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Build trust and confidence by providing relevant information at the right time. Providing product reviews on your website means shoppers are more likely to convert when viewing your item, resulting in an average 18% uplift in sales. has helped us to automate our product review collection. We have seen a double digit increase in conversion on pages with product reviews.
Sam Higgins, Marketing Manager

Dominate Google Shopping with Product Review Stars

We collect genuine post-purchase product reviews from your happy customers. Leverage your reviews to increase sales. Use the power of past purchasers to influence new customers.

Maximise Sales

On-page conversions increase with our product reviews widget on product pages. Display product reviews with customer photos to really make an impact, and get the edge over your competitors.

Stand out in Shopping

Product review stars will improve your Google Shopping performance by up to 28%. More stars means higher positions, more clicks, and more conversions.

Seller Ratings

Boost your SEO

Rich Snippet stars have a positive impact on click-through-rates and SERP positions. Dynamic user-generated content gives your site a breakthrough in search engine listings.

Prove your product worth

Give your customers a voice. Receive and respond to real-time feedback and use your reporting data for product improvements. Authentic reviews give assurance of product quality, and are more trusted than your marketing message.

I can honestly say that our sales have massively increased thanks to the reviews collected. offer an easy to understand and manage client portal. Their staff are always on-hand to support my requests and resolve any issues very quickly.
Aden, Marketing Manager at Humax Digital

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