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It's ok, you're not the first. And, you're right to have a few questions about migrating to as your review content is very important, which is exactly why we guide you at every step and ensure a smooth transition.

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Moving Starts by Transferring the Content.

With, gain control over the content you've invested in. Trustpilot can't impede your review transfer, especially not with our two-stage import tool. We directly approach reviewers for permission, allowing the migration of all the valuable content, and giving you ownership of your review data, not Trustpilot!

The only reason companies like Trustpilot FORCE long contracts is they took so much VC money and VC's demand fast and sustained growth, I've thought about the review market for a while and it's time to back a different horse 😉
Matt White
Layered Lounge

Daniel Singh

Co-Founder Concrete Jungle
We’d been using Trusted Shops for around 8 years but it became really expensive. It also didn’t offer much flexibility. We wanted a platform that gave us the features we needed at a fair price.

Wolfgang Fuchs

Founder @ Lotuscrafts
Our customers feel more appreciated when given options to share their thoughts. By providing intriguing and valuable questions, I believe they're more inclined and delighted to offer feedback.

Otto Mouton

COO @ Jimmy Joy
Our experience with has been incredible! The integration was effortless, allowing for a smooth transfer of our existing reviews. The team provides exceptional customer service & support. We only wish we had switched to earlier!

Halfdan Hansen

“You can't connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future.”

Tony Caruso

Director @ Caruso's Natural Health
We were using Yotpo but found better suited to our business needs. Andrew, our customer success specialist has been of amazing help with the onboarding process and helping us in getting our first group of reviews right off the bat! Thanks so much to the team.

Lovisa Degreef

Founder & CEO @ Back on Track
Have had a great experience with, been using it for a couple of years now and the support and functionality are terrific, have never let us down.
At a Glance

The Difference is Clear.

Based on 244 G2 Reviews

We're an affordable and powerful alternative. Modular pricing and innovative features deliver maximum ROI.

Meets Requirements


Quality of Support


Good Partner in doing Business



Based on 183 G2 Reviews

They're a highly visible brand that's driven by other brands' content and set the prices on their own visibility, not their product.

Meets Requirements


Quality of Support


Good Partner in doing Business


Why Brands switch

A Shared Frustration Among Many Brands

Many brands often find themselves frustrated and overwhelmed when using Trustpilot as a vendor. Trustpilot fails to generate a substantial amount of valuable content for marketers and lacks the support that aligns with their pricing and burdensome contracts.

See how it works
Long Contracts

Ask questions like skin tone for beauty brands or taste preferences for healthy & complete food.

Lacks Support

How well do products fit according to size? What’s the customer’s take on quality? Do they perform to the expected standard?

Aggressive Tactics

Analysis of what customers are saying about specific areas of your business.


Don't be fooled by Trustpilot's false sense of ownership. Paying for and collecting reviews doesn't grant you control over their content. give you that control.

Control Ratings

Maintain Your Trustpilot Reputation gives you the controls to collect reviews across multiple channels, including Trustpilot. With our exclusive reputation management tool, you gain full control to positively influence any rating. Take charge of your reputation with

Plan Comparison

VS. Trustpilot

We have enhanced the features offered by Trustpilot and introduced additional ones that will significantly contribute to the growth of your brand.

Free Plan
Free Plan $0 / mo
Start-Up: $99 / mo
25 (Free Plan) or 1500 (Start-Up) orders a month, additional plans available
Standard:  $225 / mo

500 orders a month, additional plans available but pricing is not transparent or clear
12 Month with auto-renewals
Google Licenced Partner
Product Reviews
Price on request 😂
Reputation Manager
Included in Start-Up and higher
Supports 23 portals
Salesforce Integration
Included in Plus
Branding / Customisation of emails and widgets
Price on request 😂
Klaviyo Integration
Included in all plans
Limited functionality
Fully branded customisation options

Let’s Right a Few Wrongs & Misconceptions.

We prioritize customer success above all else and are OK with not being the largest review platform in the market. Our focus is on continually investing in our product to provide you with a market-leading solution at a fair price.

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