Take your review collection to the next level.

We have made it super simple to collect reviews from your happy customers. You can collect via SMS, email or via our in-store app. Our smart solution allows you to send a review invite at just the right time of the customer journey, giving you the highest conversion possible.

Fully customisable templates

Take the stress out of feedback.

Useful, engaging and well-designed emails produce better conversion rates. We give you the power to fully brand your customer emails with our handy WYSIWYG editor, or you can delve into the code for full customisation.

With unlimited AB testing as standard, you can test multiple messages and schedules to produce the best results. Ask for company reviews, product reviews or even both in the same email.
With Reviews.io, we have now been able to customise our email invites to match our brand, which has resulted in much higher conversion.
James Bertram
Marketing Manager | Abbott Lyon
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Get started quickly with review Booster

You don't need to wait for new orders before collecting reviews. Automatically contact your past customers in bulk to get a head-start on review collection, pushing you to the coveted Google Seller Rating status quickly.

UGC collection on autopilot.

Customers can upload photos from their smartphone in seconds, giving candid shots of your products as part of their review.  Reviews with photos can generate up to 30% more traffic to your product pages, with double-digit increases in conversion from Google Shopping.
Review Photos

Collect reviews directly with our In-store app

In-store review collection for immediate results. Just set up a tablet and we'll link our app to your REVIEWS.io account, ready for fully-branded in-store review collection. Simple.
In-store Reviews

We got a huge boost in our review count when we used REVIEWS.io booster tool, this allows you send reviews to past customer.

Kevin Urbau, Head of Tech

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