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Seller Ratings can boost your ads CTR by up to 17%, improving the performance of your paid marketing. They lower the cost-per-click and build trust at the first point of contact, helping you capture top-of-funnel traffic before your competitors.

Google Seller ratings

On Brand Review Invites

Collecting reviews is all about encouraging happy customers to leave their feedback. To improve the success of your efforts, it's important to automate the process, prompt customers to leave feedback promptly, and ensure that the reviews align with your brand.

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Drive Review Success with SMS

SMS reviews are 3x more effective than email alone. Combine both for better results. Send follow-ups via email, request video feedback via text from top reviewers, all with Flows automation.


Grow Through Customer Trust

Authentic reviews drive sales by connecting with consumers and showcasing real experiences. Customers who actively engage with reviews are 4X more likely to convert into paying customers, while enjoying an average 28% higher basket value.

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In-store Reviews

Collect in-store reviews for trust and credibility across your retail locations. Don't miss out on valuable feedback from offline customers.

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Merchant Metrics

Analyze customer interactions with reviews using Session Replays & Analytics. Gain insights into ROI by tracking their journey and key events, like interactions with review widgets on your website.

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Net Promoter Score (NPS®)

Enhance data collection strategy with Surveys. Distribute NPS Surveys via email or specific website pages. Create detailed customer profiles from valuable insights.

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Third-Party Review

Consolidate and manage third-party company reviews effortlessly. Ensure a consistent reputation with Reputation Manager while optimizing review search results on Google Local.

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Customers Voice

Display Trust Signals That Convert

Engage your customers with authentic review content throughout your website, email marketing campaigns and social media channels. Cross-platform review content that converts.

Having reviews on our home page, as well as utilizing their UGC Galleries, established a relationship with the customer from the first visit.
Benjamin Berndt,
CEO @ Universal Store


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We are fostering robust customer relationships by providing stellar customer service. Additionally, we take our partners and agencies on a journey that establishes a solid and enduring partnership.

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