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About My Food Bag:

We're your answer to "what's for dinner?" with fresh ingredients and easy recipes to cook delicious dinners, delivered to you.

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My Food Bag 5 star review on 12th May 2021
My Food Bag 5 star review on 12th May 2021
My Food Bag 5 star review on 28th April 2021
My Food Bag 5 star review on 7th April 2021
My Food Bag 5 star review on 7th April 2021
My Food Bag 5 star review on 17th March 2021
My Food Bag 5 star review on 17th March 2021
Anonymous  // 01/01/2019
Enjoyed low calorie bag but changed to choose own and one meal was a frozen meal no extras and not good money value.
(My Choice (3 Nights For 2)) - Posted 6 days ago
Hi Mandy, we are glad you were enjoying the Fresh Start Bag! Sorry to hear your experience with your change to choice hasnt been as good. Thank you for providing feedback on this it is really helpful for us to make improvements moving forward 😊 - Harriet Honeydew 🍈
Posted 6 days ago
The amount of vegetables in Fresh Start is brilliant, and I've learnt a few new ways of cooking them. However, sometimes I find some of the meals too similar, and because of this after a few weeks I didn't look forward to cooking and eating the meals.
(Fresh Start (5 Meals For 1)) - Posted 1 week ago
Hi Alison, thank you for this feedback! A great way to ensure you are getting meals that excite you is with our My Choice Bag. This will let you choose from a selection of meal options each week, including some of our Fresh Start range. You can check this out here if you're interested: -Dan Dijon 🍯
Posted 1 week ago
To be honest I really love the food choices. What has spoiled the food bags for me is quality control. I have been using them for about 3 months now, after using an opposition for about a year and falling tired of similar meals all the time. I like the options and the ability to have a heat and eat style meal for those busy nights. The thing that's let it down are these issues I have had in the last 3 months. Package split open on my door step from poor tapping of the box. Chicken split open and bled over other items in bag, steak in another bag. The sealing of meat is poor and the meal I am cooking tonight I can see a split in the package. Missing cooking instructions for a meal on two occasions. Also a few ingredients on the verge of freshness, so by time the week is out sometimes having to throw some items out. As I said, happy with the meals... But the delivering of the meals to my fridge and overall quality needs work. Speaking from someone who really enjoyed your major competition, but grew tired of cooking every meal in garlic every night.
(My Choice (4 Nights For 4)) - Posted 3 weeks ago
Kia ora Jason, thank you so much for this feedback! We really value hearing from our Foodies as it helps us identify areas we need to improve in! It is disappointing to hear you have had some ongoing issues with your deliveries recently, especially in regards to split meat packaging. If you haven't already, do get in touch with our Customer Love team as we are always happy to help ensure your feedback is passed onto the relevant teams and work towards a solution. It is otherwise great to hear you have been enjoying the diverse range of quick and delicious meals we offer. Thank you again for the review and your support 🙂 - The My Food Bag Foodies ❤
Posted 3 weeks ago
The recipes and ingredients are good however the way the product arrives is below standard. Packaging is bad, sometimes the box is not sealed properly. The ingredients are just chucked in the box all in a mess. Every time cherry tomatoes are supplied they quite often get squashed by the other ingredients. The box is nearly split when it's delivered and sometimes the box is already half open due to rough handling.
(My Choice (5 Nights For 4)) - Posted 1 month ago
Hi Joey, thanks for getting in touch with your feedback. We do take our packing and quality seriously so to hear you have had this experience is so disappointing. We follow up with our team on any instances of packing and quality errors so if you haven't already let our Customer Love team know pop us an email at so we can follow up. -My Food Bag Team
Posted 1 month ago
At first we loved my food bag and still enjoy the convenience however now finding the meals are a bit rich always a lot of sauces we are contemplating stopping our weekly order .
