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Reviews help brands build trust at key times. Real reviews increase trust in your brand, lower advertising costs and have an overall positive effect on your bottom line.

Company Reviews Build Trust

It is no surprise that when trust factors increase, a boost in conversion occurs. Sites that have stars next to their Google AdWords and display our widgets are constantly improving trust and thus can expect to see an increase in conversion to sale by 28%.

Positive Effect On Your Bottom Line

Research has shown that 64% of consumers are more likely to purchase from a company that has ratings and reviews.

Highest Collection Rate

Our effortless review collection technology combined with our timing algorithm helps our clients reach a maximum conversion rate in every industry.

Displaying Your Reviews On-Site

Our drag and drop technology makes it easy to get your company reviews on to your site. The expected uplift from displaying company reviews is 19%.

Badges & Widgets
Painless Set-up

Painless Set-Up

We have created an intuitive platform that can be set up in minutes. We have simple to install extensions for all leading eCommerce platforms. [Go to Modules]

Collection Expert

Collection Expert

Our solution allows you to collect reviews from your customers during their 'Happy Moment' thus increasing conversion and review quality. In most cases we are able to automate your review collection so your customers receive a perfectly timed review request.

Review Syndication

Review Syndication

We handle all the details when it comes to matching up your company reviews in Google & Bing. Once you hit 150 verified reviews, it takes around 3 weeks for stars to start appearing next to your Ads.

Custom Collection Page

Customisable Collection Page

Not every business is the same which is why we make it easy to customise your review collection page.

Social Sharing

Social Sharing

When you get great feedback from past customers, it's easy to use it to your full advantage with our automated social sharing. Your Facebook and Twitter feeds will automatically update displaying your 4 and 5 star reviews.



Real insight on customer satisfaction in one concise report will be delivered to your inbox every Monday morning.

A/B Testing

A/B Testing

We will help you pinpoint the optimum time to reach maximum collection conversion. A/B testing will also allow you to get your custom email just right.

Developer Api

Developer API

Use our robust developer API to create review requests, publish reviews and integrate with your CRM solutions. [Go to Developer Center]

No Spam

No Spam

Our algorithm makes sure your pages are not spammed with off content reviews. is an integral part of our marketing message. We display our reviews not only on our website, but also in-store and on our TV adverts.
Euan Cameron, Head of Digital and eCommerce at Peter Vardy

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Send your reviews to Google and get Google Seller Ratings and Stars in your organic, paid search results and Google Local.
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Growing Business
Collect Product Reviews and boost on-page conversion. Monitor & manage reviews on third party platforms including:
Fully customised solution with developer support. Send product reviews to Google Shopping and get reviews on Amazon.

Championing Excellent Companies

We believe in hard work, transparency, and simplicity and those values drive our business at the core. REVIEWS is here to champion great companies who share the same values.

Unbeatable Support

Your company deserves the best care so our friendly review experts in the UK & US will go out of their way to assist you by phone, chat or email. We also have guides and knowledge base that can help you answer your questions.

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