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Real reviews build trust in your brand at key times, lower advertising costs and have an overall positive effect on your bottom line. is uniquely positioned to gather and respond to reviews from multiple sources. is an integral part of our marketing message. We display our reviews not only on our website, but also in-store and on our TV adverts.
Euan Cameron, Head of Digital

Why you need Company Reviews

Put simply, company reviews are a direct indication of how your customers feel about you. Their power lies in attracting new customers to your site by increasing on-page conversions, increasing click-through-rates in PPC and organic results, and improving your online presence through SEO.

Stand out from the crowd

The only way to show Google Seller Rating stars next to your PPC ads and your organic search results as Rich Snippets is by collecting Company Reviews. Stars shown in Google are proven to increase click-through-rates up to 17%.

Seller Ratings

Reduce your PPC costs

An increase in CTR leads directly to a decrease in CPC, meaning you'll get more bang for your buck in paid advertising. You’ll get a verifiable and quantifiable improvement in ROI when you display stars in your PPC campaigns.

Increased on-page conversion

Whether paid or organic, your traffic will have up to 28% higher conversion when company reviews are published.

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One location for reputation management

Collect, manage and publish company reviews from everywhere with the most powerful review platform in the world. Manage, Google Local, Facebook and Amazon reviews from one dashboard.

Online Reputation
I can honestly say that our sales have massively increased thanks to the reviews collected. offer an easy to understand and manage client portal. Their staff are always on-hand to support my requests and resolve any issues very quickly.
Aden, Marketing Manager at Humax Digital

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