(My Veggie (4 Nights For 2)) - Posted 1 month ago
Kia ora Annette, thanks for your feedback! We always appreciate hearing all feedback good or bad, as it lets us know what we can change moving forward. Don't forget to login to your account and rate your recipes - this feedback goes directly to our Development Kitchen team and helps them to plan future menus! - My Food Bag Foodies 🤍
Posted 1 month ago
Disappointed at the amount of packaging this time around, including plastic packaged sauces. Some of the produce has seemed less than fresh, eg carrots that have gone soft within a few days (even when transferred to a bag). Also disappointed that you are no longer recycling the cool store packaging and box. However, we are enjoying the meals more :) And the completed meal once a week has been great - and delicious as well. Thank you :)
(My Choice (4 Nights For 4)) - Posted 1 month ago
Kia ora Jane, thanks so much for the feedback! Our recycling processes are something we constantly look to improve. Unfortunately due to current health & safety concerns, our drivers are unable to collect the wool and boxes. However, the cardboard can go out with your regular curbside collection and the wool is 100% biodegradable and compostable! We've recently launched a soft-plastic collection programme which will be great for the sauce packets and other items 😊 We are always working closely with our suppliers to ensure we deliver the freshest produce so it's disappointing to hear that the carrots and other veggies haven't been up to scratch. We hope you notice an improvement with future deliveries 😊 We really appreciate your support and look forward to delivering the goodness! - Frankie Frankfurter 🌭
Posted 1 month ago
Thanks for your feedback Jane! We take sustainability really seriously, and it is something we are constantly working on improving. Yesterday we launched a Soft Plastic Recycling Scheme, which we are really proud of - you can check out more here: We are not able to collect the wool pouches, but they are compostable (once the plastic wrap is removed, which can be put in soft plastic recycling), and lots of local organizations that will accept donations - think of SPCA's, local nurseries, schools etc. Hopefully that helps. We love that you are enjoying the meals, and please keep up the feedback 🤍 - My Food Bag Foodies 😊
Posted 1 month ago
The ready made meals are a bit small for 2 people and just went to cook my chicken meal (2nd day after delivery) and the avocado is still rock hard. Would have been better to have a ripish avocado delivered for the chicken dish.
(My Choice (3 Nights For 2)) - Posted 2 months ago
Hi Susan! Thanks for your feedback! We have passed this forward to the team. In terms of the avocado - In the past when we have packed ripe avocado, often bruising and over-ripening has occurred by the time they arrive. This is irreversible and undesirable to say the least! We tend now to pack them closer to the under-ripe side. This is intentional, with the understanding that they may be in chilled storage and then transit for at least a day prior to delivery. It may then be a 1-2 days before they're meant to be in the recipe. We recommend storing the avocado at room temperature, ideally near fruit to facilitate ripening within 1-2 days after arrival. Let us know how these suggestions help! - Steph Sushi
Posted 2 months ago
Enjoy quality of the meats, would prefer choice of lower carb meals
(Fresh Start (5 Nights For 2)) - Posted 3 months ago
Kia ora Yvonne, Thanks for your review! We really do pride ourselves on high quality ingredients and we're glad to hear that you've been really enjoying all the fresh produce. The Fresh Start option does have lower carbs than other Food Bags and we appreciate that all our Foodies have different dietary preferences :) You are more than welcome to make any substitutions at home yourself and if you're ever stuck about what to replace something with, you can always give us a shout! Thanks so much for your support ❤️ - Michelle Mango 🥭
Posted 3 months ago
Makes meal planning really easy. Recipes are easy to follow and generally quick to make, with lots of veges. Fish once a fortnight is great. I wish there was more use of seasonal veges like sweet corn cobs and asparagus when available. The standard veges received are zucchini, carrot, broccoli, spinach and lots and lots of tomatoes and capsicum (which don’t always travel well). It would also be nice to have less Asian and Mexican dishes and more traditional “meat and 3 vege” type meals for fussy Kiwi men! We get the gluten free box due to a coeliac in the family. It’s quite expensive and the steak options are the cheapest steak you can get (rump). Overall, it’s a nice thing to get for a change, but don’t think I’ll be getting long term, as we don’t like Asian and Mexican 3-4 nights a week (out of 5).
(My Gluten Free (5 Nights For 4)) - Posted 4 months ago
Overall, the my food bag has been good but the lead in time is extensive and your service seems very rigid. For this reason it is ok but has made it difficult some times
(My Choice (4 Nights For 2)) - Posted 5 months ago
Kia ora Kylie, thanks for the feedback - we are all about convenience so we will be sure to pass the feedback onto our Development Team ❤ - Madeleine Meringue ☁
Posted 5 months ago
50% fantastic. 50% not enjoyable recipes.
(Fresh Start (5 Meals For 1)) - Posted 6 months ago
Kia ora Amanda! Thanks for leaving a review, we're pleased to hear that 50% was fantastic! We have a team of chefs who work hard to use seasonal produce and make delicious meals that the majority will enjoy. Remember to rate your recipes each week, as this feedback goes directly to the chefs and they do read it each week! It is really helpful when planning the upcoming menus to know exactly what our Foodies are really enjoying, and what they're not. :) -My Food Bag
Posted 6 months ago
The quality of food is high, however unfortunately there are too many spicy meals overall.
