Manage UGC. 

Manage photo reviews, videos and Instagram mentions all in one place. Tag products in any image to create shoppable UGC galleries for individual products or collections.
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Give shoppers more of the information they need with our Product Attributes feature. Unique to customers can rate item specifics like fit, comfort and quality, as well as leave an overall experience.


Increase in Average Session Duration with UGC.


Higher engagement than branded content on social media.


Higher chance of conversion on product pages with visual UGC.

The best ads have to feel native. Collecting UGC content can fuel your ad content and show potential customers what they want on-site; real people using your product outside of a studio environment can be used.
James Bertram
Digital Marketing Manager, Abbott Lyon
How Abbott Lyon Takes Control of Their Online Image

Shoppable UGC Galleries.

Engage shoppers with your most valuable brand assets. Share authentic, visual content from happy customers to drive product discovery and inspiration.

Enhance email campaigns with UGC.

Klaviyo user? Add shoppable galleries to emails.

Choose from multiple layouts, then drag and drop dynamic content blocks into your templates. From abandoned cart emails to product recommendations, UGC in email marketing drives a 78% higher click through rate.

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