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Our latest update means you can now ask custom questions about your customers and the product they purchased.

For example, you can now ask sizing information with just 2 clicks.

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Works With Your Existing eCommerce Stack integrates with most of the tools your already familiar with. We are continually adding new integrations so if you don't see the integration you require don't hesitate to get in touch.
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"As soon as we added reviews to our product pages, we  saw a sharp increase in sales — Customers instantly had a better understanding of the product..."

Kevin Urbau, Head of Tech
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We make switching review provider a breeze

We handle your review imports and data-sync so that your migration goes as smooth as possible. It normally takes under 1 hour for our team to complete your import and set-up.

Switching Provider - If you are switching from another review provider ask about our buy-out options.

Customize colours, imagery, and fonts with ease.
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Boost Your Google Shopping
Conversion by up to 28% is a Google licensed review platform. This means all the product reviews you collect will be synced with your Google Shopping listings.

Having stars next to your products in Google Shopping is one of the easiest ways to boost your eCommerce sites visibility in Google.

Duart Mackalean
Using the logs for our new pizza oven. The logs are very good and very easy to light. Will definitely buy more when we run low
Emma M.
Love this bag so much! So far the quality is beautiful. I got the rose gold letters in my name put on it — I do love the bag so far.

Leverage Video Reviews
to Increase Trust

Automatically collect video content from your happy customers.

User Generated Content (UGC) strengthens your brand and increases word of mouth. Video reviews drive conversion by telling customers real stories through customer advocacy. The beautiful thing about displaying customer videos is that there is no hard sale, just authentic “this could be you” feeling.

Bonus videos can be easily downloaded and used on your social channels.

The Smarter Way to Collect Product Reviews

Invite Via Email & SMS

With automated product review email invites, you’ll vastly improve the rate of review collection. Add SMS invites, and see on average, a 20% uplift in conversion and 30% increase in UGC.

Smarter Review Collection

Only send reviews to happy customers. With key integrations like Klaviyo, Gorgias and Loyalty Lion you can engage with your audience when they are happy and quickly respond when they are not.

Collect Attributes

Learn more about your customers and what they think of your product by asking custom questions.

We are consistently rated as the #1 product review solution on G2.

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