Licenced to get Google Seller Ratings.

It’s a fact, good reviews mean better search rankings. Working with a Google-licenced review partner, is the only way to be eligible for Google Seller Ratings and review stars on your PPC ads. Stars and ratings in ad's mean more clicks at less cost.
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Ad spend & SEO

Effective search results. Better CTR.

Everyone’s fighting for space on search pages, but Google Seller Ratings will make you stand out. Building trust in your brand to drive higher click-through rates than PPC ads without stars - and giving you more chances to convert traffic into sales.

The result? A higher click-through rate than PPC ads without stars, with more chances to convert traffic into sales.
On-page product reviews.

No more discussions on what improves ROI.

A genuine review next to a product description can make all the difference. Sending a unique, trustworthy message that your product is just as good as you say it is. Our range of product review widgets allow your reviewers to add photos and star ratings, with the potential to seriously increase your on-page conversions.
Lower cost & Increase ROI

Make more. Spend less.

Showing review stars at every step of your customers' journey reinforces trust in your brand and products.

From search to click to landing page, review stars will influence your customers and turn them from browsers into buyers, seriously improving ROI from your campaigns.
It’s humbling that over 400 people took the time to review us on the first day of collection. We were not expecting it. It reinforces we're on the right track and we are growing an audience that likes what we do.
Darin Gersbach,
Owner & founder | KickPush
How Kick Push Achieved Google Seller Ratings in Just One Day
Meet the threshold

Get battle-ready in a matter of minutes.

To display Google Seller Ratings within your ads, Google require 100 company reviews collected within a 12-month period for each country of operation.display Google Seller Ratings within your ads.
  • Invite previous customers
    Use our Review Booster feature to quickly contact past customers in bulk.
  • UGC
    Ask customers to upload images and video to their reviews and publish on product pages.
  • Display Reviews
    Edit and publish powerful widgets with no code knowledge needed.

Don't waste money on unlicensed review platforms. Make reviews count.

You must choose a Google-licensed review partner (like to be eligible for Google Seller Ratings.