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Anonymous  // 01/01/2019
The tech. who came (Dave) was excellent. I had made an appointment for 9:00 AM o6/02/21, but the tech was dispatched 9:00 AM Saturday 05/29/21. Not good. The phone number displayed when Dave called 30 minutes before his arrival showed "San Francisco" - he had to call twice because nobody I know would call me at 6:00 AM their local time. Also not good. It's the usual problem - like with Verizon - techs good, support staff horrible.
Posted 2 weeks ago
Overall very good - not the battery brand you sold me but I guess it is the equivalent. The vent hose was not reinstalled so I had to dismantle the battery and reinstall that to vent under the car. Overall a convenient service.
Posted 3 weeks ago
Was 3hours late from 9am appointment
Posted 1 month ago
Great service. But repeated requests for receipt for getting reimbursement from AAA not honored. Tech could not give any receipt at all.
Posted 1 month ago
Person that came to replace the battery was not an employee of the company. It was a third party. If I had known this, I will not have purchased from you. Battery installed was not the same as what I purchased from your website either. The brand was unknown. Just hoping you honor the warranty.
Posted 1 month ago
They came out and installed a battery as promised. However, it was not the battery shown on the website when I made my purchase. I asked the tech about it, he said he was just told to take the battery he brought. I called customer service, and was told it was an equivalent battery, that I didn't understand car batteries. I asked for documentation to that effect, and was told to go find it myself. So far the battery has been fine, thankfully. I'm not eager to deal with the surly customer service again.
Posted 2 months ago
Couldn't contact customer service via phone or chat to check on status after it was many hours. When they arrived they didn't check the battery before replacing.
Posted 2 months ago
Took 4 hours from my call to show up. Also as of today I have not received my warranty.
Posted 2 months ago
Overall, my experience was good and I got a new, working battery. However, there was a lot of miscommunication with the person who answered the phone (Jacob). I told him the correct make and model on my car but he didn't convey that to the mechanic, causing a one day delay in getting the battery. On the day of the install, I was told by the mechanic that I hadn't given the correct model to the person answering the phone. I explained that I had done this - TWICE - and Jacob still hadn't gotten it right, even though he had sent me an updated invoice showing a new, higher quote for the correct battery. The saving grace was that the mechanic you sent out (Big Rob) was great! He was knowledgeable, diligent and professional and was able to get the right battery for my vehicle.
Posted 3 months ago
I ordered the battery using the web site chat feature. I was not confident with it. I didn't realize the order would be contracted to a local provider. He did show up promptly. The battery was installed. The tec. discovered the battery installed was undersized. He left and returned with a larger capacity battery. I am thankful he corrected the mistake. He tested out my electrical system and went on his way. I was expecting an Exide brand. The battery installed was an unknown brand.
Posted 4 months ago
It would be nice if they provided a remotely accurate eta. I understand that it’s an estimated time, but if they’d told me it would be over four hours, not an hour and a half I probably would have looked for an alternative service. The service rep I spoke to when I called at about hour two was really nice despite my frustration and updated me that it would be another two hours or so. He also said that 3-5 hours is pretty standard, so I’m just a little confused why they advertise 90 minutes as an average service time? The tech was obviously very busy that day and when he did get there he was quick and professional.
Posted 4 months ago
The guy was helpful and quick, but he didn't wear a mask even though we were in close proximity to each other. Because of this I won't be a return customer.
Posted 6 months ago
It was very unclear to me when the company would be arriving to install the battery, I was not given an ETA and had to call customer support to ask for tracking. The support person did arrive within 2 hours, which was fast in my mind but would have been helpful to know a time window. The install also took an hour, my husband recently replaced his battery and it took him a fraction of the time. The only reason we didn’t replace this one ourselves was because all local auto shops were out of stock, but it was available here. The support person was friendly, but did not wear a mask the entire time, and even got close to show me readings on his phone. It was extremely awkward as I did not feel comfortable asking him to put on a mask, and felt very unsafe. Our city has many restrictions due to spikes in Covid, so it was appalling to me that the company wouldn’t insist on technicians wearing masks around customers. I would be very hesitant to recommend this company or use it again unless it was the only option.
Posted 6 months ago
I initiated service with you all when I found I had a bad battery on my 2003 Land Rover Discovery. Your website said I would receive an 850 CC amp battery. Your service person, who was great and really worked hard on this, installed a 650 CC amp battery. I asked him about it, he was surprised with the level of cold crank amperage the battery used was. what's the answer to this? seems a bit like bait and switch.
Posted 6 months ago
Ill give the delivery a five star rating because of his professionalism and knowledge. Ill give the order person a generous three stars because he didn't order the right battery and I also was given the wrong warranty .It would be nice to get the right warranty.
Posted 6 months ago
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