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Merchant metrics.

Collecting reviews will do more than promote your business, they’ll help you improve it. Our advanced linguistic AI uses customer feedback to pin-point exactly what you could do better. Find out where you win with Merchant Metrics.
Detail specific areas

Analyse your service.

Are customers happy with your delivery methods? Do they like your products? What about customer service response times or refund procedures?

Merchant Metrics give you a detailed analysis of what customers are saying about specific areas of your business. Showing you exactly what they love, and what you could improve.

Listen Learn & react

Know your business better.

We’ll identify key sentiments and turn customer comments into valuable statistics, giving you a real-world, quantifiable view of your business’s strengths and weaknesses.
Merchant Metrics
Despite being around since 2014, we’re still an unheard of brand online. We need a good reputation both on the website and across third-party sites. It’s imperative to the business.
James Bertram
Marketing Manager | Abbott Lyon
How abbott lyon takes control of their online reputation

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