. It was worth the money getting such help from Industrial scripts.
Posted 3 months ago
I appreciated the time the reviewer clearly took in their evaluation of my work. I also valued the reviewer's intelligence and thoughtfulness. The review was fair with actionable critique. This was the first time I've used this service, and the coverage was phenomenal.
Posted 3 months ago
Industrial Scripts are a very professional team. I have used their services several times. As a result of working with them, my screenplay really got better and got a lot of awards in international screenplay contests and got great coverages on the Black List.
Posted 3 months ago
Super detailed, well-supported commentary.
Posted 4 months ago
It was fun to see a second opinion, and they had clearly read the script carefully as the notes were very detailed.
Posted 4 months ago
I really appreciated how they addressed the concerns in my first review. I felt like my second analysis was much more specific and gave me important insights into how I could make my script better.
Posted 4 months ago
We did face some problems with the report we've ordered, however, Industrial Scripts response was very good and they managed to satisfactorily solve the issue. The final report we've got is definitely helpful for the re-writing of a new draft of our script. Thanks, guys
Posted 5 months ago
Great notes! Great Analysis! At first, I went into the script doctoring process VERY skeptical given the high-concept nature of the project and the fact that many writers in the past failed to nail it...but now, I've ended up becoming a big believer in IS's script doctoring process. My point is, if IS can deliver on our project, I believe they can deliver on almost anything. Uusing IS to script doctor my project was the single best decision I have made, period! I highly recommend IS.
Posted 5 months ago
Excellent coverage and thoughtful, (and more importantly) helpful notes! Was very pleased with their professionalism and felt they really took the time to go over the script. Tried other services that seemed as if the analyst waited to the last minute and never gave it the time it deserved.
Posted 5 months ago
Excellent, fair, needs to be more succinct, but good
Posted 5 months ago
After contacting my reviewer about a coverage deficiency that I perceived, I received additional valuable feedback from him/her. So, I've upped my grade from 3* to 4*.
Posted 5 months ago
If you are serious about evolving your craft as a writer, coverage is essential. Writers need constructive critique, given with insightful, detailed action. Industrial Scripts provides and delivers. Simply, IS is the king one coverage.
Posted 5 months ago
The best script coverage company out there, bar none.

Thanks again guys, will be back soon with the redraft!
Posted 5 months ago
It's pricey, yes, but it's by FAR the best script coverage I've ever gotten. Makes the competitors look like amateurs.
Posted 5 months ago
I've been using IS for years now for coverage and forensics, but this is the first time I've ever used them for Script Doctoring. My script I've been writing for years was done, it just needed that extra oomph to take it to the next level. I was always leery of hiring a script doctor because it's expensive and I don't want someone coming in and cleaning house on my baby and not being on the same page but I was really frustrated with writers block on how to take it to the next level. I pulled the trigger and threw down for IS and let's say I'm blown away. The first step is they read your script and give you back extensive examples of how they see making changes and sticking with your vision. There was no cleaning house. Kate was so awesome. Her ideas were pretty much reading my mind of what I wanted but didn't know how to get there. I weighed out the options of "it's pricey but this is going to get my script to it's full potential." And it did. Kate walked me through every step and wouldn't do anything unless I signed off on it. Before any changes were even made, we had a week of going over my idea and what my ultimate ideas and what my problems were with my script. I felt reassured, and extremely excited after each week of the process because I was seeing my script and my ideas finally coming to it's full fruition of how I dreamed my script would eventually look like. I want to give full praise to the Script Doctoring program and put the Michelin star on anyone contemplating taking that huge next step. Kate was amazing!
Posted 5 months ago
Industrial Scripts - Screenplay Editors is rated 4.69 based on 588 reviews