Collect & Display Attributes

Collect actionable data from product and company review invites with additional questions. Enhance the shopping experience, drive personalization at scale, and improve product performance with Attributes.

Product Reviews

More Actionable Data

Unlock valuable product information on sizing & fit by gathering customer feedback, empowering informed purchases and product enhancement

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We need to be able to continue to push the boundaries in terms of research and product development. So not having direct access to those reviews and additional data points would be a hindrance.
Matt White
MAAP - VP of Marketing
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Review Invites

How Attributes Work

Add custom questions when collecting product & company reviews and uncover valuable insights. Collect attributes for all aspects of your business as well as the customer.

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Customer Attributes

Ask brand-specific questions like skin tone for beauty brands or taste preferences for healthy & complete food.

Product Attributes

How well do products fit according to size? What’s the customer’s take on quality? Do they perform to the expected standard?

Company Attributes

Would the customer buy from you again? Would they recommend you? How satisfied were they with delivery times and packaging?

Publish Attributes

The data you collect can be published alongside customer product reviews and used as filters to help customers align themselves better.

Segment Audience

Customer-First Data

Understand purchase intentions with attribute data and feed that straight into Klaviyo to enhance its segmentation capabilities. Attribute data will help you send relevant recommendations to existing customers and boost growth through better customer experience.

Gain A Better Understanding Of What Your Customers Need