Survey Data, Powering Insights.

With a deeper understanding of your audience, you can deliver targeted messaging and product change that speaks directly to their interests and needs. Gain the clarity needed to make informed decisions.

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Insightful Data, Smarter Choices

Brands are learning more about what attracts customers to their store and what drove their purchases. Surveys provide the tools to achieve this with high response rates, enabling smarter budget allocation.

"Understanding how our customers find us is crucial for determining where to allocate more ad spend and accurately attributing sales to specific channels."

Matt White
Head of Digital @ MAAP

"Surveys have reshaped our strategy, 'fueling' tailored campaigns, A/B tests, and product growth by understanding customer preferences."

Otto Mouton
COO @ Jimmy Joy

"We were pleasantly surprised by Surveys' ability to eliminate the guesswork in reducing cart abandonment, enabling swift issue resolution."

wolfgang fuchs
Founder @ Lotuscraft
Grow Customer profiles

Highly Efficient, Usable Data

Capture customer preferences and behaviour data to power personalised campaigns, identify brand advocates, and gain insights into purchasing drivers.

On-site Surveys

Place short surveys at pivotal onsite moments for targeted insights. Smartly segment your audience based on collection or product URLs.
Send more personalized messages & offers.
Measure impact and guide future strategies.
Analyze and understand customer behaviors.
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Post Checkout

Launch surveys after customers check out to get feedback on the purchase, product quality, pricing, delivery time, and packaging.
Enhance attribution models with post-purchase feedback.
Understand purchase cues for increased future sales.
Enhance CX with ongoing feedback for reliable insights.
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Shareable Link

Craft and share surveys with customers using our link. Tailor for specific groups, gather behaviour data and enrich profiles for impactful marketing and higher conversions.
Add survey links to emails even social media.
Run campaigns to gather high volumes of  feedback.
Increase repeat business and identify areas for improvement.
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Post Review

Survey brand advocates to discover what aspects of your brand experience they truly appreciate. Focus on negative reviews to identify areas for improvement following their negative reviews.
Surveys highlight action-oriented feedback for your brand.
Send follow-up surveys for satisfaction or brand advocacy.
Gain insights to enhance satisfaction, retention, and growth.
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Trigger Surveys

Collect Insights at Every Interaction.

Maximize response rates and enhance customer understanding by delivering targeted, in-moment surveys at various stages of the buying journey.

Gauge Satisfaction

Shape experiences, gauge loyalty, identify advocates,  monitor satisfaction, uncover happiness drivers, and tackle issues early for enduring success.

Purchase Behaviours

Facilitate the path to purchase by leveraging reliable insights into shopper behaviors, enabling seamless navigation and informed decision-making throughout the buying journey.
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Measure Loyalty

Keep an active pulse on evolving consumer expectations with surveys that help uncover the insights you need to create the experience they want.

Pinpoint Issues &
Focus on Solutions

Surveys eliminate the guesswork from reducing cart abandonment, empowering you to swiftly pinpoint the issue and concentrate on the perfect solution.
Get Started

Over 50 Templates

You can select from pre-designed templates or craft your own surveys using a customizable survey builder equipped with 8 distinct question types and versatile styling choices.
Identify Attribution Source
Build Customer Relationships
Uncover Spending Habits
Recognize Blockers
Learn Personal Preference
Discover Advocates
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