Collect actionable First Party data from product and company review invites with Attributes. Enhance the shopping experience, drive personalisation at scale and improve product performance.
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Deeper insights.

Give customers more of the information they need to purchase with confidence. At the same time, see how your products meet expectations and feed that knowledge into development.
For us the main objection for customers to not buy our product is taste. Basically, the consumer is asking ‘will I like it, will it taste good?’ And by leveraging attributes around that subject, especially ‘taste’, we can create targeted experiences removing that concern .
Otto Mouton
COO - Jimmy Joy

Increased product relevance.

Add filters for certain words and attributes so shoppers can find reviews relevant to their own wants and needs.

Boost the likelihood of conversion by pointing them straight to a relatable product experience.
Collecting attributes shows customers we want to improve the product and that we care what they think, which we massively do! Having real customers leave reviews and comments about what they love or dislike then sharing that has a much better impact than talking about it ourselves.
CEO & Co-Founder - Nakie

How does it work?

Add custom questions to product and company review invites and uncover valuable insights.

Customer attributes

Create a unified view of your customer with First party data collected via Attributes. Ask questions like skin tone for beauty brands or taste preferences for healthy & complete food.

Product attributes

Learn how your products stack up. How well do they fit according to size? What’s the customer’s take on quality? Do they perform to the expected standard?

Company attributes

Evaluate your service. Would the customer buy from you again? Would they recommend you? How satisfied were they with delivery times and packaging?
We need to be able to continue to push the boundaries in terms of research and product development. So not having direct access to those reviews and additional data points would be a hindrance.
Matt White
MAAP - Vice President of Marketing,

Customer-First Data

Understand purchase intentions with attribute data and feed that straight into Klaviyo to enhance its segmentation capabilities.

Attribute data will help you send relevant recommendations to existing customers and boost growth through better customer experiences.

Success stories.

Combining reviews attributes and UGC into one widget for products enhances the shopping experience giving greater insight into a product that amplifies conversion.

Gain a better understanding of your products from a customer point of view.