Session Replays & Analytics

Optimize your customers' buying journey by leveraging Sessions Replay & Analytics to gain real-time visibility into their interactions and activities.

Review Impact

Understand the Customer Journey

Observe your customers as they navigate your eCommerce site, capturing their actions in real-time. Our recorded events section automatically highlights key events in their journey, such as when they read reviews and the subsequent impact on conversion rates.

We received data showcasing our store's performance with and without reviews. The data conclusively proves that reading reviews led to a 12% increase in our customers' cart value.
Paul Humphreys
CEO @ Layered Lounge

Increase Conversion by Displaying Reviews

Explore the impact of displaying product reviews on conversions and cart values. Analyze every interaction with review widgets to uncover valuable insights for driving your business forward.


Record & Replay Customer Visits

Gain precise insights into customer behavior on your site by observing their actions in real-time. Observe their interactions, identify areas of avoidance, track their purchasing journey, and identify potential sources of friction.

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Session Replays

Ask questions like skin tone for beauty brands or taste preferences for healthy & complete food.

Session Analytics

How well do products fit according to size? What’s the customer’s take on quality? Do they perform to the expected standard?

Customer Analysis

Analysis of what customers are saying about specific areas of your business.

Sentiment Analysis

Automatically see what your customers are happy and unhappy about.


Detect Repeat Customers

Review customers' past purchases, including the specific products and star ratings, and check their history of review invitations sent or queued.

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True Voice of CUSTOMERS

Review Sentiment Analysis

We’ll identify key sentiment and turn customer comments into valuable statistics - use this quantifiable view of your strengths and weaknesses in email flows.

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