Klaviyo Integration.

Strengthen campaigns with highly targeted, conversion-driving UGC. Enhance customer profiles with attributes and richer review data. Create more profitable engagement over email and SMS.

It’s all possible with our Klaviyo integration.


Leverage First-party Data

Build detailed customer profiles by pushing review data and attributes to Klaviyo’s centralised database - then use granular segmentation to personalise at scale.

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Deeper customer profiles

Build detailed customer profiles by pushing attributes and review data to Klaviyo’s centralised database - then use granular segmentation to personalise at scale.

Highly Relevant Review content

Keep customers coming back for more with unique brand experiences based on their preferences, characteristics and purchase behaviour.

Segments with attribute Data

Craft unforgettable brand experiences through data-driven personalization.

Sentiment Analysis

Automatically see what your customers are happy and unhappy about.

Review Impact

Understand the Customer Journey

Observe your customers as they navigate your eCommerce site, capturing their actions in real-time. Our recorded events section automatically highlights key events in their journey, such as when they read reviews and the subsequent impact on conversion rates.

We received data showcasing our store's performance with and without reviews. The data conclusively proves that reading reviews led to a 12% increase in our customers' cart value.
Matt White
CEO @ Layered Lounge

Boost Conversion with In-Email Reviews.

Tempt more customers to convert, by adding persuasive trust signals at key touch-points via an abandoned cart flow and email design:

Stronger campaigns

Send review invites via Klaviyo.

Use our flow tool to manage exactly when data is pushed to Klaviyo. Set delays based on shipping or geolocation and time review requests to perfection.

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True Voice of CUSTOMERS

Enhance emails with ratings, reviews & UGC

We’ll identify key sentiment and turn customer comments into valuable statistics - use this quantifiable view of your strengths and weaknesses in email flows.

Unlock the full potential of REVIEWS.io and Klaviyo.