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Having reviews on your product page increases conversion by 18%.

Our 'Product Attributes' feature means your customers can rate product specifics like fit, comfort and quality as well as leave an overall experience.
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Having reviews on our product pages has helped us boost our average basket size by 16%.
Matthew White
President of Marketing at MAAP
How MAAP Cycling Apparel Use an Omnichannel Approach for Growth.

Switching review provider a breeze.

We handle your review imports and data-sync so that your move over goes as smooth as possible. It normally takes under 1 hour for our team to complete your product review import and set-up.
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Get product reviews on your site fast. No code.

Displaying product reviews on your site has a direct effect on increasing conversion.

Our product review widget is lightning fast and easy to customize. Using our no code editor you can design your product review widget to look exactly like the rest of you site. The widget can then be installed with just a few lines of code.

Our product review widgets make it effortless to display User Generated Content (photos & video) as well as customer's Questions & Answers.

Product reviews boost your Google Shopping conversion by up to 28%. is a Google licensed review platform. This means all the product reviews you collect will be synced with your Google Shopping listings.

Having stars next to your products in Google is one of the easiest ways to boost your brands sites visibility in Google Shopping.
Dasha H.
Obsessed! I Love this brand highly recommend! I've never had any troubles with delivery or returns! Thank you.
Abbie F.
The ring I order it absolutely beautiful – the whole process felt personal and everything was communicated along the way.

Use product video reviews to increase conversion.

Automatically collect video reviews from your happy customers.

User Generated Content (UGC) strengthens your brand and increases word of mouth. Video reviews drive conversion by telling customers real stories through customer advocacy. The beautiful thing about displaying customer videos is that there is no hard sale, just an authentic “this could be you” feeling.

Bonus: Videos can be easily downloaded and used on your social channels.
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