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Google Seller Ratings.

Google states that having Seller Ratings can boost your ads CTR by up to 17%. Seller Ratings help improve the performance of your Google paid marketing in several ways.
  • They help increase an ad’s click-through rate, thus lowering its cost-per-click (PPC)
  • They help build trust at the first point of contact. Helping you to capture that all important, top-of-funnel traffic before your competitors.
Our investment in paid-off instantly — Within 24hrs we had collected 400+ reviews , giving us stars next to our Google Ads.
Darin Gerbasch
CEO at KickPush Skate
How Kick Push Achieved Google Seller Ratings in Just One Day.

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Review Collection

Email & SMS Invitations

Get more reviews by sending a customised on-brand email or SMS message.

High Converting Collector Page

Control every aspect of your review collection page. Including additional questions, customer attributes & rich media.

Timing Is Everything

You have full control when your customers receive your review invite. You can even set different delays depending on customers geo location.

Turn your reviews into social proof

Whether it's your product being used or a great brand experience, we let your customers attach photos and video straight from their device as they write their reviews.

Genuine customer reviews make powerful content for your social media strategy.
Social Proof

Publish reviews & boost conversion.

Add widgets to your website and display genuine customer feedback, photos & videos. It's proven to add credibility and increase conversion.

Choose a widget design from our library and customise as you wish. It's easy to make our widgets naturally fit your brand's look and feel.
Review Publishing

Build a consistent reputation.

See your 'whole' online reputation at glance. Our AI will automatically direct customers to leave reviews on platforms based on your goals.

Collect and manage reviews on Google Local, Facebook, Trustpilot plus tons of industry-specific review sites.
Reputation Management

Influencer Identification

Supercharge your brand by automatically identifying your most influential customers in real-time.

Import Your Existing Reviews

Import your existing review content in just a few clicks and retain the reputation you've already grown.
Import Reviews
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