Customer Surveys.

Collect zero-party data via post-purchase surveys to offer a personalized customer experience. Implement surveys on multiple landing pages to target specific touchpoints in the customer journey you need insights from.
4.8 out of 5 rating on
4.8 out of 5 rating on

Use Surveys to:

Learn & React
Gather valuable feedback on your website to learn what works and what doesn't in real-time, and make informed decisions to enhance the user experience.
Zero Party Data
Gain a clearer understanding of your audience by directly asking for their feedback, preferences, and needs.
Improve CX
Personalize campaigns and improve customer experiences based on valuable insights obtained from these surveys.

How does it work?

Seamlessly collect data with on-site surveys to improve your customer’s experience. 

Instantly Access Actionable Insights.

Summarize responses in charts & statistics and access our filtering & keyword search capabilities for deeper analysis. Filter responses in the timeline easily.

Endless Cutomization

Position your feedback button on the side or in your content. Add it to Shopify checkout and set target group filters. Specify the page on which the survey widget should appear using our URL filters.

Brands making great use of Surveys

"We implemented Surveys on our documentation pages. We now receive feedback about things that are unclear and need improvement. Before the Surveys feature, we were not getting any feedback at all from our visitors. It was easy to implement and support was really helpful. 10/10 would recommend it!"

Understand your products from the customer's viewpoint.