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Over 400 people took the time to review us on the first day of collection. It reinforces we're on the right track and we are growing an audience that likes what we do.
Darin Gersbach,
Owner & founder | KickPush
How Kick Push Achieved Google Seller Ratings in Just One Day
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See your 'whole' online reputation at a glance.

Our AI will automatically direct customers to leave reviews on platforms based on your goals.

Collect and manage reviews on Google Local, Facebook, Trustpilot plus tons of industry-specific review sites.

Reputation Management

Simple Pricing Plans

We believe a review collection platform should be honest and transparent on its pricing.

Small Business
500 monthly review invites
Plus 25 Free SMS Invites

Company & Product Reviews
Video & Photo Reviews
Google Shopping Reviews (PLAs)
Google Seller Ratings
Google Rich Snippets
On Page Badges & Widgets
Review Booster
Growing Business
2500 monthly review invites
Plus 100 Free SMS Invites

Everything in Small Business Plus
Competitor Analysis
Facebook Integration
A/B Email Testing
Net Promoter Score
Reviewer Attributes
Net Promoter Score
Multi-user Logins & Permissions

Unlimited review invites
Plus 300 Free SMS Invites

Growing Business Plus:
Full API Access Access
Multiple Domains
Free Forever
Up to 3 Projects
Unlimited Hosted Projects
No Code Export
No Password Protection
Email Support (1-2 days)
Sign Up for Free
Per Month  /  Paid Monthly
Up to 10 Projects
Unlimited Hosted Projects
Writing result-oriented ad copy is difficult, as it must appeal to, entice, and convince consumers to take action.
Code Export
No Password Protection
24/7 Chat Support
Purchase Template
Per Month  /  Paid Monthly
Unlimited Projects
Unlimited Hosted Projects
Code Export
Password Protection
Priority Support
Purchase Template
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Features Included in All Plans

Reputation Management
Collect Video & Photo
Shopify & Klaviyo Partnerships
Google Licensed Platform
Instagram Integration
Product Reviews
Automated Review Collection
Social Proof
Extensive Widget Library

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