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SMS reviews 3x more effective than email alone! Why settle for one? Combine SMS and email, follow up with non-responders, request video feedback via text, and streamline with Flow automation!


Get More Review Content Via Text

Boost your campaign effectiveness and increase conversions by combining email review invites with SMS.

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Your team has been brilliant in explaining and helping us with the migration process - it was very painless. We started out on day one with hundreds of reviews on, all because of your really useful migration tools.
Dan Holman
eCommerce Manager @ Jimmy's Iced Coffee

Use SMS and email Invites

Leverage our email sequencing feature, Flow, to craft targeted campaigns that engage customers through both channels, ensuring a higher response rate.

SMS Opportunities

Better Customer Service

SMS review collection stands out as one of the simplest methods to gather feedback, connect with your customers, and boasts three times the effectiveness compared to email requests.

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Create a smarter strategy and collect reviews with SMS.