(My Gluten Free (5 Nights For 4)) - Posted 6 months ago
Enjoyed most of the meals but the steak cut of meat let it down.
(Fresh Start (5 Nights For 2)) - Posted 6 months ago
Its a great idea and experience. We have had n o issues with delivery or missing items so have been really happy with that side of it. Its been great for eating more variety of vegetables, portion control and learning new meal techniques and ideas however, we have had a number of meals that were pretty average that my partner just refused to eat (if they are spicy or healthy THEY NEED TO BE TASTY!!) If this wasn't the case we'd probably stick with it but as we are going down to one income soon, the price makes it prohibitive.
(My Choice (4 Nights For 2)) - Posted 7 months ago
Have been disappointed lately with the quality of some of the vegetables. Particularly the green beens that have been very blemished. Carrots and parsnips have been a bit limp too.
(My Classic (3 Nights For 4)) - Posted 8 months ago
We have ordered most of your selection of food bags over the past few months and we have liked some and not so keen on others. Too many of similar recipes. We thought the extra paid for the gourmet bag wasn't worth it. Sometimes the steak and lamb is very fatty. Probably our favourite is gluten free. The vegs are mostly fresh. We have enjoyed experiencing different dishes that we wouldn't normally cook though.
(My Gluten Free (5 Nights For 4)) - Posted 9 months ago
Hey Nanette, Thanks so much for your feedback, sorry to hear that you have found the steak and lamb fatty, we will pass that feedback onto our suppliers! We are glad that you have gotten to try some dishes you might not have had otherwise :) Thanks again! - Mel Mozzarella
Posted 9 months ago
I love the recipes, quality of food and convenience of MFB. However this has been tarnished by missing items, one delivery completely missed, and another one missing until 4.30pm - arriving after I had bought alternative food and started cooking dinner for my kids. This would all have been fine if I felt the customer service team where there to help. Unfortunately it took 4 phone calls and lots of patience before I got some action. As a new customer I'm not entirely happy with MFB. I'm giving it another chance before I decide if I want to go with an alternative.
(My Family (5 Nights For 4)) - Posted 9 months ago
Hey Haley, We are really sorry for your recent delivery experience, we have our operations team following up with NZ post so will get this issue sorted. Thanks so much for your feedback, we really appreciate it! We hope to make this up to you moving forward :) -Mel Mozzarella
Posted 9 months ago
Having had it for few weeks now starting to find it a little repetitive, good flavors but getting very tired of broccoli, baby spinach and slaw. Feel that the veges could be changed up a bit. Seasonal I would have expected inclusion of pumpkin, beetroot, kumera etc
(My Classic (5 Nights For 4)) - Posted 10 months ago
Hi Jan, Thanks so much for taking the time to send us a review. We are sorry to hear that you have found some of the meals repetitive. We always appreciate hearing all feedback good or bad, as it lets us know what we can change moving forward. Don't forget to login to your account and rate your recipes - this feedback goes directly to our Development Kitchen team and helps them to plan future menus. We hope you enjoyed the other recipes this week and thank you again for the feedback 😊 -Angie Acai
Posted 10 months ago
The food is mostly quite good however the vegetarian lasagne was gluggey this probably should have been cooked first.
(My Veggie (4 Nights For 2)) - Posted 11 months ago
Hi Rowena, Thanks so much for your feedback, we will pass this onto our development kitchen! We do recommend rating your recipes as you go so our chefs can continually work on improving our recipes 😊 - Gemma Ginseng
Posted 11 months ago
Love the idea that a bag of food gets delivered every week with recipes. BUT the white fish is usually old and smells terrible, i usually end up throwing this out. Would be great to get salmon instead or the option for another meat meal. The meals take way longer to cook than the recipe. The sauces are usually super nice. 50/50 are whether or not the recipe is nice. Would be great to have an option to pick what you want.
(My Classic (5 Meals For 1)) - Posted 1 year ago
Hi Kate, Thanks so much for your feedback, we will pass this onto our development kitchen! We have had a lot of similar feedback from foodies wanting to pick their own recipes each week, so we are excited to say we will be bringing back our My Choice range as soon as possible! We will email you once this is available :) Kindest, Mel Mozzarella
Posted 1 year ago
My Food Bag is rated 4.70 based on 2,509 reviews