Review Syndication

Sync and distribute your review content across multiple sites — We have direct partnerships with Google, Walmart & BazaarVoice. Review syndication is a great way to increase the visibility of your products.

"In a short period of time, we've grown rapidly and syndicating our reviews across our retails became a necessity. The whole process was a little daunting but and their team managed and communicated the whole process. Thank you Kai who updated us every step of the way.
James Edmunds
Managing Director @ Trip Drinks

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How We Increase Product Visibility

Showcase your reputation on various platforms, distinguish yourself from competitors by maintaining a consistent rating, and sharing compelling reviews tailored to your brand's website or the platforms where your products listed via third-party vendors.

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Bazaarvoice Distribution

We connect you with many of your retailers and display your review content where they are sold online.

Multiple Brand Websites

Ensure that your product reviews are accessible on global stores that are delivered over different TLDs.

Walmart Review Sync

78% of consumers require at least 7 matching sentiment reviews to trust product information. Sync your review content on your website & platforms, like Walmart.

Syndicate UGC

Share every piece of UGC that you collect - text, photo and video reviews - with all of your retail partners.

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Distribute Review Content to Convert More

Having authentic reviews on your retail products directly boosts sales, maximising your review strategy to grow at scale. From one dash ensure the right reviews are distributed to the right products, wherever you have a retail presence.

Ensure Your Retail Channels Access Your Collected Ratings & Reviews.